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Projects of FAO

DonorDonor Project NumberProject / Programme TitleTotal CommitmentsTotal DisbursementsCommitments ForecastDisbursements ForecastActual Start DateActual End Date
FactsheetFAOEP /MOZ/101/UEPReducing Risks of Highly Hazardous Pesticides (HHPs) in Mozambique187,581 EUR121,850 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-01-012013-12-31
FactsheetFAOFMPP/GLO/001/MULFAO/Multi-donor Partnership Programme (FMPP) - Sustainable Rural Livelihoods and More Equitable Access to Resources0 EUR0 EUR2009-01-012009-12-31
FactsheetFAOFMPP/GLO/002/MULFAO/Multi-donor Partnership Programme (FMPP) - International instruments concerning food, agriculture, fisheries and forestry, and the production, safe use and fair exchange of agricultural, fishery and forestry goods84,499 EUR84,499 EUR2009-01-012010-04-30
FactsheetFAOFMPP/GLO/003/MUL FAO/Multi-donor Partnership Programme (FMPP) - National policies, legal instruments and supporting mechanisms that respond to domestic requirements and are consistent with the international policy and regulatory framework1,485 EUR1,485 EUR2009-01-012010-04-30
FactsheetFAOFMPP/GLO/005/MULFAO/Multi-donor Partnership Programme (FMPP) - Country-focus, cross-cutting issues, lesson-learning, field programme development and resource mobilization33,497 EUR33,497 EUR2009-01-012009-12-31
FactsheetFAOGCP/GLO/216/SPA (5)FAO Initiative on Soaring Food Prices (ISFP) - Mozambique (copy) (copy)372,263 EUR372,263 EUR2008-04-012010-06-30
FactsheetFAOGCP /GLO/324/NOR Integrating the right to adequate food and good food and good governance in national policies, legislation and institutions350,315 EUR318,158 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2011-03-012015-03-31
FactsheetFAOGCP/INT/052/SPA )Capacity Development on the Integration of Gender Analysis in Water and Land Tenure Management 62,673 EUR62,673 EUR2007-11-012010-09-30
FactsheetFAOGCP/INT/052/SPA (copy)Capacity Development on the Integration of Gender Analysis in Water and Land Tenure Management (copy)82,607 EUR58,978 EUR2007-11-012010-12-31
FactsheetFAOGCP/INT/098/SWICreating capacities and awareness in support of the implementation of the right to food, based on the Right to Food Methodological Toolbox29,766 EUR29,766 EUR2010-01-152011-07-14
FactsheetFAOGCP/INT/812/MULNational Forest Programme Facility420,419 EUR348,926 EUR2002-01-012011-12-31
FactsheetFAOGCP/MOZ/078/ITACoastal Fisheries Development for Gaza and Inhambane Provinces3,152,828 EUR3,152,828 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2008-02-012015-06-30
FactsheetFAOGCP/MOZ/079/BEL Protecting and Improving Household Food Security and Nutrition in HIV/AIDS Affected Areas in Manica and Sofala Provinces 2,797,562 EUR2,754,324 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2005-03-012014-12-31
FactsheetFAOGCP/MOZ/081/NETDecentralized Legal Support and Capacity Building to Promote Sustainable Development and Good Governance at Local Level1,707,401 EUR1,707,401 EUR2005-09-012010-06-30
FactsheetFAOGCP /MOZ/082/ITA Preparation of an Agricultural Statistics Master Plan and Development of the Agricultural Statistics System – Preparatory Phase 406,202 EUR406,202 EUR2010-02-012012-08-31
FactsheetFAOGCP/MOZ/084/EC Strategic Planning for Irrigation in Mozambique: Consolidation of the National Irrigation Policy and Strategy (and support for its implementation) 249,085 EUR249,085 EUR2007-01-062009-03-31
FactsheetFAOGCP/MOZ/086/NOR Community level legal education and support to help rural women secure and exercise land and resource rights, and address HIV-AIDS related tenure insecurity1,820,306 EUR1,820,306 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2010-03-012014-04-30
FactsheetFAOGCP/MOZ/095/GFF Disposal of POPS waste and Obsolete Pesticides in Mozambique - Project Preparation Grant (PPG) 25,180 EUR37,799 EUR2009-12-152010-09-30
FactsheetFAOGCP/MOZ/096/NET Promoting the use of land and natural resources laws for equitable development - (Follow-up GCP /MOZ/081/NET) 2,523,458 EUR2,523,451 EUR2009-03-012012-12-31
