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Projects of Poverty

DonorDonor Project NumberProject / Programme TitleTotal CommitmentsTotal DisbursementsCommitments ForecastDisbursements ForecastActual Start DateActual End Date
FactsheetADB2100150027693BAIXO LIMPOPO IRRIGATION AND CLIMATE RESILIENCE PROJECT (BLICRP)30,266,460 EUR23,133,647 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2013-04-032019-06-30
FactsheetADB2100150030643MOZAMBIQUE – WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT AND SKILLS DEVELOPMENT4,519,620 EUR3,105,900 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2015-09-302018-12-31
FactsheetADB2100150039194PPF-VALUE CHAIN AND MARKET DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM 11,781,000 EUR942,480 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2018-05-252019-06-30
FactsheetADB2100155032268JOB CREATION AND LIVELIHOOD IMPROVEMENT PROJECT4,819,500 EUR642,600 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2016-06-172021-12-30
FactsheetADB2100155036468DROUGHT RECOVERY AND AGRICULTURE RESILIENCE PROJECT10,710,000 EUR642,600 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2018-04-212023-06-30
FactsheetADBP-MZ-A00-001SMALL SCALE IRRIGATION PROJECT30,254,079 EUR28,068,436 EUR1998-12-022010-03-30
FactsheetADBP-MZ-AA0-011MASSINGIR DAM AND SMALLHOLDER AGRICULTURAL REHAB.72,745,423 EUR119,501,330 EUR0 EUR0 EUR1993-11-242008-12-31
FactsheetADBP-MZ-AA0-015RURAL FINANCE INTERM. SUPPORT PROJECT16,450,560 EUR14,352,965 EUR2004-06-012011-06-30
FactsheetADBP-MZ-AAC-002Massingir Dam Emergency Rehabilitation Project14,948,938 EUR758,408 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2010-03-152019-06-30
FactsheetADBP-MZ-AAF-001ARTISANAL FISHERIES DEVELOPMENT PROJECT21,031,407 EUR7,493,729 EUR2002-09-012010-12-31
FactsheetADBP-MZ-AAZ-001FAMILY SECTOR INCOME ENHANCEMENT PROJECT17,076,896 EUR19,401,335 EUR2001-06-012009-12-30
FactsheetADBP-MZ-AZ0-001 Women's Entrepreneurship And Skills Development 2,688,176 EUR4,276,581 EUR2007-01-252012-12-31
FactsheetADBP-MZ-BA0-001MINERAL RESOURCES MANAGEMENT CAP. BUILDING3,523,590 EUR3,070,735 EUR2001-09-032009-12-31
FactsheetADBP-MZ-D00-007Mozambique - Mueda-Negomano Road Project - Phase I57,319,920 EUR2,763,239 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2017-02-022022-12-02
FactsheetADBP-MZ-DB0-003VANDUZI-CHANGARA ROAD REHAB. PROJECT128,852,010 EUR84,578,691 EUR2000-08-112009-12-31
FactsheetADBP-MZ-DB0-006ROADS REHABILITATION AND UPGRADING PROJECT26,785,710 EUR24,573,024 EUR2000-12-082007-12-31
FactsheetADBP-MZ-DB0-007MONTEPUEZ-LICHINGA ROAD PROJECT32,237,100 EUR18,997,494 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2006-10-272019-12-31
FactsheetADBPMZ-DB0-010Montepuez-Lichinga Road Supplementary Project35,439,390 EUR7,175,844 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2011-12-052015-12-31
FactsheetADBP-MZ-FA0-004RURAL ELECTRIF. PROJECT (ELECT. III)11,909,520 EUR14,659,491 EUR2002-10-012012-12-31
FactsheetADBP-MZ-FA0-005ENERGY REFORM AND ACCESS PROGRAM11,761,722 EUR10,866,397 EUR2005-01-242010-12-30
FactsheetADBP-MZ-FA0-006ELECTRICITY IV PROJECT28,167,300 EUR5,476,626 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2008-01-242016-12-31
FactsheetADBP-MZ-HAA-001SUPPORT TO SMES DEV. IN MOZAMBIQUE3,748,500 EUR3,045,924 EUR2002-06-012006-05-31
FactsheetADBP-MZ-HZ0-001FINANCIAL SECTOR TA PROJECT (FSTAP)7,282,800 EUR3,305,679 EUR2006-02-082013-06-30
FactsheetADBP-MZ-IE0-002POVERTY REDUCTION2,645,370 EUR2,178,414 EUR1999-01-012006-06-30
FactsheetADBP-MZ-IZ0-002CONSOLIDATION WOMEN'S ENTREPRENEURSHIP13,280,400 EUR1,143,442 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2014-01-312019-06-30
FactsheetADBP-MZ-K00-004POVERTY REDUCTION SUPPORT LOAN64,260,000 EUR64,260,000 EUR2006-11-012007-12-31
FactsheetADBP-MZ-K00-005INSTITUTIONAL SUPPORT FOR PUBLIC SECTOR REFORM2,276,946 EUR2,563,890 EUR2007-04-062010-08-30
FactsheetADBP-MZ-K00-007POVERTY REDUCTION SUPPORT LOAN II64,260,000 EUR64,260,000 EUR2008-01-012010-12-31
FactsheetADBP-MZ-K00-009GROWTH AND PUBLIC SECTOR EFFICIENCY64,260,000 EUR64,260,000 EUR2011-09-202013-12-31
FactsheetADBPMZ-XXX-XXXXXXTechnological Park - Pipeline ADF XII18,207,000 EUR0 EUR
FactsheetADBP-Z1-DB0-039MULTI-NACALA ROAD CORRIDOR110,013,120 EUR8,260,452 EUR2011-06-202015-06-15
FactsheetCANADAA-032243 Coastal Rural Support Program (CRSP)7,125,000 EUR6,802,211 EUR2004-02-072012-03-30
FactsheetCANADAA-032276-001 SLAP Sustainable Livelihoods and Agriculture4,875,000 EUR4,528,968 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2005-04-012011-11-30
FactsheetCANADAA-032608Sustainable and Effective Economic Development (SEED)6,000,000 EUR5,241,325 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2006-01-012012-12-31
FactsheetCANADAA-034403-004Mozambique Canada Fund for Local Initiatives - CFLI112,500 EUR109,745 EUR2011-04-012012-03-31
FactsheetCANADAP-000050-004General Budget Support for Poverty Reduction in Mozambique - II63,750,000 EUR63,750,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2010-01-012019-03-31
FactsheetCANADAP-000177-001Enhancing Food Security and Increasing 9,750,000 EUR9,750,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2010-06-282016-09-30
FactsheetCANADAP-000519-001Skills Training for Employment in Mozambique (STEM)13,500,000 EUR8,072,315 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2014-03-312020-12-31
FactsheetSWITZERLAND7F-00761DECENTRALISATION/DEMOCRATISATION (PADEM)7,052,000 EUR6,435,360 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2000-03-012008-08-31
FactsheetSWITZERLAND7F-03722.02Community Multimedia Centres (CMCs)410,000 EUR410,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2008-03-012010-03-31
FactsheetSWITZERLAND7F-04180.02Rural Development Northern Mozambique9,647,300 EUR8,207,380 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2005-04-012008-12-31
FactsheetSWITZERLAND7F-06298.01Joint Municipal Development Programme in the North of Mozambique4,059,000 EUR4,109,840 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2008-07-012011-06-30
FactsheetSWITZERLAND7F-06298.02Municipal Development in Mozambique 4,059,000 EUR4,054,900 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2011-07-012014-12-31
FactsheetSWITZERLAND7F-06298.03 Municipal Development in Mozambique 7,060,200 EUR6,212,095 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2015-01-012019-12-31
FactsheetSWITZERLAND7F-06373.01Rede das Caixas Rurais de Nampula - RCRN2,952,000 EUR2,134,910 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2008-08-012012-07-31
FactsheetSWITZERLAND7F-06373.02FIDES Mozambique6,793,700 EUR6,937,200 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-07-012017-12-31
FactsheetSWITZERLAND7F-06373.03 FIDES II Mozambique TA BANK738,000 EUR349,320 EUR164,000 EUR0 EUR2018-01-012019-12-31
FactsheetSWITZERLANDSeco - DNEAPCapacity Development Support to DNEAP/MPD-Macro Economic and Poverty Analysis1,820,400 EUR1,401,815 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2006-01-012013-12-31
FactsheetSWITZERLANDSeco - GBSGeneral Budget Support81,590,000 EUR76,793,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2010-07-112017-05-31
FactsheetSWITZERLANDSeco - InvestmentIFC - Mozambique SME Initiative3,807,260 EUR3,807,260 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2005-01-012010-12-31
FactsheetSWITZERLANDSeco - Trade - IDEASIDEAS - Trade Policy Programme560,060 EUR560,060 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2005-01-012010-12-31
FactsheetSWITZERLANDSeco - Trade - TNSTechnoserve - Trade Facilitation Programme introduction of quality management systems bases on adequate standard and grades required by export markets658,460 EUR658,460 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2004-10-012009-10-31
FactsheetDENMARK106-1 Direct PaymentsSupport to Justice Sector - Direct Payments0 EUR334,910 EUR2009-06-302014-12-31
FactsheetDENMARK50-148Supporting the Rehabilitation of Street Children Project 2010-2012323,395 EUR323,395 EUR2010-06-012013-12-31
FactsheetDENMARK50-158Projecto Emponderamento Económico Das Mulheres Da Ilha De Moçambique212,823 EUR606,216 EUR2010-01-012012-12-31
FactsheetDENMARK50-163Apoio ao Centro Comunitário Santo Estevao da Matola30,932 EUR30,932 EUR2010-01-012012-12-31
FactsheetDENMARK50-174 Training of women as drivers of donated garbage trucks374,825 EUR352,974 EUR2011-01-012012-12-31
FactsheetDENMARK50-175Projecto de Promoção de Actividades de Geração de Rendimentos para Mulheres - AENA643,500 EUR643,500 EUR2010-12-012013-12-31
FactsheetDENMARK50-176Projecto de Promoção de Saúde Primária e Atendimento Integrado às vítimas de violência baseada no género1,169,998 EUR1,169,998 EUR2010-01-012013-05-31
FactsheetDENMARK50-181Care for the whole Child: Upgrading the quality of care of children in Residential Care in the Maputo area520,000 EUR520,000 EUR2011-11-022014-12-31
FactsheetDENMARK50-184AGIDEC - Associação de Gestão Integrada para o Desenvolvimento Comunitário 156,000 EUR156,000 EUR2011-11-012012-12-31
FactsheetDENMARK50-186Support to Engage the Mozambican Trade Unions in Vocational Education and Training265,199 EUR265,199 EUR2011-10-112013-04-30
FactsheetDENMARK805-200-AASPS II - Support to PROAGRI11,180,000 EUR8,922,050 EUR2006-01-012010-12-31
FactsheetDENMARK805-200-BASPS II - Rural Roads12,699,263 EUR12,921,824 EUR2006-01-012010-12-31
FactsheetDENMARK805-200-JASPS II - Other Support to Agriculture858,722 EUR775,872 EUR2007-01-012010-12-30
FactsheetDENMARK805-201-AASPS III - Support to Public Sector0 EUR0 EUR2011-01-012015-12-30
FactsheetDENMARK805-201-BASPS III - Support to Private Sector0 EUR0 EUR2011-01-012015-12-30
FactsheetDENMARK806-200-2Environmental Sector Programme Support II - component 23,090,027 EUR3,287,673 EUR2011-07-012014-06-30
FactsheetDENMARK806-200-3Environmental Sector Programme Support II - component 31,462,500 EUR1,462,500 EUR2011-07-012014-06-30
FactsheetDENMARK809-1 iTCComunity Land Initiative Fund (iTC)520,000 EUR520,000 EUR2011-08-012014-03-31
FactsheetDENMARK809-2 GAPISupport to Private Sector Development - Support to Agribusiness Development13,000,000 EUR19,180,736 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-11-292016-12-31
FactsheetDENMARK809-2 MINAGSupport to Private Sector Development - Agri-Business Development 780,000 EUR1,087,356 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-11-292016-12-31
FactsheetDENMARK809-3 PRISEPrivate Sector Development Programme - District Roads Component (FC Estradas)10,140,000 EUR19,105,662 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2011-01-012015-12-31
FactsheetDENMARK810.400-1PolitecnicaNutrição Tete137,201 EUR99,783 EUR2011-06-152012-12-31
FactsheetDENMARK810-400-2 HKIMass Fortification of Stable Foods in Mozambique, Baseline Survey278,966 EUR278,966 EUR2012-07-212012-12-31
