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Projects of IOM

DonorDonor Project NumberProject / Programme TitleTotal CommitmentsTotal DisbursementsCommitments ForecastDisbursements ForecastActual Start DateActual End Date
FactsheetIOMA S11-447Emergency Shelter for Flood and Cyclone Victims in Mozambique604,208 EUR604,208 EUR2007-03-252007-06-25
FactsheetIOMCE.0186Institutional Capacity-Building for Diaspora Engagement in Mozambique152,000 EUR152,000 EUR2013-01-012014-09-30
FactsheetIOMCS.0036Rehabilitation of Health Centers and Construction of First Aid Posts in Priority Resettlement Centers in Post-Flood Zambezi river Valley. 487,256 EUR487,256 EUR2007-11-012008-07-31
FactsheetIOMCS.0468Adaptation and Resilience in the Limpopo River Basin.153,810 EUR153,810 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2013-01-012014-12-31
FactsheetIOMCT.0007SACTAP – Southern Africa Counter Trafficking Assistance Program:95,501 EUR95,501 EUR2005-07-012009-12-31
FactsheetIOMCT.0208SACTAP – Southern Africa Counter Trafficking Assistance Program:55,746 EUR55,746 EUR2008-01-012009-07-31
FactsheetIOMCT.0383Counter Trafficking Prevention and Community Support Project in the flooded areas of Mozambique380,000 EUR380,000 EUR2009-03-012010-01-31
FactsheetIOMCT.0419SACTAP – Southern Africa Counter Trafficking Assistance Program:40,593 EUR40,593 EUR2010-01-012010-03-31
FactsheetIOMCT.0723Addressing Irregular Migration Flows in Southern Africa93,290 EUR94,315 EUR2013-10-012014-09-30
FactsheetIOMDP.0021Provision of Emergency Shelter and Non-Food Items to flood victims in Zambezi Valley and Lower Save in Mozambique455,392 EUR455,392 EUR2008-01-312008-04-24
FactsheetIOMDP.0224Provision of Emergency and Transitional Shelter to most Vulnerable Households in Resettlement Areas.255,360 EUR255,360 EUR2008-08-012008-12-31
FactsheetIOMDP.0232UN Joint Program: Strengthening Disaster Risk Reduction and Emergency Preparedness. 949,017 EUR949,017 EUR2008-09-012011-12-31
FactsheetIOMDP.0591 (11-IOM-019)Life saving Humanitarian response to stranded refugee / asylum seekers and irregular migrants60,056 EUR60,056 EUR2011-06-012011-11-30
FactsheetIOMDP.0698Emergency Shelter Assistance in Cyclone Affected Regions of Mozambique304,000 EUR304,000 EUR2012-02-132012-05-31
FactsheetIOMDP.0781Reducing Risks of Population Displacement in Southern Africa. 124,289 EUR124,289 EUR2012-11-012013-12-31
FactsheetIOMDP.0826Life saving Humanitarian Shelter and response to populations in Gaza province displaced by flooding.761,739 EUR761,739 EUR2013-01-222013-07-22
FactsheetIOMDP.0827Shelter and IDP Protection for Flood victims in Mozambique.532,000 EUR532,000 EUR2013-02-052013-07-31
FactsheetIOMDP.0837Mozambique Floods 2013 response and recovery.148,004 EUR148,004 EUR2013-03-072013-07-31
FactsheetIOMDP.0851Shelter and Protection Assistance for 2013 Flood Victims in Mozambique76,000 EUR76,000 EUR2013-05-132013-10-31
FactsheetIOMDP.0868IDP Assistance in Camps and Provision of shelter solutions to the most vulnerable and affected communities in Mozambique592,528 EUR592,528 EUR2013-04-012013-10-01
FactsheetIOMDP.0999Improving Human Security for relocated IDP's in Mozambique through Integrated Emergency Protection Measures756,465 EUR756,465 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2014-03-152014-12-31
FactsheetIOMMA.0075Partnership in HIV and Mobility in Southern Africa (PHAMSA)193,040 EUR193,040 EUR2009-03-012010-10-31
FactsheetIOMMA.0131Mobile Populations Assessment33,501 EUR33,501 EUR2009-07-232009-11-30
FactsheetIOMMA.0175Partnership in Health and Mobility in Eastern and Southern Africa (PHAMESA)372,400 EUR372,400 EUR2010-07-012013-12-31
FactsheetIOMMA.0179United Nations Joint Program on HIV and AIDS.312,360 EUR312,360 EUR2010-08-202011-12-31
FactsheetIOMMA.0181HIV-AIDS and TB Prevention, Care and Treatment in Mine-sending Communities55,860 EUR55,860 EUR2010-10-152012-07-01
FactsheetIOMMA.0188Strengthening Migrant Miners Access to Health in Highly Mobile Communities55,860 EUR55,860 EUR2011-04-012012-06-30
FactsheetIOMMA.0254Conbination Prevention in Migration -Affected Communities in Southern Mozambique114,000 EUR114,000 EUR2012-10-012013-10-31
FactsheetIOMMA.0262Partnership on Health and Mobility in the Mining Sector of Southern Africa155,040 EUR112,729 EUR2013-02-012015-12-31
FactsheetIOMMA.0271 & MA.0277Mitigating the social harms of extractive indistries in Mozambique132,331 EUR122,481 EUR2013-02-062014-12-30
FactsheetIOMMA.0299Partnership in Health and Mobility in East and Southern Africa (2)95,213 EUR71,494 EUR2014-02-012016-12-31
FactsheetIOMTC.0541Capacity Building for Border Management.101,889 EUR101,889 EUR2011-07-232013-10-31
FactsheetIOMTC.0677Responding to Mixed Migration Challenges in Mozambique.90,896 EUR76,201 EUR2013-02-212014-12-30
TOTAL8,789,643 EUR8,700,092 EUR0 EUR0 EUR