FactsheetFAOGCP/MOZ/099/ECBoosting agricultural production and market linkages for small-holder farmers to counter soaring food prices6,385,292 EUR6,338,713 EUR2009-04-012012-01-31
FactsheetFAOGCP /MOZ/100/GFF Disposal of POPS waste and Obsolete Pesticides in Mozambique - (FSP)364,775 EUR113,490 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2011-07-012014-06-30
FactsheetFAOGCP/MOZ/111/ECNational Programme on Food security - (EU-MDG Initiative - Agriculture, food security, rural development and natural resource management)18,332,934 EUR17,738,256 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2013-06-052018-11-30
FactsheetFAOGCP /MOZ/112/LDF Strenghtening capacities of agricultural producers to cope with climate change for increased food security through the Farmers Field School approach (FSP)3,699,794 EUR3,273,762 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2015-07-012019-06-30
FactsheetFAOGCP /MOZ/116/BEL Food Security and Nutrition Program for Gaza Province, Mozambique2,064,719 EUR1,877,844 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2013-08-012019-04-30
FactsheetFAOGCP /MOZ/117/GFF Payment for ecosystem services to support forest conservation and sustainable livelihoods (FSP)342,000 EUR302,804 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2017-08-252022-08-24
FactsheetFAOGCP /MOZ/118/LDF Strengthening capacities of agricultural producers to cope with climate change for increased food security through the Farmers Field School approach (PPG)152,000 EUR128,331 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2014-02-012015-01-01
FactsheetFAOGCP/MOZ/119/GFFPayment for ecosystem services to support forest conservation and sustainable livelihoods (PPG)140,671 EUR98,633 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2014-11-252017-09-29
FactsheetFAOGCP /MOZ/120/EC Enhancement of cassava value chain in Gaza province383,040 EUR237,929 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2016-06-012018-12-31
FactsheetFAOGCP /MOZ/126/USA Mozambique smallholder farmer Production and Productivity Project (MSF - PP Project)456,000 EUR105,832 EUR0 EUR0 EUR
FactsheetFAOGCP/MOZ/126/USAMozambique smallholder farmer Production and Productivity Project (MSF - PP Project)456,000 EUR148,401 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2018-08-012022-07-31
FactsheetFAOGCP /RLA/160/BRA Iniciativa América Latina y el Caribe Sin Hambre 202541,429 EUR41,429 EUR2010-01-012011-12-31
FactsheetFAOMTF /GLO/345/BMG CountrySTAT for Sub-Saharan Africa: Strengthening the CountrySTAT System established in 17 Sub-Saharan African Countries - Phase II of GCP/GLO/208/BMG (Grant OPPGD1452)0 EUR0 EUR2011-06-012014-12-31
FactsheetFAOMTF /MOZ/098/STFEstablishment of Pest Free Areas regarding Lethal Yellowing Disease of coconuts in Mozambique251,910 EUR251,910 EUR2009-10-012011-08-31
FactsheetFAOMTF /MOZ/104/CFCDevelopment of risk management strategies for cotton producers in Mozambique31,871 EUR31,871 EUR2010-09-012012-09-30
FactsheetFAOOSRO/MOZ/001/CHA Agricultural inputs support (ITFs) to vulnerable smallholders in highly food insecure areas in Mozambique.283,820 EUR283,820 EUR2010-01-222010-04-21
FactsheetFAOOSRO/MOZ/301/AUS Assistance for livelihoods recovery for flood-affected households in Gaza Province98,318 EUR99,524 EUR2013-04-012014-03-31
FactsheetFAOOSRO/MOZ/302/CHA Emergency livelihoods assistance for flood-affected households in Gaza 538,869 EUR364,736 EUR2013-09-272013-12-31
FactsheetFAOOSRO/MOZ/701/USA Strengthening Food Security and Analysis in Mozambique190,000 EUR136,471 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2017-01-012018-03-31
FactsheetFAOOSRO/MOZ/703/AUS Increase resilience of vulnerable communities to the effects of El Niño in Mozambique380,000 EUR315,979 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2017-11-012019-10-31
FactsheetFAOOSRO/MOZ/703/WBKSecuring the Livelihoods of rural Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Mozambique (copy)674,850 EUR658,178 EUR2007-08-072010-12-31
FactsheetFAOOSRO/RAF/002/USA Conservation Agriculture Coordination and Advocacy in southern Africa57,302 EUR30,702 EUR2010-03-012011-03-31
FactsheetFAOOSRO/RAF/007/EC Humanitarian food assistance for vulnerable populations in the South-East African and South-West Indian Ocean regions affected by natural disasters436,232 EUR436,232 EUR2010-09-152011-09-14