FactsheetDENMARK810-400-2UNFPAProgramme Geração Biz41,575 EUR41,518 EUR2011-06-012012-12-31
FactsheetDENMARK810-400-2 UNICEFNutrition and Human Rights in Mozambique: Maximising Social Investment to Address Chronic Undernutrition in Tete Province198,233 EUR198,233 EUR2012-10-152013-03-31
FactsheetDENMARK810-500.2 NutritionNutrition2,697,329 EUR2,958,975 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2013-01-012017-12-31
FactsheetDENMARK810.500-3 CEPSupport to the Citizen Engagement Programme1,040,000 EUR1,560,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2013-12-052017-12-31
FactsheetDENMARK810-500-3 Direct paymentsSupport to Health Sector0 EUR649,912 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-12-012017-12-31
FactsheetDENMARK810-500.3 MASCGood Governance for Health Project650,000 EUR1,300,000 EUR2013-12-012013-12-31
FactsheetDENMARK810.500-3 PSISupport to Population Services International (PSI) Mozambique650,000 EUR2,526,633 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2013-11-152015-12-30
FactsheetDENMARK813-4Support to the ONP110,203 EUR110,203 EUR2009-01-012009-12-31
FactsheetDENMARK86-200Gestão Ambiental642,358 EUR642,358 EUR2011-01-012015-12-31
FactsheetDENMARK86-200Planeamento e Ordenamento Territorial537,716 EUR537,716 EUR2011-01-012015-12-31
FactsheetDENMARK86-200-4Mudanças Climáticas2,042,857 EUR2,042,857 EUR2011-01-012015-12-31
FactsheetDENMARK96Danish Support to Mozambique's Poverty Reduction Strategy49,400,000 EUR49,115,174 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2005-12-202010-12-31
FactsheetDENMARK96-400-1Budget Support - General Budget Support23,686,000 EUR23,686,000 EUR2011-01-012014-12-31
FactsheetDENMARK96.500 Autoridade TributariaStrengthening Public Finance Management in Mozambique 2015-170 EUR0 EUR2015-01-012017-12-31
FactsheetDENMARK96 Book ProjectProjecto do Livro: "Reformas Económicas e Sociais em Moçambique"121,114 EUR111,380 EUR2011-01-012013-02-28
FactsheetDENMARKMOZ.102-4-APublic Sector Reform Component 4 - Poverty Research Fund and Poverty Documentation1,327,522 EUR738,321 EUR2003-01-012010-06-30
FactsheetDENMARKMOZ.102-4-BPublic Sector Reform Component 4 - Poverty Analysis and Training263,630 EUR201,213 EUR2003-01-012007-11-30
FactsheetDENMARKMOZ.805DANIDA Agriculture Programme - Old1,578,954 EUR2,322 EUR2005-01-012007-12-31
FactsheetNETHERLANDS11617DEK Budget support 2006 - 200854,000,000 EUR54,000,000 EUR2005-12-012008-12-31
FactsheetNETHERLANDS11729MAP Community Land Use Fund1,292,000 EUR1,119,088 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2005-12-012010-12-31
FactsheetNETHERLANDS12763MAP PPP VidaGas717,080 EUR681,226 EUR2005-11-012009-12-31
FactsheetNETHERLANDS12950/WBMAP TVET5,250,000 EUR3,796,984 EUR2006-05-012010-12-31
FactsheetNETHERLANDS12987MAP ORAM Nampula 2006-20111,132,400 EUR1,132,400 EUR2006-01-012011-12-31
FactsheetNETHERLANDS14660MAP PPP Rabo-GAPI1,000,000 EUR1,000,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2006-10-012009-12-31
FactsheetNETHERLANDS14721CFM Consultancy for dredging125,000 EUR100,000 EUR2006-08-012008-08-31
FactsheetNETHERLANDS15382MAP partners in Social protection (HAI)2,955,000 EUR2,807,250 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2006-12-012011-12-31
FactsheetNETHERLANDS15430MAP Akilizetho1,120,000 EUR1,049,766 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2007-02-012012-12-31
FactsheetNETHERLANDS15940MAP Civil Society Support Facility 2007-2009638,400 EUR638,400 EUR2007-04-012009-12-31
FactsheetNETHERLANDS1619Civil Society Support660,021 EUR452,000 EUR2004-08-012006-12-31
FactsheetNETHERLANDS16216MAP IFC864,500 EUR874,200 EUR2007-08-012010-06-30
FactsheetNETHERLANDS16317MAP Support CEF (Commonwealth Education Fund)245,232 EUR245,232 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2007-11-012009-06-30
FactsheetNETHERLANDS16343MAP Cruzeiro do Sul 2007 - 2012969,083 EUR845,064 EUR2007-07-012012-06-30
FactsheetNETHERLANDS16581MAP Support for Tribunal Administrativo2,000,000 EUR2,000,000 EUR2007-10-012011-12-31
FactsheetNETHERLANDS17224MAP INAS food subsidy program5,200,000 EUR5,224,624 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2008-09-012011-12-31
FactsheetNETHERLANDS17224/TATechnical Assistance to INAS Financial and Administrative Department47,500 EUR39,672 EUR2011-06-012012-02-28
FactsheetNETHERLANDS17951MAP Budgetsupport 2009-201263,000,000 EUR63,000,000 EUR2009-01-012012-12-31
FactsheetNETHERLANDS17988MAP PPFD District Planning transition year 2008429,202 EUR221,300 EUR2008-08-012008-12-31
FactsheetNETHERLANDS18208MAP Birth registration II7,806,440 EUR7,806,024 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2008-07-022012-12-31
FactsheetNETHERLANDS18453MAP support to APAC1,921,203 EUR1,913,157 EUR2008-10-012011-12-31
FactsheetNETHERLANDS20320MAP OLIPA723,332 EUR703,013 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2009-10-012012-12-31
FactsheetNETHERLANDS20353MAP Community Investor671,672 EUR671,672 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2010-01-012013-12-31
FactsheetNETHERLANDS20362MAP Support to IPEX1,250,000 EUR932,447 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2010-01-012013-06-30
FactsheetNETHERLANDS21183MAP Civil Society Support Facility 2010 - 2011 (phase 3)501,600 EUR472,340 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2010-01-012011-12-31
FactsheetNETHERLANDS22351MAP Common Fund for Decentralised Planning and Finance3,000,000 EUR2,000,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2010-03-012012-12-31
FactsheetNETHERLANDS22980MAP Support to Cooperative Enterprise Development1,610,563 EUR802,640 EUR2011-06-012011-06-30
FactsheetNETHERLANDS23447 AgDevCoMAP BAGC12,096,594 EUR5,788,594 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2011-11-012015-12-31
FactsheetNETHERLANDS23447 ProrusticaMAP BAGC 1,768,330 EUR1,651,033 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2011-11-012013-12-31
FactsheetNETHERLANDS23885Community Land Use Fund 2nd Phase304,000 EUR152,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-04-012014-12-31
FactsheetNETHERLANDS24018ORAM Nampula 2012-2014600,000 EUR257,040 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-04-012014-12-31
FactsheetNETHERLANDS24081MAP Support for Tribunal Administrativo2,400,000 EUR2,400,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-05-012014-12-31
FactsheetNETHERLANDS24364MAP Facilidade Exit Year268,356 EUR242,191 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-06-012012-12-31
FactsheetNETHERLANDS24398MAP INAS Social Protection Program8,000,000 EUR3,696,801 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-11-012016-12-31
FactsheetNETHERLANDS6687Multi-annual Budget Support through JDP49,000,000 EUR67,000,000 EUR2003-01-012005-12-31
FactsheetFINLAND259 127 01General Budget Support11,000,000 EUR11,000,000 EUR2003-01-012005-12-31
FactsheetFINLAND259 127 02General Budget Support10,000,000 EUR10,000,000 EUR2006-03-012007-12-31
FactsheetFINLAND259 127 03General Budget Support40,000,000 EUR40,000,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2010-03-012015-12-31
FactsheetFINLAND259 128 04Health Sector Programme - Support to PROSAÚDE3,600,000 EUR3,600,000 EUR2010-01-012010-12-31
FactsheetFINLAND259 138 01PROAGRI I2,000,000 EUR2,000,000 EUR2005-12-202005-12-23
FactsheetFINLAND259 138 02Support to PROAGRI II4,000,000 EUR0 EUR2006-10-012006-12-31
FactsheetFINLAND259 138 03Support to PROAGRI II22,000,000 EUR22,000,000 EUR2007-09-012011-12-31
FactsheetFINLAND25914101PRODEZA II7,000,000 EUR6,268,559 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2011-01-012016-12-31
FactsheetFINLAND259 141 01PRODEZA I: Support to Rural Development in Zambézia Province, Mozambique10,729,436 EUR5,546,097 EUR2006-05-222010-09-30
FactsheetFINLAND259 147 01Support to Tribunal Administrative 2,000,000 EUR1,500,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2011-10-012014-12-31
FactsheetFINLAND259 152 01SUNAFOP Forest Sector Support Programme in Mozambique 4,900,000 EUR5,500,000 EUR2009-08-012013-01-31
FactsheetFINLAND25915601IESE Support4,100,000 EUR4,100,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2019-01-012022-12-31
FactsheetFINLAND25915901STIFIMO Science, technology and innovation8,213,150 EUR8,213,150 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2010-05-012014-12-31
FactsheetFINLAND2591 6002Support to PEDSA, Common fund for Agriculture4,500,000 EUR2,500,000 EUR2012-03-012012-12-31
FactsheetFINLAND25916419ADPP Farmers' Clubs for Wealth Creation among smallholder farmers in Mozambique7,950,727 EUR7,950,727 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2014-07-012018-11-30
FactsheetFINLAND25916426Scaling up research and capacity building for improved development policy in Mozambique (MEF/UEM)3,342,873 EUR1,907,127 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2015-05-252020-12-31
FactsheetFINLAND25916442Improving oversight in Mozambique’s governance1,900,000 EUR1,500,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2017-03-282019-12-31
FactsheetSPAIN11 AACID BIL DPPF Cabo DelgadoPrograma de Fortalecimento Institucional Descentralizado para a Redução da Pobreza Feminina na Província de Cabo Delgado1,495,000 EUR1,495,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2011-01-012014-01-01
FactsheetSPAIN11 AACID BIL DPPF MaputoPrograma de Fortalecimento Institucional Descentralizado para a Redução da Pobreza na Província de Maputo 1,495,000 EUR1,495,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2011-01-012014-01-01
FactsheetSPAIN11 AACID CONV Medicos do MundoFortalecimento dos serviços de planificação familiar, saúde do adolescente e violência de género 300,000 EUR300,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2011-01-012014-01-01
FactsheetSPAIN12 AACID CONV Bosque e ComunidadeFortalecimento das comunidades rurais para a propriedade de terras e gestão sustentável dos recursos naturais na Província de Gaza197,302 EUR197,302 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-01-012015-01-01
FactsheetSPAIN12 AACID CONV Fund. IEPALAFortalecida a sociedade civil do distrito de Magude através da participação cidadã e a sua incidência na Administração Local 284,730 EUR284,730 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-01-012015-01-01
FactsheetSPAIN12 FIDA credPROSUL - Fomento de cadeias de valor em corredores de Maputo e Limpopo13,300,000 EUR13,300,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-01-012018-01-31
FactsheetSPAIN13 AACID BIL DPEF Fortalecimento Institucional ao Governo da Província de Cabo Delgado400,000 EUR400,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2014-09-222016-12-21
FactsheetSPAIN13 AACID CONV AeAFortalecimento da Governabilidade Democrática no Distrito de Eráti235,411 EUR100,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2013-07-012018-07-01
