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Project Fact Sheet for 2003 - 00 / 1999

Project / Programme Title
PAARSS I - Programme for Rural Water Supply and Sanitation in Sofala Province
Brief Project Description
The project objective is to contribute on the satisfaction of drinking water supply and basic sanitation needs, through participatory demand responsive approach, in the rural communities of 5 out of 13 districts and 2 municipalities in the Sofala province, in a horizont of 15 years. The project is a demand driven integrated sector project for rural water supply and sanitation, in the sector of rural development integrated in the Austrian Development Cooperation Country Programm developed within the frame of the bilateral cooperation of the Provincial Government of Sofala in Mozambique and the Federal Government of Austria. The project area is concentrated to the geographical area of 5 Districts of Marromeu, Cheringoma, Dondo, Buzi and Chibabawa and the 2 Municipalities of Marromeu and Dondo. The selection of the districts for PAARSS project followed the needs and recommendation of DPOPH at the very beginning of the project and according to the availability of financial means of Austrian Development Cooperation. The main project activity beside construction of infrastructures is to create capacity for management of the infrastructures in order to guarantee safe and durable services. The choice of technology applied has to respond to the local management capacity and to the hydro geological situation in the area. Water and Sanitation is regarded as an integrated process where ecological friendly solutions are procured. The project strives to improve the capacity locally where the activities are being implemented. If certain resources don’t exist they are initiated and encouraged by the project through already existing structures and institutions. Theatre groups at district level have been created and trained since there was need of a fast and understandable means of communication with the communities, which would provoke fast action.In the process of finding appropriate local applicable technology, users and local constructors have been consulted all the time. Technology developed and used is basic and it is oriented at improving water use efficiency; environmental protection and robustness such that program intervention results produce durable and replicable outcomes. The Ecosan toilets and the wastewater recycling laundry are part of the PAARSS efforts of sustainable solutions. The structure of the project is decentralised to the four major partners in the co-operation: the beneficiaries in the rural areas, the district and the municipal administrations, the local private sector and the Department for Water and Sanitation - DAS at the Provincial Directorate for Public Works and Housing – DPOPH at province level. The project consists in a small co-ordination body with technical expertise. The activities are planned, co-ordinated monitored together with DAS, and – if available and possible - with the district administrators/mayors. The yearly activity plans are authorised and supervised by the partners in co-operation with the Austrian Development Co-operation and National Directorate for Water.
Donor Agency / UN Agency
Government Counterparts
  • To Be Confirmed

Project Information

Project Status
Mozambican Project Number
Fonte de Recurso
Actual Start - End
1999-05-01 / 2003-03-31
Planned Start - End
1999-05-01 / 2003-03-31
Date of Signature of MoU/Contract
National / Regional
Type of Implementation
NGO Implementation 
Project Contact Person
DI. Hans H. Bichler | 0043 676 83380232 | 
Project Internet Link

Funding Information

Aid Modality
Investment Projects
Type of Funding
On/Off Budget
Off Budget
On/Off Treasury
Off Treasury
Funding Totals
1,250,141 EUR
1,286,309 EUR
36,168 EUR
Historic Funding
1,250,141 EUR
1,286,309 EUR


Channel of Delivery
  • adcAUSTRIA
14000 Water Supply And Sanitation
14030 Basic drinking water supply and basic sanitation
  • Environment
Focal Regions
  • Buzi (20.0%)
  • Cheringoma (20.0%)
  • Chibabava (20.0%)
  • Dondo (20.0%)
  • Marromeu (20.0%)