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Project Fact Sheet for AECID-Intermón/05

Project / Programme Title
Education Program for Niassa Province
Brief Project Description
This program developed by the Spanish NGO INTERMON OXFAM has three objectives:1.- To expand the access to education with gender balance, focusing in a first phase on primary education and in a second phase on secondary and post-secondary education, through school rehabilitation and construction and implementation of distance learning methodologies; 2.- To improve quality of education through the training of teachers and education managers,integrating the gender perspective and the prevention of HIV/AIDS; 3.- To strengthen the institutional capacity of the educative institutions at various levels. The involvement of civil society in the educative process through the strengthen of school councils is a priority issue within the program. The approach is centred in enhancing the local capabilities to action, therefore the intervention gives a relevant support to it’s local counterparts including government institutions, and civil society organizations. Emphasis has been put as well, in promoting the coordination and harmonization of the provincial actors in the education sector, through the involvement in the creation and development of a provincial coordination mechanism facilitated up to date by INTERMON OXFAM. Activities:1.- Construction of a Complete Primary School(EP1 + EP2) in Melomba and Rehabilitation and equipment of the school net of PEAD Proyecto de Escolarização Primaria e Alfatetização de Adultos da Diocese de Lichinga; 2.-Construction of a new Secondary School in Lichinga city; 3.-Design and implementation of the post-secondary distance learning course “Bacharelato de Ciencias da Educação” in coordination with the Universidad Católica de Moçambique; 4.-Design and implementation of the program Methodology of mathematics teaching, and training of trainers to multiply the method in EP1 schools; 5.- Design and implementation of courses directed to teachers on pedagogical improvements and school health, focusing on STD and HIV/AIDS from a gender perspective; 6.- Design and implementation of courses directed to education managers on education management and supervision and school health; 7.- Introduction of a new general subject on school health into the schools net of ESAM and a subject on sexual and reproductive health as an optional subject for secondary education; 8.-Training of trainers in literacy skills and adult education (REFLECT method); 9.- Support to the Niassa DPE Gender Unit to carry out an participative gender diagnostic on the situation of education in the province, and design and implementation of an action plan to reach gender equity; 10.- Supporting the institutional building of the Niassa DPE focusing on planning processes and the creation and functioning of a coordination mechanism of the education’s actors in the province.
Donor Agency / UN Agency
Agência Espanhola de Cooperação Internacional
Government Counterparts

Project Information

Project Status
Mozambican Project Number
Fonte de Recurso
Actual Start - End
2001-01-01 / 2005-12-31
Planned Start - End
2001-01-01 / 2005-12-31
Date of Signature of MoU/Contract
National / Regional
Type of Implementation
NGO Implementation 
Project Contact Person
Gloria Angulo | 21309777 | 
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Funding Information

Aid Modality
Investment Projects
Type of Funding
On/Off Budget
Off Budget
On/Off Treasury
Off Treasury
Funding Totals
1,923,344 EUR
1,544,404 EUR
-378,940 EUR
Historic Funding
1,923,344 EUR
1,544,404 EUR


Channel of Delivery
  • AECI
11100 Education, Level Unspecified
11120 Education facilities and training
  • Poverty
  • Global Partnership
  • HIV/AIDS and Malaria
  • Gender
  • Education
Focal Regions
  • All districts