FactsheetSPAIN13 AACID CONV APSFortalecimento institucional local e reforço das capacidades técnicas do Município de Mueda,Cabo Delgado273,920 EUR273,920 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2013-11-172016-05-16
FactsheetSPAIN13 AACID CONV CIC Batá Contribução ao logro da soberania alimentar nas Provincias de Maputo e Gaza 2,000,983 EUR2,000,983 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2013-04-152017-04-14
FactsheetSPAIN13 AACID CONV COVIDE-AMVESoberania Alimentar no Distrito de Nacuxa299,187 EUR299,187 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2016-01-012017-01-01
FactsheetSPAIN13 AACID CONV Fundación Habitáfrica Projecto de desenvolvimento social urbano do Distrito Municipal Nhamankulu Fase III, Cidade de Maputo255,648 EUR255,648 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2013-01-012015-01-01
FactsheetSPAIN13 AACID CONV Fund AeAIniciativas viáveis para a reducção da pobreza e as injustiças no Distrito de Erati através do apoio as associações das mulheres (REPE)173,950 EUR173,950 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2013-01-012015-01-01
FactsheetSPAIN13 AECID PROY MUNDUKIDEPrograma de capacitaçao agrícola242,925 EUR242,925 EUR2013-12-012014-12-31
FactsheetSPAIN14 AACID BIL DPEF Fortalecimento Institucional na Província de Maputo250,000 EUR159,840 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2015-06-012017-06-30
FactsheetSPAIN14 AACID BIL Gov Distrital MetugePlaneamento Territorial do Distrito de Metuge, Cabo Delgado300,000 EUR126,700 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2015-06-012017-05-30
FactsheetSPAIN14 AACID CONV As.Madre CorajeContribuição ao desenvolvimento participativo na localidade de Siaia, distrito de Xai Xai200,264 EUR200,264 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2015-08-012017-02-01
FactsheetSPAIN14 AACID CONV Bosque e ComunidadeFortalecer a Seguridade no Direito de Uso da Terra e Gestão Sustentável dos Recursos Naturais das Comunidades Rurais 282,933 EUR200,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2015-08-012017-08-01
FactsheetSPAIN14 AACID CONV CESALAumento dos Ingressos e a Segurança Alimentar de Famílias Rurais Vulneráveis do Distrito de Matutuíne, Maputo. 299,836 EUR299,836 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2016-01-012017-12-01
FactsheetSPAIN14 AACID CONV CIC BatáIniciativa de Desenvolvimento Comunitário Participativo nas Aldeias Mabauane y Tlacula no Distrito de Xai Xai252,700 EUR252,700 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2016-01-012017-12-31
FactsheetSPAIN14 AECID BIL DPA CDPlano de Hidráulica Agrícola para Cabo Delgado390,000 EUR390,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2015-04-142019-09-19
FactsheetSPAIN14 AECID CONV APSCreaçao de oportunidades económicas sustentáveis2,500,000 EUR2,500,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2015-02-012020-06-30
FactsheetSPAIN14 AECID PROY ING SIN FRONTFortalecimento sociedade civil - extractivas140,000 EUR140,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2014-10-012016-12-31
FactsheetSPAIN14 AECID PROY MUNDUKIDEDesenvolvimento rural Montepuez e Balama443,404 EUR443,404 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2015-01-012016-12-31
FactsheetSPAIN14 AECID PROY PROSALUSFortalecimendo Rede ONGs Sobirania Alimentar234,900 EUR234,900 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2015-01-012016-12-30
FactsheetSPAIN15 AACID BIL DPASA Apoio ao Desenvolvimento Agrícola na Província de Maputo, Moçambique400,000 EUR282,787 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2016-08-302018-08-29
FactsheetSPAIN15 AACID Bosque e ComunidadeMelhorados os meios de vida em 5 comunidades da Província de Gaza através da gestão sustentável dos recursos naturais e equidade de género290,085 EUR100,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2017-01-012018-12-01
FactsheetSPAIN15 AACID Fund AeAMelhorar as capacidades comunitárias de gestão de desastres naturais no distrito de Chiure, Província de Cabo Delgado 298,671 EUR200,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2017-01-012019-01-01
FactsheetSPAIN15 AECID BIL GBSApoio Geral ao Orçamento1,000,000 EUR1,000,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2016-01-012016-12-31
FactsheetSPAIN15 AECID BIL IBORehabilitaçao da Fortaleza de Ibo140,000 EUR140,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2016-04-242018-07-23
FactsheetSPAIN15 AECID BIL NUTRI CDContribuiçao ao Plano Estratégico para a Reduçao da Malnutriçao crónica em Cabo Delgado220,000 EUR220,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2015-12-202017-12-20
FactsheetSPAIN15 AECID ONGD PROSALUSMelhora da nutriçao em Boane228,431 EUR228,431 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2016-02-012017-08-01
FactsheetSPAIN15 SDG OITMais e melhores empregos1,300,000 EUR1,300,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2015-03-252017-03-30
FactsheetSPAIN16 AACID CesalAumento, diversificação e comercialização da produção de alimentos para a melhoria nutricional e o empoderamiento econômico das comunidades mais vulneráveis nas áreas rurais de Mecúfi e Metuge299,962 EUR0 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2016-01-012018-12-31
FactsheetSPAIN16 AACID CIC BatáGeradas iniciativas de desenvolvimento local econômico e participação de comunidade com foco de gênero em 3 comunidades do distrito de Massangena283,218 EUR0 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2016-01-012018-12-31
FactsheetSPAIN16 AACID COVIDE-AMVEAbertura do FP nível meio em turismo em Lumbo299,979 EUR0 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2016-01-012018-12-31
FactsheetSPAIN16 AECID BIL DPEF CDFortalecimento institucional - DPEF Cabo Delgado. Saúde e Nutrição243,000 EUR243,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2017-06-062018-12-05
FactsheetSPAIN16 AECID ONGD BATADesenvolvimento agropecuario em Namaacha145,773 EUR145,773 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2017-02-012018-07-31
FactsheetSPAIN16 AECID ONGD MUNDUKIDEOportunidades económicas para familias rurais251,845 EUR251,845 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2017-02-282019-05-27
FactsheetSPAIN16 AECID ONGD PROSALUSReduçao desnutriçao provincia Maputo324,394 EUR324,394 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2017-02-282018-10-15
FactsheetSPAIN17 AACID Bosque e ComunidadeFortalecimento das capacidades de produção e comercialização agrícola, com base na gestão sustentável dos recursos naturais, dos agricultores e agricultores299,529 EUR100,000 EUR49,529 EUR0 EUR
FactsheetSPAIN17 AACID CESALMelhoraa nutricional e empoderamento econômico das famílias da UAAMAT, com atenção especial às mulheres mais vulneráveis, introduzindo técnicas de comercialização e produção ambientalmente300,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR0 EUR
FactsheetSPAIN17 AACID CIC BATÁIniciativas de desenvolvimento econômico local e participação comunitária com enfoque de gênero em 11 comunidades do distrito de Mapai268,002 EUR0 EUR0 EUR0 EUR
FactsheetSPAIN17 AACID -DPASA Fortalecimento das Capacidades Institucionais e Competências Técnicas para o Desenvolvimento Produtivo Agrícola400,000 EUR150,000 EUR100,000 EUR0 EUR
FactsheetSPAIN17 AACID DPASA (2) Melhoria da Produtividade e Gestão Sustentável de Recursos Hídricos para Uso Agrícola400,000 EUR150,000 EUR100,000 EUR0 EUR
FactsheetSPAIN17 AECID BIL NUTRIÇÃO CDLuta contra a desnutriçao em Cabo Delgado200,000 EUR200,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2018-03-022020-03-01
FactsheetSPAIN17 AECID ONGD CESALFortalecimento da atividade agrícola, produtiva e orientada ao comércio em Metuge e Mecúfi: uma contribuição à revolução verde328,255 EUR328,255 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2018-03-012020-02-29
FactsheetSPAIN17 AECID ONGD CIC BATÁIniciativa de desenvolvimento agrícola com foco em gênero e ambiental no distrito de Matutuine148,000 EUR148,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2018-03-092019-09-08
FactsheetSPAIN17 AECID ONGD MADRE CORAJEProjeto de agricultura sustentável para a segurança alimentar e nutricional das famílias dos distritos de Montepuez e Namuno256,428 EUR256,428 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2018-04-012020-02-29
FactsheetSPAIN18 AECID BIL AUTORIDADE TRIBUTÁRIAMelhora das capacidades técnicas da Autoridade Tributária de Moçambique nas áreas de planejamento, análise, inspeção e auditoria150,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2019-01-012020-12-31
FactsheetSPAIN18 AECID BIL PAMRDC CDApoio técnico para a identificação de ações de impacto pela operacionalização do Plano de Acção Multissectorial para a Redução da Desnutrição Crônica da provincia de Cabo Delgado (PAMRDC)75,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2019-01-012019-06-30
FactsheetSPAIN18 AECID CONV PROSALUS/CIC BATACombate à desnutrição crónica na província de Maputo2,500,000 EUR650,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2019-01-012022-12-31
FactsheetSPAIN18 AECID PROY CARITAS Contribuir para o exercício do direito à alimentação no distrito de Ancuabe (Cabo Delgado)358,737 EUR358,737 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2019-05-012021-04-30
FactsheetSPAIN18 AECID PROY MUNDUKIDE Colaboração com os agricultores e agricultoras para a segurança alimentar e de renda através de uma atividade agrícola contínua,sustentável e rentável370,323 EUR370,323 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2019-03-222021-03-21
FactsheetSPAINAECID-AyudaenAcc CONV/07-10Strengthening civil society in Cabo Delgado. Ayuda en Acción.1,250,000 EUR1,250,000 EUR2007-01-012010-03-31
FactsheetSPAINAECID-AyudaenAcción CONV/10Fortalecimento capacidades da sociedade civil em Cabo Delgado. Ayuda en Acción2,000,000 EUR2,000,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2011-03-012014-03-01
FactsheetSPAINAECID-Batá Prj/11Contribuir a soberania alimentar na provincia de maputo-CIC Batá499,448 EUR499,448 EUR2011-01-012011-12-01
FactsheetSPAINAECID-CEAR-CON/06-09Rural Development in the District of Catuane2,240,000 EUR2,240,000 EUR2006-10-012012-09-30
FactsheetSPAINAECID-CETMAR/CAP-11Desenvolvimento da acuicultura rural em Cabo Delgado100,000 EUR100,000 EUR2011-11-012012-11-01
FactsheetSPAINAECID-CRE CONV/10Melhoria da segurança alimentar e nutricional em cabo delgado Cruz Roja Española2,000,000 EUR2,000,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2010-03-012014-03-01
FactsheetSPAINAECID-DPPF. Munic/05-11Program for Institutional Support to Municipalities of Maputo Province6,122,000 EUR6,122,000 EUR2005-05-012013-06-01