FactsheetFAOOSRO/RAF/202/BRA Promoting local food purchases for food assistance on the African continent - Purchase from Africans for Africa419,224 EUR262,601 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-02-142015-06-30
FactsheetFAOOSRO/RAF/218/EC Regional Multi-Sectoral DRR Assistance Programme for Southern Africa0 EUR0 EUR2012-11-012013-12-31
FactsheetFAOOSRO/RAF/719/USA Avian Influenza Control in Southern African Region78,035 EUR78,035 EUR2008-04-012010-09-30
FactsheetFAOOSRO/RAF/812/NOR (copy)Up Scaling Conservation Agriculture for Improved Food Security Using the CAADP Framework (UP-CA) (copy)571,544 EUR571,544 EUR2008-09-012010-11-30
FactsheetFAOOSRO/RAF/904/USA Regional Dissemination of Knowledge, Information and Experiences on Conservation Agriculture (CA) Activities in southern Africa.27,398 EUR27,398 EUR2009-01-012010-03-31
FactsheetFAOTCP/MOZ/3102Assistance to Control African Swine Fever156,843 EUR156,724 EUR2006-03-012008-10-30
FactsheetFAOTCP/MOZ/3201 (E)Support to smallholder cassava producion and processing to counter soaring food prices322,306 EUR322,306 EUR2008-06-012010-05-31
FactsheetFAOTCP/MOZ/3202Preparatory assistance to the 2nd Census of agriculture and livestock ('CAP II') 225,627 EUR225,627 EUR2008-10-012011-09-30
FactsheetFAOTCP/MOZ/3204TCP FACILITY122,364 EUR122,364 EUR2009-01-082010-12-31
FactsheetFAOTCP/MOZ/3205Management and mitigation measures for alien invasive fruit fly (Batrocera invadens) in Mozambique226,092 EUR226,092 EUR2009-05-182011-12-31
FactsheetFAOTCP/MOZ/3301Support the formulation of an implementation plan for the national strategy to mitigate Human-Wildlife conflicts292,933 EUR292,933 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2010-07-012013-02-28
FactsheetFAOTCP/MOZ/3302TCP Facility146,333 EUR147,039 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2010-06-232012-06-22
FactsheetFAOTCP/MOZ/3303Strengthening the Ministry of Education and Culture`s capacity to integrate agricultural techniques and nutrition in teacher training340,863 EUR340,863 EUR2010-12-012013-10-01
FactsheetFAOTCP/MOZ/3304 Emergency and early recovery support for the enhancement of food security and livelihoods of flood-affected vulnerable households in Maputo Province304,000 EUR304,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2011-07-202012-06-30
FactsheetFAOTCP/MOZ/3401 (12/III/MOZ/219)TCP Facility151,279 EUR151,279 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-04-022013-12-31
FactsheetFAOTCP/MOZ/3402 Technical support to the Land Consultative Forum to sustainably improve land and other natural resources management in the country272,851 EUR251,433 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-09-012015-04-30
FactsheetFAOTCP/MOZ/3403 (12/VII/MOZ/221)Support to formulation of EU-MDG initiative in Mozambique368,252 EUR368,252 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-08-162014-07-31
FactsheetFAOTCP/MOZ/3501Strengthening the Progressive Control of FMD in Mozambique, (Maputo and Gaza Provinces)11,950 EUR10,324 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2014-07-012016-02-29
FactsheetFAOTCP/MOZ/3502Technical support to the recovery of degrated areas in Mozambique using sustainable management technologies92,342 EUR84,150 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2014-08-012017-04-30
FactsheetFAOTCP/MOZ/3503Capacity building and activation of the Angonia Seed Plant in the region of Tete in Northern Mozambique 77,940 EUR65,609 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2014-08-252015-07-31
FactsheetFAOTCP/MOZ/3504Emergency assistance to contain Fusarium oxysporum f.sp.cubense (Foc TR4) spread 253,840 EUR253,840 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2014-12-012015-11-30
FactsheetFAOTCP/MOZ/3505Emergency agricultural support to flood-affected households in Sofala and Zambezia 369,360 EUR0 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2015-02-092015-09-30
FactsheetFAOTCP/MOZ/3604 Development Support to Commercial Aquaculture in Inhambane Province178,600 EUR170,936 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2017-01-192018-12-31
