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Projects of Chibabava

DonorDonor Project NumberProject / Programme TitleTotal CommitmentsTotal DisbursementsCommitments ForecastDisbursements ForecastActual Start DateActual End Date
FactsheetITALY10562Improving the sustainability of educational and health services in four missions of the Archdiocese of Beira by upgrading their agro-livestock sector 196,226 EUR183,447 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2015-10-012019-12-31
FactsheetITALY10746Emergency Initiative for Southern Africa (Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Swaziland)203,998 EUR203,998 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2016-06-012019-07-19
FactsheetITALY11518EducaMoz - Quality inclusive preschool education in Mozambique136,119 EUR50,132 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2018-04-202021-04-19
FactsheetITALY6980Support to the Private Sector 161,700 EUR161,700 EUR2004-08-052009-06-30
FactsheetITALY7636Rehabilitation and enhancement of the educational system - Machanga, Buzi and Chibabava (Ngo Focsiv)45,045 EUR7,784 EUR2003-01-012007-12-31
FactsheetITALY9021_1Support to the rural development - PSSR1,592,400 EUR1,186,740 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2010-02-022020-12-31
FactsheetITALY9021_2Support to the rural development - PSSR 265,020 EUR265,020 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2008-08-012020-12-31
FactsheetAUSTRIA1695 - 02 / 2005PADM II Fase 2 - Support Project for Districts and Municipalities486,700 EUR465,361 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2005-04-012007-09-30
FactsheetAUSTRIA1695 - 07 / 2003PADM II fase 1 - Support Project for Districts and Municipalities 486,700 EUR443,995 EUR2003-04-012005-10-30
FactsheetAUSTRIA2002 - 01 / 2004DPADR Sofala - Assistance for implementation of PROAGRI - (APROS)50,000 EUR48,475 EUR2004-04-012005-03-31
FactsheetAUSTRIA2003 - 00 / 1999PAARSS I - Programme for Rural Water Supply and Sanitation in Sofala Province257,262 EUR250,028 EUR0 EUR0 EUR1999-05-012003-03-31
FactsheetAUSTRIA2003 - 01 / 2003PAARSS II - Programme for Rural Water Supply and Sanitation in Sofala Province283,735 EUR266,288 EUR2003-04-012006-09-30
FactsheetAUSTRIA2003-02/2006Final phase PAARSS II, Programme for Rural Water Supply and Sanitation in Sofala Province75,000 EUR69,011 EUR2006-08-012007-08-31
FactsheetAUSTRIA2092 - 00 / 2005PROMEC - Economic Promotion of Smallholder Farming Units287,750 EUR273,870 EUR2005-04-012008-12-31
FactsheetAUSTRIAOEZA 2003-00/2008PAARSS III (Project for Rural Water Supply and Sanitation in Sofala)349,595 EUR271,366 EUR2008-12-012012-03-31
FactsheetAUSTRIAOEZA 2325-04/2006Support to NGO Hilfswerk Austria Project -Seguranca da Posse da Terra e Desenvolvimento sustentavel no sul da Provincia de Sofala - EU Grant ONG-PVD/2005/095-459115,850 EUR112,225 EUR2006-01-012010-06-30
FactsheetFAOGCP/MOZ/079/BEL Protecting and Improving Household Food Security and Nutrition in HIV/AIDS Affected Areas in Manica and Sofala Provinces 335,707 EUR330,519 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2005-03-012014-12-31
TOTAL5,328,807 EUR4,589,961 EUR0 EUR0 EUR