FactsheetSPAINAECID-FPP/CAP-11Aumentar e melhorar os sistemas de producção sosteniveis em cabo delgado fase II311,911 EUR311,911 EUR2012-01-012013-10-01
FactsheetSPAINAECID-GCD/01-17Institutional support to the Government of Cabo Delgado8,476,349 EUR8,476,349 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2001-11-012017-12-31
FactsheetSPAINAECID-GCD-07Wharf on IBO Island250,000 EUR250,000 EUR2007-12-012008-12-31
FactsheetSPAINAECID-GoM/05-11General Budget Support27,000,000 EUR27,000,000 EUR2005-09-012011-12-31
FactsheetSPAINAECID Grants/01-13University Grants in Spain for mozambican students2,037,677 EUR2,037,677 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2001-01-012013-12-31
FactsheetSPAINAECID-Habitáfrica CONV/10Fortalecimento da instituição local no diagnostico e planificação territorial, reforço das capacidades técnicas e desenvolvimento rural4,000,050 EUR4,000,050 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2010-03-012014-01-01
FactsheetSPAINAECID-Intermón/05Education Program for Niassa Province1,544,404 EUR1,923,344 EUR2001-01-012005-12-31
FactsheetSPAINAECID-JyD-CON-07-10Support to Technical and Vocational Education and Training. 3,200,000 EUR3,200,000 EUR2007-11-012011-12-31
FactsheetSPAINAECID-MULH-DES-HAB-07Capacity Building for the local participatory planning, budgeting and gender mainstreaming500,000 EUR333,332 EUR2007-01-012010-01-31
FactsheetSPAINAECID-MUN-07Feasibility study for the handicraft, gastronomy and plants market in the city of Maputo25,000 EUR25,000 EUR2007-11-292008-03-29
FactsheetSPAINAECID-MUN-CMM-07Support the handicraft marketing in the city of Maputo230,000 EUR770,000 EUR2007-12-262009-02-28
FactsheetSPAINAECID-OJM-07Rehabilitation of a Children Center in Laulane, Maputo16,848 EUR16,848 EUR2007-11-292008-02-28
FactsheetSPAINAECID-ONGAWA-CONV/10Responsabilidade social empresarial na província de Maputo1,980,000 EUR1,980,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2010-09-022016-09-02
FactsheetSPAINAECID-PMA-EMER/07Emergencies in Mozambique1,750,000 EUR1,750,000 EUR2007-01-012008-03-31
FactsheetSPAINAECID-Prosalus /COV-06-09Rural Development in the District of Boane and Namaacha. Prosalus3,000,000 EUR3,000,000 EUR2006-06-232011-06-23
FactsheetSPAINCAP-DRU-FMK-07Creation of a methodology for socio-economic development district programes in Cabo Delgado 63,970 EUR63,970 EUR2007-12-012008-11-01
FactsheetSPAINCD2-06AT Direção Provincial de Agricultura. Cabo Delgado92,400 EUR46,200 EUR2006-06-152007-06-15
FactsheetSPAINCON-ALI-IOX-07Food Aid in Mozambique806,302 EUR299,594 EUR2007-07-012010-07-01
FactsheetSPAINP-304Support to the Technical and Vocational Education and Training6,284,247 EUR5,784,247 EUR2001-01-012007-12-31
FactsheetSPAINP-309Rural Development in Gaza and Maputo Provinces1,089,778 EUR1,326,172 EUR2004-10-012007-12-31
FactsheetSPAINP-313Desarrolo Rural en Boane y Namaacha3,136,655 EUR4,021,155 EUR2001-01-012005-12-31
FactsheetSPAINPY-GEN-CD-O1Technical Support to DPMAS Cabo Delgado40,000 EUR40,000 EUR2007-03-012008-03-01
FactsheetEU197163Population Census 200710,730,000 EUR10,578,855 EUR2007-03-012008-12-31
FactsheetEU2002/15-996IDC - EU Coordination & Harmonisation, DbIS Implementation, POVERTY REDUCTION BUDGET SUPPORT II (PRBS II) 2002-2005160,000 EUR64,041 EUR2006-01-012007-03-31
FactsheetEU6 ACP MOZ 102-07PRG DE FINANCEMENT DE BOURSES POUR DES SEC. PRIORIT.241,262 EUR233,746 EUR1995-11-062005-12-31
FactsheetEU7 ACP MOZ 043-25ACTION AID; MAC/11/01/EC, RECONSTRUCTION AND RESETTLMENT PROGRAMME160,721 EUR160,721 EUR2001-02-012002-01-31
FactsheetEU7 ACP MOZ 047-07Conciliator for Contractual Disputes, ROADS REHABILITATION PROGRAMME ZAMBEZIA AND SOFALA PROVINCES 15,771 EUR15,771 EUR2005-08-012005-12-31
FactsheetEU7 ACP MOZ 080-26Prolide; MAC/09/01/EC, REINSERTION SOCIALE PROVICES DE ZAMBEZIA & NIASSA.238,777 EUR238,777 EUR2002-01-012002-12-31
FactsheetEU8 ACP MOZ 008-01GERMAN AGRO ACTION MZM 16.394.745.000, MICRO-PROJECTS REGIONAL PROGRAMMES890,220 EUR890,220 EUR2000-08-012003-06-30
FactsheetEU8 ACP MOZ 008-02GERMAN AGRO-ACTION MZM, MICRO-PROJECTS REGIONAL PROGRAMMES1,260,143 EUR1,260,143 EUR2000-09-012003-12-31
FactsheetEU8 ACP MOZ 008-03GTZ; MZM 14.256.300.000, MICRO-PROJECTS REGIONAL PROGRAMMES763,855 EUR763,855 EUR2000-08-012003-04-30
FactsheetEU8 ACP MOZ 018-02Scott Wilson Management Consultant Zambezia feeder roads, MOZAMBIQUE RURAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME1,674,000 EUR494,717 EUR2004-12-072007-12-31
FactsheetEU8 ACP MOZ 018-03Education SWAP (FASE + FTI)17,350,000 EUR27,625,000 EUR2004-12-022007-12-31
FactsheetEU8 ACP MOZ 018-06PE 1 Bridges Component, MOZAMBIQUE RURAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME301,000 EUR149,930 EUR2005-09-012006-08-31
FactsheetEU8 ACP MOZ 018-07TRANSTEC - TA, DESIGN and IMPLEMENTATION 123,014 EUR46,155 EUR2006-07-122006-11-30
FactsheetEU8 ACP MOZ 018-08Scott Wilson Management Consultant Zambezia feeder roads, MOZAMBIQUE RURAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME1,094,279 EUR780,592 EUR2004-12-072007-12-31
FactsheetEU8 ACP MOZ 018-10PE 2 Bridges Component , MOZAMBIQUE RURAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME3,174,722 EUR1,718,986 EUR2006-09-012007-12-31
FactsheetEU8 ACP MOZ 018-11PE 1 Bridges Component, MOZAMBIQUE RURAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME151,070 EUR108,888 EUR2005-09-012006-08-31
FactsheetEU8 ACP MOZ 018-12/UNICEFUNICEF - District planning in the Province of Inhambane 2,000,000 EUR2,000,000 EUR2007-04-072007-12-30
FactsheetEU8 ACP MOZ 036-01BKS; 2.444.767.740 MZM, FEASIBILITY STUDY ON SECTIONS 0F THE NACALA TRANSPORT CORRIDOR66,454 EUR66,454 EUR2002-06-172003-04-16
FactsheetEU8 ACP MOZ 040-01Financing Agreement 6567/MOZ, POVERTY REDUCTION BUDGET SUPPORT II (PRBS II) 2002-2005142,032,000 EUR181,191,000 EUR2003-01-152007-03-31
FactsheetEU8 ACP MOZ 041-01FINANCING AGREEMENT 6567/MOZ PRBS, POVERTY REDUCTION BUDGET SUPPORT II (PRBS II) 2002-200512,000,000 EUR12,000,000 EUR2003-01-152007-03-31
FactsheetEU8 ACP MOZ 041-02UTRAFE, POVERTY REDUCTION BUDGET SUPPORT II (PRBS II) 2002-20055,000,000 EUR7,500,000 EUR2003-08-062005-06-30
FactsheetEU8 ACP MOZ 041-09STUDY ON THE VAT REFUND SITUATION IN PUBLIC WORKS99,624 EUR38,012 EUR2006-03-012006-09-15
FactsheetEU9 ACP MOZ 003-01Budget Support (PRBSII) 1st and 2nd Fixed Electoral Support Tranche, AUGMENTATION DE PLAFOND PROJET 8 ACP MOZ 40-4112,000,000 EUR24,000,000 EUR2003-04-012007-03-31
FactsheetEU9 ACP MOZ 007-03Final Evaluation and end of Project Audit of the Post Flood Reconstruction Programme49,499 EUR37,416 EUR2005-10-102005-12-09
FactsheetEU9 ACP MOZ 013-07AGRIFOR - Preparation of the country environmental profile0 EUR0 EUR2006-03-012006-06-30
FactsheetEU9 ACP MOZ 013-08SUGAR ACTION PLAN SEMINAR0 EUR0 EUR2006-03-022006-03-31
FactsheetEU9 ACP MOZ 013-10TCF-Country migration profile4,900 EUR4,900 EUR2006-09-012006-10-30
FactsheetEU9 ACP MOZ 014-01MOTA-ENGIL - CONSTRUCTION OF A BRIDGE OVER THE ZAMBEZI RIVER LC 05/05/EC24,848,484 EUR10,892,842 EUR2006-02-012009-01-31
FactsheetEU9 ACP MOZ 015-01RIDER TO CONTRACT MAC 04/05/EC622,381 EUR200,000 EUR2007-05-012008-08-31
FactsheetEU9 ACP MOZ 015-03BCEOM - Rider to contract MAC 03/05/EC - Supervision - Lot 1339,777 EUR200,000 EUR2007-12-012008-04-30
FactsheetEU9 ACP MOZ 016-01PRBS III-Fixed Tranche 20060 EUR0 EUR2006-01-272008-12-31
FactsheetEU9 ACP MOZ 016-02PRBS III-Variable tranche 20060 EUR0 EUR2006-01-272008-12-31
FactsheetEU9 ACP MOZ 016-03Support to SISTAFE4,000,000 EUR2,000,000 EUR2006-10-272007-12-31
FactsheetEU9 ACP MOZ 016-04IDC - EXTENSION PERIOD OF EXECUTION - TA to ODAMOZ 38,340 EUR34,939 EUR2007-03-162008-01-15
FactsheetEU9 ACP MOZ 016-05PRBS IIII-Variable Tranche 200718,126,000 EUR18,126,000 EUR2007-08-012008-07-30
FactsheetEU9 ACP MOZ 016-07PRBS III-Fixed tranche 2007 25,000,000 EUR25,000,000 EUR2007-08-012008-07-31
FactsheetEU9 ACP MOZ 016-09Alexander BOHR - TA for update of ODAMOZ4,990 EUR4,990 EUR2008-05-232008-06-22
FactsheetEU9 ACP MOZ 029-01PROAGRI II - Sector Budget Support0 EUR11,000,000 EUR2007-09-042010-12-31
FactsheetEU9 ACP MOZ 035-01General Budget Support - 2008 Fixed Tranche30,000,000 EUR30,000,000 EUR2008-03-012008-12-31
FactsheetEU9 ACP MOZ 038-02 (ex-7 ACP MOZ 043-26)ACCAO AGRARIA ALEMA; MAC 10/01/EC, RECONSTRUCTION AND RESETTLMENT PROGRAMME175,000 EUR139,496 EUR2001-12-012002-11-30
FactsheetEU9 ACP MOZ 039-01 (ex-7 ACP MOZ 047-09)LAMONT - TA MAC 21/95/EC, ROADS REHABILITATION PROGRAMME ZAMBEZIA AND SOFALA PROVINCES138,165 EUR138,165 EUR1995-11-272002-10-30
FactsheetEU9 ACP RPR 230-01 (ex-7 ACP RPR 380-05)Design & Tender Dossier for Flood Damaged Sections, BEIRA-INCHOPE ROAD REHABILITATION(CF 7 MOZ 66)87,900 EUR75,542 EUR2006-01-162006-04-30
FactsheetEU9 ACP RPR 230-02 (ex-7 ACP RPR 380-06)TA TO ANE - Extension Period Execution - MAC 09/03/EC233,258 EUR138,268 EUR2007-07-122007-12-31
FactsheetEUd006239 CONCERNONG-PVD/2004 advancing primary education in lower Zambezie Province750,000 EUR750,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2006-01-012014-07-31
FactsheetEUd04562ONG-PVD - NGO Co-Financing0 EUR280,519 EUR2007-01-012010-12-31
FactsheetEUd06239ONG-PVD - NGO Co-Financing1,038,257 EUR1,038,257 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2007-01-012014-12-31
FactsheetEUd06240ONG-PVD - NGO Co-Financing0 EUR36,000 EUR2008-01-012010-12-31
FactsheetEUd14524Roads: Nampula - Nacala0 EUR6,847,316 EUR2001-12-012010-12-31
FactsheetEUd14524 - 1LAMONT; MAC 01/01, NAMPULA TO NACALA ROAD REHABILITATION3,025,000 EUR2,616,071 EUR2001-06-072005-11-30
FactsheetEUd14524 - 2GRINAKER LTA; LC 02/01/EC, NAMPULA TO NACALA ROAD REHABILITATION26,442,143 EUR24,441,523 EUR2001-07-012005-11-04
FactsheetEUd14524 - 8LAMONT; MAC 01/01, NAMPULA TO NACALA ROAD REHABILITATION147,111 EUR1,119,955 EUR2001-06-072005-11-30
FactsheetEUd14524 - 9GRINAKER LTA; LC 02/01/EC, NAMPULA TO NACALA ROAD REHABILITATION3,522,667 EUR3,521,083 EUR2001-07-012005-11-04
FactsheetEUd14613Rural Development - Bridges in Zambezia 0 EUR265,000 EUR2000-01-012011-12-31
FactsheetEUd16244Roads: Namacurra - Rio Ligonha14,700,834 EUR14,700,834 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2006-01-012014-12-31
FactsheetEUd16244 - 4Roads: Namacurra - Rio Ligonha (DWYER - SUPERVISION REHABILITATION ALTO MOLOCUÉ- RIO LIGONHA ROAD; LOT 3)1,418,954 EUR879,085 EUR2005-05-012007-04-30
FactsheetEUd16244 - 5 Roads: Namacurra - Rio Ligonha (BCEOM-SUPERVISION REHABILITATION NAMACURRA-NAMPEVO ROAD, LOT1)1,795,583 EUR1,418,977 EUR2005-05-012007-04-30
FactsheetEUd16244 - 6Roads: Namacurra - Rio Ligonha (TAMEGA Works Lot 2, REHABILITATION OF THE NAMPEVO - ALTO MOLOCUÉ ROAD (117 Km))13,011,241 EUR6,001,899 EUR2005-05-012007-04-30
FactsheetEUd16244 - 8Roads: Namacurra - Rio Ligonha (CMC - Works Lot 3, REHABILITATION OF THE ALTO MOLOCUÉ - RIO LIGONHA ROAD (106Km))25,444,240 EUR14,769,866 EUR2005-05-012007-08-08