FactsheetFAOTCP/MOZ/3605 Support to Development and implementation of the Master Plan for Food and Agricultural Statistics - Integrated Agricultural StatisticsSurvey IAI 2016 methodologically improved114,000 EUR40,358 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2017-11-022019-10-31
FactsheetFAOTCP/MOZ/3701Support the National Capacity to Address FAW248,176 EUR84,476 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2018-04-152019-03-14
FactsheetFAOTCP/SFS/3403Capacity building to prevent peste des petit ruminants (PPR) introduction into Malawi,Mozambique and Zambia 62,480 EUR40,084 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2013-07-012015-06-30
FactsheetFAOUNJP/MOZ/085/SPAEnvironmental Mainstreaming and Adaptation to Climate Change in Mozambique1,900,150 EUR1,900,150 EUR2008-10-012012-08-31
FactsheetFAOUNJP/MOZ/088/SPAStrengthening Cultural and Creative Industries and Inclusive Policies in Mozambique355,664 EUR355,682 EUR2008-07-012013-06-30
FactsheetFAOUNJP/MOZ/089/UNJWomen´s Empowerment and Gender Equality 558,350 EUR553,029 EUR2008-11-152011-12-31
FactsheetFAOUNJP/MOZ/090/UNJBuilding Capacities por Effective Trade Policy Formulation and Management310,526 EUR301,049 EUR2009-11-252011-12-31
FactsheetFAOUNJP/MOZ/091/UNJSupport to Decentralization and Integrated Local Development566,661 EUR566,661 EUR2008-10-152011-12-31
FactsheetFAOUNJP/MOZ/092/UNJStrengthening Disaster Risk Reduction and Emergency Preparedness849,296 EUR849,368 EUR2007-11-012011-12-31
FactsheetFAOUNJP/MOZ/093/UNJBuilding Commodity Value Chains and Marketing Linkages for Farmers´Associations711,944 EUR702,806 EUR2008-07-012011-12-31
FactsheetFAOUNJP/MOZ/094/UNJ Promotion of Youth Employment 573,915 EUR574,144 EUR2008-10-012011-12-31
FactsheetFAOUNJP/MOZ/097/SPAChildren, Food Security and Nutrition in Mozambique 1,037,264 EUR1,117,389 EUR2009-10-012012-06-30
FactsheetFAOUNJP/MOZ/105/UNJCapacity development and institutionalization of the Junior Farmer Field Life Schools (JFFLS) at regional and district level in Mozambique235,950 EUR223,009 EUR2011-01-252012-01-24
FactsheetFAOUNJP/MOZ/108/WFPBuilding Commodity Value Chains and Market Linkages for Farmers Associations129,851 EUR129,851 EUR2011-11-222011-12-30
FactsheetFAOUNJP/MOZ/112/UNJ Increasing Resilience , Food Security and Livelihoods in Limpopo River Basin130,307 EUR130,307 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2013-04-012014-12-31
FactsheetFAOUNJP/MOZ/113/UNJ Value chains: agricultural production and productivity, post-harvest and acess to markets431,286 EUR431,286 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2013-04-012014-12-31
FactsheetFAOUNJP/MOZ/115/UNJ Addressing Quality Education in Changara- Nutrition Education for Primary Schools108,137 EUR108,197 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2013-05-012014-12-31
FactsheetFAOUNJP/MOZ/122/WFP Enhancing Self-Reliance in a Protracted Refugee Situation (Maratane Refugee Camp, Mozambique)314,036 EUR295,079 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2017-04-012019-04-23
FactsheetFAOUTF /MOZ/101/MOZBuilding Political Will and Generating Trust to Implement the Forest and Wildlife Participatory Law Enforcement Strategy464,912 EUR0 EUR2010-08-012013-07-31
FactsheetFAOUTF /MOZ/102/MOZ Processing and Analysis of Agricultural and Livestock Census Data 60,032 EUR60,032 EUR2010-06-012013-05-31
FactsheetFAOUTF/MOZ/107/MOZ Prevention and Disposal of Obsolete Pesticides and Associated Wastes in Mozambique2,090,943 EUR1,649,307 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2013-04-012018-09-30
FactsheetFAOUTF /MOZ/114/MOZ Training Course for DNEA FFS Master Trainers92,509 EUR92,509 EUR2013-05-252013-10-31
FactsheetFAOUTF /MOZ/123/MOZ FAO`s Technical and Strategic Support to the Implementation of MozFIP760,000 EUR632,577 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2017-07-102021-06-30
FactsheetFAOUTF /MOZ/125/MOZ Strengthening National Capacity for Implementation of Farmer Field Schools Methodology760,000 EUR703,864 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2017-11-012018-06-15
TOTAL67,945,319 EUR63,072,906 EUR0 EUR0 EUR