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ODAmoz 2.0 is the updated version of the original EC funded electronic data base that provides information on Official Development Assistance (ODA) to Mozambique. The original version was created in response to the Paris Declaration advocating for strengthened coordination and harmonization among Donors and alignment with the Government of Mozambique. After 4 years it had proven necessary to upgrade the technical basis to a more sophisticated model in order to meet the increasing and more complex needs of the government and its development partners. Furthermore the system has been made more user-friendly according to requests and feedback from all users.

ODAmoz enables to track Donors' and United Nations Agencies' projects and programs in the country: where they are operating, who finances them, and which organization implements them.

It is a user-friendly database, accessible to all through the internet. Its "Design your own report" function makes it easy to search for specific information through a set of predefined criteria (donor, DAC sector, location, project status, funding type and MDGs) and offers tables and geographic maps (ODAmap) for analysis.

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ODAmoz Mozambique Donor Atlas 2008
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