FactsheetEUd16252Roads - Periodic Maintenance and Capacity Building Programme - Road Fund7,979,848 EUR7,979,848 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2005-01-012015-12-01
FactsheetEUd16252 - 1Roads - Periodic Maintenance and Capacity Building Programme - Road Fund 12,000,000 EUR16,000,000 EUR2003-11-072009-06-30
FactsheetEUd16252 - 2Roads: Periodic Maintenance and Capacity Building Programme (Capacity building ANE PE-1, ROAD PERIODIC MAINTENANCE AND CAPACITY BUILDING PROGRAMME)302,000 EUR89,820 EUR2005-09-012006-08-31
FactsheetEUd16252 - 5Roads: Periodic Maintenance and Capacity Building Programme (ERNST & YOUNG - Financial Audit - MAC 03/06/EDF)22,101 EUR5,991 EUR2006-06-052007-06-30
FactsheetEUd16252 - 6TA to Ministry Public-Works - MAC 04/06/EDF369,781 EUR368,725 EUR2006-06-272007-02-28
FactsheetEUd16252 - 7Roads : Periodic Maintenance and Capacity Building Programme (Technical Assistance to ANE) 356,908 EUR245,300 EUR2006-05-012007-05-01
FactsheetEUd16252 - 8Capacity building ANE-PE2, ROAD PERIODIC MAINTENANCE AND CAPACITY BUILDING PROGRAMME869,000 EUR458,116 EUR2006-09-012007-12-31
FactsheetEUd16323NAO SUPPORT PROJECT - PE N°2810,222 EUR259,957 EUR2004-04-022009-12-31
FactsheetEUd16323 - 2NAO SUPPORT PROJECT - PE N°10 EUR0 EUR2004-04-022007-12-31
FactsheetEUd16601Reconstruction of cyclone damaged sections of roads in five provinces1,138,108 EUR1,138,108 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2006-01-012013-12-31
FactsheetEUd16601 -07PE N°1 - RECONSTRUCTION OF CYCLONE DAMAGED ROAD SECTIONS21,190 EUR18,000 EUR2005-09-012006-08-31
FactsheetEUd16601 - 3Rehabilitation of cyclone damaged sections of roads in five provinces (ERNST & YOUNG - AUDIT of PE 1)11,336 EUR11,336 EUR2007-01-012008-12-31
FactsheetEUd16902Food Security (2005) - Technical Assistance to Government0 EUR157,656 EUR2005-01-012013-12-31
FactsheetEUd17430 - FAOWater Facility - Strategic Planning for Agricultural Water Management in Mozambique (FAO)165,474 EUR165,474 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2006-04-012007-11-01
FactsheetEUd17478 - DDH 2005/125790Fórum TEIA- CONSTITUICAO DE OBSERVATORIOS DISTRITAIS DA POBREZA, NIASSA99,430 EUR89,487 EUR2007-01-012009-02-28
FactsheetEUd17787 - FOOD- 2008 / 154-218 ACE- Análise da Capacidade Técnica de Gestão de Finanças Publicas, Planificação e Monitoria Estratégica do MINAG - now reported on under d17787 TA0 EUR98,737 EUR2008-05-212009-02-28
FactsheetEUd17787 - FOOD 2008 / 156-443 TCHUMA- Abertura de uma Agência em Tête - Now reported upon under d17787 - Non-Gov0 EUR239,550 EUR2008-11-302012-06-01
FactsheetEUd17787 - FOOD 2008 / 156-448 IRAM -Expansao e Diversificaçao dos serviços de Microfinanças Rurais da CCOM - From 2010 reported upon under d17787 - Non-Gov0 EUR248,274 EUR2008-11-282011-05-31
FactsheetEUd17787 - FOOD 2008 / 156-460 MEDA- Breaking the Rural Poverty Trap: Expanding Microfinance Capacity for Productive Agricultural Investment in Maputo Province - From 2010 reported on under d17787 - NonGov0 EUR110,869 EUR2008-11-302010-12-01
FactsheetEUd17787 - FOOD 2008 / 159-143 Stichting Oxfam Novib- Rice marketing through farmer-owned trade companies in the lower Zambézia -- From 2010 reported upon under d17787 - Non-Gov0 EUR97,016 EUR2008-11-282011-11-30
FactsheetEUd17787 - FOOD 2008 / 160-170 HTSPE LTD -Review of 1997-2007 Public Expenditure on irrigation in mozambique - from 2010 reported upon under d17787 TA0 EUR96,072 EUR2008-07-252009-01-09
FactsheetEUd17787 - FOOD 2008/160-697 Moztea - Associações de produtores de Chá em Mossurize: Qualidade e quantidade para a Sustentabilidade Económica - from 2010 reported upon under d17787 - non-gov0 EUR108,874 EUR2008-11-282011-11-30
FactsheetEUd17787 - FOOD 2008 / 160-893 Olipa-Odes Projecto de fortalecimento das associações de produtores para a integração nas cadeias de valor de cebola e gergelim -- From 2010 reported upon under d17787 - Non Gov 0 EUR125,183 EUR2008-11-272010-11-30
FactsheetEUd17787 - FOOD 2008 / 161-513 Abiodes- Desenvolvimento de Associações de Produtores de soja em Grudja, no Distrito de Buza-Sofala -- from 2010 reported upon under d177887 - Non Gov0 EUR123,077 EUR2008-10-282012-06-01
FactsheetEUd17787 - FOOD 2008 / 161-995 ADPP- A model for improved performance in all links between farmers, processors and markets in small scale cashew farming/ production -- From 2010 reported upon under d17787 - Non Gov0 EUR87,454 EUR2008-11-282011-11-30
FactsheetEUd17787 - FOOD 2008 / 162-202 WFP- Building Commodity Value Chains and Market Linkages for Farmers Associations - From 2010 reported upon under d17787 - Non-Gov0 EUR68,689 EUR2008-11-282010-11-30
FactsheetEUd17787 - FOOD 2008/162-206 AFRICA WORKS- AGRIBUSINESS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM - From 2010 reported under d177870 EUR123,076 EUR2008-11-282012-05-31
FactsheetEUd17787 - FOOD 2008 / 162-677 Hivos- Establishing a value chain for rice through a farmer-owned trade company -- from 2010 reported on under d17787 - NonGOV0 EUR129,100 EUR2008-11-282011-11-30
FactsheetEUd17787 - FOOD 2008 / 163-236 Algodao do vale do Zambeze- Produção de Algodão Caroço - from 2010 reported upon under d17787 - Non-Government0 EUR124,918 EUR2008-11-282011-11-30
FactsheetEUd17787 - FOOD 2008 / 163-250 OIKOS- Produção e Comercialização de Culturas de Rendimento entre pequenos produtores do Niassa - from 2010 reported upon under d17787 Non Government0 EUR122,190 EUR2008-11-282011-12-01
FactsheetEUd17787 - FOOD 2008 / 164-697 IBF International Consulting - certificaçao do INAM pela ISO 9001 - From 2010 reported upon under d17787 - TA to Gov0 EUR82,212 EUR2008-11-102009-07-30
FactsheetEUd17787 - FOOD 2008 / 165-034 DANISH MANAGEMENT- Assistencia tecnica para reforçar a capacidade do INAM na área da modelação numérica de escala regional - from 2010 reported on under d17787 - TA 0 EUR37,644 EUR2008-11-202009-07-31
FactsheetEUd17787 - FOOD 2008 / 168-499 MASAWE- Establishment of a national cashew poly-cross breeding programme.9,850 EUR9,850 EUR2008-11-012008-12-02
FactsheetEUd17787 - FOOD 2008 / 168-537 HTSPE LIMITED- Technical Support for addressing food insecurity in 10th EDF Programmes in MZ - From 2010 reported under d17787 - TA0 EUR59,844 EUR2008-11-292010-01-14
FactsheetEUd17787 - FOOD 2008 / 168-695 ACE- Foreign Facility MFSP 2003-2005 final audit and evaluation - from 2010 reported under d177870 EUR56,314 EUR2008-11-282009-10-30
FactsheetEUd17787 - FOOD 2008 / 169-109 IBF International Consulting- Technical support in the field of Public Financial Management Reform within and across sectors - from 2010 reported upon under d17787 - TA0 EUR51,570 EUR2008-11-292009-11-26
FactsheetEUd17787 - GOV - FOOD 2006/122352Tranche MPF 2005 -- now reported under d17787 - GoM 0 EUR6,342,000 EUR2006-06-302012-06-30
FactsheetEUd17787 - Non-GovFood Security Programme - Support to Non-Government Institutions and Technical Support1,566,533 EUR1,566,533 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2006-02-012012-12-31
FactsheetEUd17873Limpopo Railway Line Rehabilitation of Facilities4,560,121 EUR4,556,971 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2006-01-012015-12-31
FactsheetEUd17873 - 1Limpopo Railway (TECNICA LDA - ACTUALIZACAO CADERNOS ENCARGOS - MAC 05/06/EC)61,929 EUR57,410 EUR2006-06-202006-10-31
FactsheetEUd17873 - 2Limpopo Railway (TECNICA - Supervision Limpopo Railway Line - MAC 03/07/EC)193,490 EUR131,914 EUR2007-09-242019-12-23
FactsheetEUd17873 - 3Limpopo Railway (CONDURIL - Rehabilitation Limpopo Railway - LC 04/07/EC)3,860,304 EUR943,789 EUR2007-11-152008-09-14
FactsheetEUd17943 - 1General Budget Support 2008 - Variable Tranche - Part 15,918,188 EUR5,918,188 EUR2008-03-012008-12-31
FactsheetEUd17943 - 2General Budget Support - 2008 Variable Tranche - Part 37,003,812 EUR7,003,812 EUR2008-03-012008-12-31
FactsheetEUd17943 - 3General Budget Support 2008 VARIABLE TRANCHE - Part 23,953,000 EUR3,953,000 EUR2008-01-012008-12-31
FactsheetEUd18227ONG-PVD - NGO Co-Financing2,674,763 EUR2,674,763 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2009-12-012014-12-01
FactsheetEUd18478 - 1TCF 2 (UNDP - SUPPORT CIVIL SOCIETY INDEX)100,058 EUR100,058 EUR2007-12-012008-11-30
FactsheetEUd18489Support to Agricultural Sector - Support to PROAGRI 26,500,000 EUR26,500,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2009-01-012012-12-31
FactsheetEUd18489 -TASupport to Agricultural Sector - Technical Assistance 2,094,532 EUR1,582,782 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2011-12-312012-12-31
FactsheetEUd18851 - SBS Road Sector Budget Support9,203,125 EUR9,203,125 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2010-12-312012-12-31
FactsheetEUd18851 - TARoad Maintenance and Capacity Building1,085,625 EUR1,085,625 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2007-01-012014-12-31
FactsheetEUd19155Accompanying Measures 2007/10 for Sugar Protocol Countries - Mozambique 5,760,000 EUR5,760,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2007-01-012011-12-31
FactsheetEUd19205Business Environment Support & Trade Facilitation Project - BEST 5,197,616 EUR5,197,616 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2008-07-012014-12-31
FactsheetEUd19346Biomass Production Projects684,180 EUR684,180 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2009-01-012015-01-28
FactsheetEUd19404DCI - Non-State Actor and Local Authorities Co-Financing Programme3,349,629 EUR3,349,629 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2005-01-012014-12-31
FactsheetEUd19406DCI - Non-State Actors and Local Authorities Co-Financing386,426 EUR386,426 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2007-01-012011-12-31
FactsheetEUd19442Non State Actor Support Programme in Mozambique1,474,966 EUR1,474,966 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2008-12-112009-06-10
FactsheetEUd20081DCI - Non-State Actor and Local Authorities Co-Financing 1,613,967 EUR1,613,967 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2007-01-012014-12-31
FactsheetEUd20083DCI - Non-State Actor and Local Authorities Co-Financing198,179 EUR198,179 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2007-01-012011-12-31
FactsheetEUd20970MOZAMBIQUE MDG CONTRACT 2009-2014 - General Budget Support 339,355,000 EUR327,815,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2009-06-012015-12-31
FactsheetEUd20977Upgrading Milange - Mocuba Road74,719,233 EUR70,964,987 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2009-12-312019-01-04
FactsheetEUd20998Construction of Zambezi Bridge - Additional Funds4,927,003 EUR4,927,003 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2009-12-312012-12-31
FactsheetEUd21031General Budget Support - additional support 12,110,000 EUR12,110,000 EUR2009-01-012009-12-31
FactsheetEUd21105DCI - Non-State Actor and Local Authorities Co-Financing 938,304 EUR938,304 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2009-01-012014-12-31
FactsheetEUd21105 CESVIDCI - Non-State Actor and Local Authorities CESVI 165,695 EUR165,695 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2010-01-012014-12-31
FactsheetEUd21448 Road Sector Budget Support 2010-2013660,898 EUR660,898 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2011-01-012017-12-31
FactsheetEUd21448 PRODEPEMESROAD SECTOR -PRODEPEMES ESTRADA 1,510,243 EUR1,510,244 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2015-05-122018-03-11
FactsheetEUd21448 - SBSPRISE Road Sector Budget Support 9,175,000 EUR9,175,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2011-01-022017-12-31
FactsheetEUd21494DCI Food Security Programme4,257,466 EUR4,257,466 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2005-01-012011-12-31
FactsheetEUd21859ProAgri 5,200,000 EUR5,200,000 EUR2010-12-012010-12-31
FactsheetEUd22221Local Economic Development Programme (ProDel)13,744,466 EUR14,308,523 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-09-192021-03-19
FactsheetEUd22221 TALocal Economic Development Programme (ProDel) Technical Assistance4,601,735 EUR4,959,258 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-09-192019-09-19
FactsheetEUd22312 Handicap IntDCI - Non-State Actor and Local Authorities Handicap International - CTC 272590491,454 EUR491,454 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2011-01-012016-12-31
FactsheetEUd22312 Save the childeren DCI - Non-State Actor and Local Authorities - Save the childeren 581,760 EUR581,760 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2011-01-012016-12-31
FactsheetEUd22794DCI-SUCRE/2011 Maragra Acucar SA 2,160,049 EUR2,160,049 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2014-01-012017-12-31
FactsheetEUd22794 AcucareiraDCI-SUCRE/2011 Tongaat Hulett Acucareira de Xinavane SA2,275,410 EUR2,275,410 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2014-01-012017-12-31
FactsheetEUd22941 ESMABAMADCI- NSAPVD/2013 - Sustainable development of 5 Agriculture schools239,544 EUR239,544 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2013-12-012016-12-01
FactsheetEUd22941 SWGDCI- NSAPVD/2013 - Self Sustainable and replicable agriculture SWG756,000 EUR756,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2013-12-012017-12-01
FactsheetEUd23193 (ITG)DCI - Food1,803,026 EUR927,139 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-01-102017-12-31
FactsheetEUd24173Accelerate progress towards MDG 1c in Mozambique - OP52,947,692 EUR52,947,692 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-11-302020-11-30
FactsheetEUd24630 - AMdMPromoção da Protecção Social da Criança, Adolescente e Jovem: Convivência Familiar e Comunitária em Luis Cabral - AMdM321,485 EUR321,485 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2015-03-022018-03-01
FactsheetEUd24630 - ConcernStrengthening Civil Society to enhance livelihoods through supporting economic skills diversification, markets and gender equity in Zambezia - Conc1,374,803 EUR1,374,803 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2015-02-012018-01-31
FactsheetEUd24630 HIBuild-up resilience and equitable access to basic social protection programmes with most marginalised groups - HI629,942 EUR629,942 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2015-02-012019-07-31
FactsheetEUd 37396Monitoria comunitária local sobre a implementação dos Programas de Protecção Social251,178 EUR251,178 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2015-12-212018-12-21
FactsheetEUd38045 AVSI PLATIP - Pemba: Planeamento Territorial Integrado e Participativo332,848 EUR196,235 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2016-08-302016-09-30
FactsheetEUd38045 IVERCAPROTECÇÃO PATRIMONIAL & DESENVOLVIMENTO LOCAL: valorizaçao histórico, cultural e ambiental491,818 EUR357,923 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2016-09-272020-01-14
FactsheetEUd38045 MM CatalunyaMineração Artesanal: Direitos Ambientais e Culturais em Cabo Delgado.673,492 EUR471,494 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2016-08-302020-11-30
FactsheetEUd38045 OIKOSREDES IBO - cultura e natureza como Recursos Estratégicos para o DESenvolvimento territorial, a participação comunitária e a boa governação do distrito do IBO803,303 EUR620,962 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2016-09-222020-11-30
FactsheetEUd38045 ORAMPROJETO PRO-FOR-Gestão Territorial: Programa de Formação em Cidadania e Desenvolvimento Territorial Sustentável Inclusivo737,190 EUR474,704 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2016-09-232020-03-31
FactsheetEUd38046 QUELIMANEQuelimane Limpa: tutela e saneamento do ambiente urbano e suburbano.340,387 EUR261,576 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2016-09-082020-01-14
FactsheetEUd38058 JOINTCapacitação e Monitoria da aplicação da Lei de Direito à Informação em defesa dos direitos da população no sector de indústria extractiva.288,000 EUR179,956 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2015-12-272017-12-26
FactsheetEUd38058 ONGAWAApoio a sociedade civil para promoção dos direitos de acesso a informação e liberdade de expressão através da melhoria dos processos democráticos e participativos de planificação, orçamentação, transparência e prestação de contas128,438 EUR128,438 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2015-12-312017-12-31
FactsheetEUd38674 MENINOS de MOCMulheres activas para uma comunidade mais inclusiva nos bairros de Polana Caniço e Luís Cabral (Maputo)269,489 EUR187,036 EUR82,453 EUR0 EUR2018-08-012021-07-31
FactsheetEUd38674 WILSAWILSA: Relações de género e articulação entre representação politica e participação democrática para o exercício dos direitos humanos, particularmente das mulheres234,690 EUR152,329 EUR82,361 EUR0 EUR2018-07-162021-04-15
FactsheetEUd39385 ACTIONAIDSupport Programme to Non State Actors: participation for inclusive growth (PAANE II/ACTIONAID)850,000 EUR850,000 EUR500,000 EUR0 EUR2018-10-042023-10-03
FactsheetEUd39385 FMO/NWETISupport Programme to Non State Actors: participation for inclusive growth (PAANE II/FMO-NWETI)850,000 EUR350,000 EUR500,000 EUR0 EUR2018-08-012023-07-31
FactsheetEUd39385 MASCSupport Programme to Non State Actors: participation for inclusive growth (PAANE II/MASC) 500,000 EUR500,000 EUR500,000 EUR0 EUR2018-08-012023-07-31
FactsheetEUd39385 PSCM-PSSupport Programme to Non State Actors: participation for inclusive growth (PAANE II/PSCM-PS)350,000 EUR350,000 EUR500,000 EUR0 EUR2018-11-152023-11-14
FactsheetEUd39661 ESTAMOSO exercício da cidadania e as oportunidades de desenvolvimento locais são ampliadas nomeadamente através de ações ligadas a atividades criativas e culturais309,087 EUR229,087 EUR80,000 EUR0 EUR2018-06-152021-06-14
FactsheetEUd39661 Fe e Cooperacao Raízes e Cultura – Empreendedorismo cultural e reforço da identidade e cultura moçambicana185,066 EUR185,066 EUR326,975 EUR0 EUR2018-09-012021-08-31
FactsheetEUd39661 Helpcode ONLUSCultura e paz de mãos dadas rumo ao desenvolvimento de Gorongosa513,331 EUR413,331 EUR100,000 EUR0 EUR2018-07-012021-09-30
FactsheetEUd39661 Khandlelo“RE-GENERAÇÃO Nhlamankulu”: o cidadão protagonista do desenvolvimento comunitário430,032 EUR280,032 EUR150,000 EUR0 EUR2018-06-152021-09-14
FactsheetEUd39661 PROGRESSOTodos Participamos (ToPa)300,641 EUR300,641 EUR417,236 EUR0 EUR2018-12-172023-08-31
FactsheetEUd39662 Boane BOANE: Nossos bairros: Projecto pela salvaguarda do meio, o acesso à água potável e a promoção do desenvolvimento socioeconómico no Município de Boane247,491 EUR247,491 EUR195,707 EUR0 EUR2019-01-012021-06-30
FactsheetEUd39662 PEMBAPEMBA: DECOR-Pemba: Desenvolvimento Comunitário Resiliente na Cidade de Pemba93,552 EUR93,552 EUR126,010 EUR0 EUR2019-01-012021-12-31
FactsheetEUd6742Rural Health System Rehabilitation Project230,478 EUR203,026 EUR2001-12-062002-12-05
FactsheetEUdMULTI - c208444 DCI - NSAPVD - Non state actors and local authorities Co-financing - HEALTH -- Social services in Nampula Provinces 188,800 EUR0 EUR2010-02-012012-06-30
FactsheetEUEDF/2006/018-678BCEOM -MILANGE-MOCUBA ROAD FEASIBILITY AND ENGINEERING DESIGN1,139,775 EUR839,775 EUR2007-08-032008-12-31
FactsheetEUFED/2007/152-009TYPSA - TA to DNA - MAC 04/07/EC149,154 EUR126,680 EUR2007-10-012008-09-30
FactsheetEUFED/2007/189-323CPG - SUPERVISION REHABILITATION NAMPEVO-ALTO MOLOCUÉ; LOT 20 EUR1,821,536 EUR2005-05-012007-04-30
FactsheetEUFISH 2003/MZ/CE/X1/0FISHERIES AGREEMENT L345/45 2004-0612,270,000 EUR12,275,192 EUR2004-01-012006-12-31
FactsheetEUFISH 2007 FISHERIES PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT 2007-20110 EUR1,800,000 EUR2007-01-012011-12-31
FactsheetEUFOO 2008 / 159-121 BOROR - Improvement of Parcela System -- disbursement after 2010 reported under ODAMOZ line for full programme0 EUR167,530 EUR2008-11-282011-11-30
FactsheetEUFOOD 1996/53695AMODER-Niassa 96/01943,216 EUR794,626 EUR1998-04-232004-04-23
FactsheetEUFOOD 1996/53697CARE DEUTSCHLAND-Inhambane 96/32,293,119 EUR2,293,119 EUR1998-08-012004-08-31
FactsheetEUFOOD 1997/53737 MINISTERIO DE INDUSTRIA E COMERCIO2,050,000 EUR2,050,000 EUR1998-01-022005-12-31
FactsheetEUFOOD 1999/48345WORLD VISION UK-Nampula 49083/192,000,000 EUR2,189,056 EUR1999-10-292005-06-30
FactsheetEUFOOD 1999/48556MARKETING MANAGEMENT ASSISTANCE (2nd phase) GCPS/MOZ/064/EC2,772,162 EUR2,769,652 EUR2000-05-232004-04-22
FactsheetEUFOOD 2000/48568 Tranche MADER, MULTIANNUAL PROGRAMME 2000-2002, T20005,800,000 EUR5,800,000 EUR2001-11-022004-12-31
FactsheetEUFOOD 2000/48569 Tranche MPF, MULTIANNUAL PROGRAMME 2000-2002, T20008,200,000 EUR8,200,000 EUR2001-12-282004-06-30
FactsheetEUFOOD 2001/47269 Tranche MPF, MULTIANNUAL PROGRAMME 2000-2002, T20018,400,000 EUR8,400,000 EUR2001-12-252006-12-31
FactsheetEUFOOD 2002/51087Tranche MPF, MULTIANNUAL PROGRAMME 2000-2002, T20028,400,000 EUR8,750,000 EUR2003-01-012007-01-01
FactsheetEUFOOD 2003/56839ADRA-Cashew Inhambane0 EUR3,078,885 EUR2004-02-102008-02-09
FactsheetEUFOOD 2003/56847VETAID-Gaza2,653,203 EUR1,708,341 EUR2003-12-122008-04-12
FactsheetEUFOOD 2003/56852WORLD VISION DEUTSCHLAND-Nhambavale, Inhambane 1,740,125 EUR1,740,125 EUR2003-11-132008-08-13
FactsheetEUFOOD 2003/56871VETAID-Southern Inhambane1,771,779 EUR1,423,538 EUR2003-11-262007-11-26
FactsheetEUFOOD 2003/60736ITGD-Gaza 1,386,923 EUR1,670,494 EUR2003-12-232007-12-23
FactsheetEUFOOD 2003/61773 Tranche MADER, MULTIANNUAL PROGRAMME 2000 - 2002, T20015,800,000 EUR8,600,000 EUR2003-05-012006-05-01
FactsheetEUFOOD 2004/56842OIKOS-Bilene, Gaza1,176,629 EUR1,324,195 EUR2004-05-012008-04-30
FactsheetEUFOOD 2004/81761 Tranche MIC, MULTIANNUAL PROGRAMME 2003-2005, T20032,000,000 EUR2,575,000 EUR2004-03-312008-03-31
FactsheetEUFOOD 2004/84319 Tranche MPF, MULTIANNUAL PROGRAMME 2003 - 2005, T20036,500,000 EUR10,000,000 EUR2004-08-052007-08-05
FactsheetEUFOOD 2004/84367 Tranche MADER, MULTIANNUAL PROGRAMME 2003 -2005, T20030 EUR10,500,000 EUR2004-08-112010-02-11
FactsheetEUFOOD 2004/86524 Tranche MADER, MULTIANNUAL PROGRAMME 2000-2002, T20025,800,000 EUR5,400,000 EUR2004-08-132008-08-13
FactsheetEUFOOD 2004/86664Final and ex-post valuation of NGO projects in Northern Mozambique173,182 EUR266,678 EUR2004-09-152005-12-31
FactsheetEUFOOD 2004/86859 Joint Apraisal of PROAGRI-Contrat Fernando Costa, MULTIANNUAL PROGRAMME 2000-2002, T20004,950 EUR9,900 EUR2004-08-142004-08-30
FactsheetEUFOOD 2004/97419ADRA-Cashew, Homoine 99/010 EUR0 EUR2000-09-292005-07-14
FactsheetEUFOOD 2004/97444CARE PASANA-Nampula 99/02334,203 EUR334,203 EUR2004-12-142005-07-14
FactsheetEUFOOD 2004/97446CORD ProDAM-Mecanhelas, Niassa 99/03229,167 EUR66,767 EUR2000-11-012005-05-14
FactsheetEUFOOD 2004/97447MOVIMONDO-Mandimba, Niassa 99/040 EUR0 EUR2000-09-292005-08-14
FactsheetEUFOOD 2004/97449OIKOS-Mandimba, Niassa 99/050 EUR0 EUR2000-09-292005-04-14
FactsheetEUFOOD 2004/97450TROCAIRE-Gurue, Zambezia 99/070 EUR0 EUR2000-09-292005-02-14
FactsheetEUFOOD 2004/97451VETAID-Inhambane 99/08549,127 EUR549,127 EUR2000-09-292005-02-14
FactsheetEUFOOD 2004/97452OXFAM-Niassa 99/06773,748 EUR757,056 EUR2000-09-292005-10-14
FactsheetEUFOOD 2004/97453WORLD VISION UK-Milange, Zambezia 99/09681,031 EUR509,496 EUR2000-09-292005-07-14
FactsheetEUFOOD 2005/104710Apoio ao Ministério da Industria e do Comercio de Moçambique180,000 EUR180,000 EUR2005-07-072007-07-07
FactsheetEUFOOD 2005/104719Facilité devises, TRANCHE MPF 20040 EUR8,920,000 EUR2005-07-152009-07-15
FactsheetEUFOOD 2005/106078Audit and Evaluation of the Foreign Facilities for Budget Support, 2003-2005 Food Security Programme183,492 EUR183,492 EUR2005-10-172007-10-17
FactsheetEUMAP 2000/54437/UNDPEMERGENCY MINE ACTION1,950,000 EUR1,755,000 EUR2001-03-282002-09-28
FactsheetEUMAP 2005/109807 HANDICAP INTERNATIONAL , Action against antipersonnel landmines in Mozambique900,000 EUR884,738 EUR2005-11-222008-12-31
FactsheetEUONG-PVD 1999/11124CHRISTIAN AID - MILANGE SOUTH RURAL DEV PROGRAMME738,817 EUR738,817 EUR1999-04-012003-02-01
FactsheetEUONG-PVD 2001/11691CIES-DESENVOLVIMENTO DA PRODUCAO DE CHA EM MOSSURIZE, MANICA 506,555 EUR487,507 EUR2002-03-012005-07-01
FactsheetEUONG-PVD 2004/62024ASSOCIATION ESSOR - Une approche concertée: Appui aux initiatives locales dans 3 quartiers de la ville de Beira0 EUR636,816 EUR2004-07-262008-07-26
FactsheetEUONG-PVD 2005/94856 CONCERN WORLDWIDE, ADVANCING PRIMARY EDUCATION IN LOWER ZAMBÉZIA PROVINCE, MOZAMBIQUE --- disbursement after 2010 reported under ODAMOZ line for full programme0 EUR541,184 EUR2005-12-132010-12-13
FactsheetEUONG-PVD 2005/95459 HILFSWERK AUSTRIA, SEGURANÇA DA POSSE DA TERRA E DESENVOLVIMENTO SUSTENTÁVEL NO SUL DA PROVÍNCIA DE SOFALA, MOÇAMBIQUE ----disbursement after 2010 reported under ODAMOZ line for full programme 0 EUR362,913 EUR2005-12-232009-12-23
FactsheetEUONG-PVD 2005/95618 NOVIB, PROGRAMA TRIENAL PARA ASSEGURAR A TERRA E RECURSOS NATURAIS DAS COMUNIDADES RURAIS DA ZAMBÉZIA - MOÇAMBIQUE --- disbursement after 2010 reported under ODAMOZ line for full programme0 EUR1,349,982 EUR2006-01-102009-01-10
FactsheetEUONG-PVD 2005/96937 CIES, Reducao da excusao social de menores em risco e doentes mentais, Maputo -- Disbursements from 2010 onwards reported under decision line0 EUR277,880 EUR2005-12-302008-06-30
FactsheetEUONG-PVD 2006/118801ASSOCIACAO ESSOR - Fortalecimento do desenvolvimento local participativo nos distritos municipais 2 e 5 da Cidade de Maputo.Mozambique -- disbursements after 2010 reported under general programme line0 EUR261,794 EUR2006-12-142009-12-13
FactsheetEUONG-PVD 2006/119236SUOMEN PUNAINEN RISTI - Community Based Health Care in Niassa Province (Mozambique) - disbursement after 2010 reported under ODAMOZ line for full programme0 EUR329,754 EUR2007-02-012011-01-31
FactsheetEUONG-PVD 2007/134515U-LANDHJÄLP FRÅN FOLK TILL FOLK I FINLAND RF - Pre-service and in-service education of primary school teachers --- disbursement after 2010 reported under ODAMOZ line for full programme0 EUR761,095 EUR2008-01-012011-01-01
FactsheetPORTUGAL00424Reinforce the Institutional Capacity of Mozambique's Engineering Laboratory (LEM)522,777 EUR522,777 EUR0 EUR0 EUR1998-01-012017-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL00438Co-operation Protocol between Portugal and Mozambique in the postal and telecommunications sectors585,970 EUR585,970 EUR0 EUR0 EUR1998-01-012017-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL00696Co-operation with Eduardo Mondlane Law University2,184,607 EUR2,184,607 EUR0 EUR0 EUR1999-01-012018-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL00768Medical care in Portugal - Patient's evacuation2,351,533 EUR2,351,533 EUR0 EUR0 EUR1998-01-012018-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL01561Internal Scholarships1,029,602 EUR1,029,602 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2000-01-012018-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL01755Bilateral Cooperation Programme in the area of Tourism - Mozambique40,117 EUR40,117 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2008-01-012018-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL02175Portuguese School in Maputo59,387,813 EUR59,387,813 EUR6,721,500 EUR0 EUR1998-01-012021-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL02811Technical cooperation in public finances1,217,738 EUR1,217,738 EUR10,000 EUR0 EUR1999-01-012022-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL04341Advanced Training of Graduated people in Mozambique2,590,119 EUR2,590,119 EUR330,472 EUR0 EUR2000-01-012022-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL04390Technical and pedagogical Coordination of the 'School of Arts and Crafts'2,902,909 EUR2,902,909 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2001-01-012018-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL05548Institutional Support - Support to Ministry services435,326 EUR435,326 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2003-01-012017-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL05846Fund for small projects managed by the local Embassy421,043 EUR421,043 EUR30,000 EUR0 EUR2003-01-012021-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL05872General Budget Support13,284,782 EUR13,284,782 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2004-01-012015-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL05948Administrative costs2,452,331 EUR2,452,331 EUR193,000 EUR0 EUR2002-01-012021-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL06063Costs with students from Mozambique studying at the Portuguese Universities - Special Admission Regime concealed in the Co-operation Agreements in High Education with Developing Countries.21,441,945 EUR21,441,945 EUR1,567,870 EUR0 EUR2003-01-012022-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL06175Cooperation with Mozambique in the area of Justice710,723 EUR710,723 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2004-01-012018-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL06384Protocols and Cooperation Programmes with homologous Parliaments and activities developed by the Parliamentary Groups of Friendship217,694 EUR217,694 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2004-01-012018-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL06734Pensas@MOZ - Plataform for assisted learning1,350,884 EUR1,350,884 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2005-01-012015-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL06964Support to cinematographic and audiovisual produtions in Mozambique908,073 EUR908,073 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2005-01-012015-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL07183Programme of Technical Cooperation in the Security Sector9,133,342 EUR9,133,342 EUR178,800 EUR0 EUR2005-01-012021-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL07593Integrated socio-community development project in Vulnerable Communities at Mozambique9,568,431 EUR9,568,431 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2006-01-012018-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL07938FASE - Support Fund for Education Sector - Sectoral Budget Support2,608,402 EUR2,608,402 EUR250,000 EUR0 EUR2008-01-012020-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL07974Universitary Cooperation in Economy and Managenment (with ISEG)557,941 EUR557,941 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2007-01-012018-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL07975Recovering of the National Park of Gorongosa549,730 EUR549,730 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2007-01-012018-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL08291Administrative costs977,045 EUR977,045 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2008-01-012018-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL08296Artistic Exchanges10,500 EUR10,500 EUR2008-01-012008-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL08312Capacity building of the Directorate-General for Environment60,711 EUR60,711 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2008-01-012009-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL08314XII Congress on Portuguese Press5,000 EUR5,000 EUR2008-01-012008-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL08315Support to the 'Associação dos Deficientes das Forças Armadas' (Armed Forces Disability Association)5,000 EUR5,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2008-01-012008-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL08347OIKOS - Support to victims of natural catastrophe (hurricane) in Mozambique14,000 EUR14,000 EUR2008-01-012008-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL08352IMVF - Rehabilitation of the Ndjenga "Quartier"30,139 EUR37,674 EUR2008-01-012009-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL08353ATA - Agrarian Vocational Training29,527 EUR29,527 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2008-01-012010-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL08354ADPM - Community Development86,160 EUR86,160 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2008-01-012008-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL08355ISU - Schools of Rural Families45,784 EUR45,784 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2008-01-012009-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL08356VIDA - Rural Associations113,059 EUR113,059 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2008-01-012011-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL08357Sol Sem Fronteiras - 'Education in hope'66,283 EUR66,283 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2008-01-012010-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL08358ISU - Reinforcement of the net of rural schools and associations 178,622 EUR178,622 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2008-01-012011-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL08449Portuguese edition of the booklet 'HIV/SIDA, stand Up for Human Rights'50,000 EUR50,000 EUR2008-01-012008-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL08456Committees of Service - Technical Assistance to Mozambique - Health Ministry26,968 EUR26,968 EUR2008-01-012008-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL08480Plan for Development of Human Resources (PDHR) to the boards of postal administrations of PALOP - Mozambique27,864 EUR27,864 EUR2008-01-012008-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL08484Distance Learning1,631 EUR1,631 EUR2008-01-012008-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL08516Capacity building in the Tourism sector17,629 EUR17,629 EUR2008-01-012008-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL08542Tourist promotion of the Mozambique Island371 EUR371 EUR2008-01-012008-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL08563INE Common Fund750,000 EUR750,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2009-01-012011-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL08575Master''s degree in Hydraulics and Water Resources145,750 EUR145,750 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2009-12-312013-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL08576Technical Assistance to GACIM212,891 EUR212,891 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2009-01-012012-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL08577Support to CELP235,855 EUR235,855 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2009-01-012010-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL08578Domestic Work in Mozambique - ISCTE4,340 EUR4,340 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2009-01-012009-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL08579Aquino de Bragança International Colloquium in Eduardo Mondlane University50,000 EUR50,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2009-01-012009-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL08580Technical Assistance and Training in the Transpor Company6,442 EUR6,442 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2009-01-012009-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL08624Food security project in Zavala, Inharrime, Jangamo and Inhambane31,551 EUR31,551 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2009-01-012010-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL08627African Solidarity Association - Draft Recovery Hospital Songo69,461 EUR69,461 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2009-01-012011-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL08628Lay Development - Design and Technical Training and Human Capacity Building in Cuamba86,408 EUR86,408 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2009-01-012011-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL08645Election Observation - Election Observation Missions coordinated by the European Commission and the CPLP Mozambique.70,151 EUR70,151 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2009-01-012009-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL08726Establishment of a friendly operacional environment to increase the rice production on the family sector25,273 EUR25,273 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2009-01-012009-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL08727Establishment of a implementation strategie for the Biotechnology National Program in Mozambique 8,049 EUR8,049 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2009-01-012009-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL08740Safety and management training course for river dams2,054 EUR2,054 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2009-01-012009-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL08756Technical Assistance Programme promoted by the Portuguese Central Bank551,356 EUR551,356 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2009-01-012019-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL08781ANACOM cooperation within UIT24,490 EUR24,490 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2009-01-012009-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL08808Support to AMOJOC (Mozambican Association of Young Accounters)669 EUR669 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2009-01-012009-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL08809Support to Accounting and Auditing Institute of Mozambique (ISCAM)3,017 EUR3,017 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2009-01-012010-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL08817Masters degree in Mozambique453 EUR453 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2009-01-012009-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL08841Line of credit of 400 million euros to finance projects in line with the development programme of Mozambique381,955,427 EUR381,955,427 EUR5,658,000 EUR0 EUR2008-07-012023-07-01
FactsheetPORTUGAL08874Scholarships - Training in juridical matters33,452 EUR33,452 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2010-01-012011-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL08887National History Museum of Maputo12,932 EUR12,932 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2009-01-012010-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL08889For language110,845 EUR110,845 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2009-01-012012-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL08892Cooperation with Zambeze University390 EUR390 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2009-01-012011-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL08895Support to curricular development in the area of music5,561 EUR5,561 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2009-01-012009-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL08898Cooperation with Catholic University of Mozambique68 EUR68 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2009-01-012009-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL08925Cooperation under International Telecomunication Union (ITU)440 EUR440 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2009-01-012009-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL08945Centre of professional training of metalmechanics of Maputo2,432,820 EUR2,432,820 EUR243,000 EUR0 EUR2010-01-012021-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL09144Cooperation protocol between Teatro Nacional de São João and the Communication and Arts Academy of Eduardo Mondlane University.656 EUR656 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2010-03-032017-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL09223Cooperation in the area of Statistics 532,328 EUR532,328 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2010-01-012017-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL09242INOV Mundus Scholarships362,566 EUR362,566 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2009-01-012011-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL09293Cluster's implementation - Mozambique's Island - Social and community intervention1,889,232 EUR1,889,232 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2010-11-082018-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL09418Installation of photovoltaic systems4,142,922 EUR4,142,922 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2011-01-012017-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL09565Technical advice to combat organized crime48,852 EUR48,852 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2011-01-012018-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL09675Scholarships for higher education750,517 EUR750,517 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-01-012021-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL09676Scholarships for higher education1,073,930 EUR1,073,930 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-01-012021-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL09677Scholarships for higher education890,268 EUR890,268 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-01-012021-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL09705NGO ISU - Strengthening rural schools 201,793 EUR201,793 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2011-01-012015-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL09789Support to NGO "Um Pequeno Gesto" - Fostering Children1,410 EUR1,410 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-01-012022-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL09791Support to NGO 'Um Pequeno Gesto' - Assistance to high degree studants18,170 EUR18,170 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-01-012019-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL09820Cultural cooperation in literature, cinema, arts and others activities148,330 EUR148,330 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-01-012018-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL09920Fernão Mendes Pinto scholarship287,089 EUR287,089 EUR44,908 EUR0 EUR2012-01-012021-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL10009Network of Teachers (Higher Education)2,077,745 EUR2,077,745 EUR332,278 EUR0 EUR2012-01-012021-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL10037Cooperation on school libraries and promotion of reading95,973 EUR95,973 EUR6,800 EUR0 EUR2012-01-012022-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL10081Maputo Central Hospital-strengthening of the institutional capacity of oncological services(training, equipment and technical assistance)135,000 EUR135,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2013-09-012018-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL10359NGO ADPM - Support to Children186,000 EUR186,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2013-01-012016-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL10364Capacity Building for Developing Strategies on Low Carbon Resilient414,875 EUR414,875 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2013-01-012016-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL10369 IAMCD - Mainstreaming Adaptation to Climate Change in Development190,228 EUR190,228 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2013-01-012016-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL10370Pilot-projects´ implementation of Local Action Programmes in Climate Change Adaptation in Mozambique - IPPALAM1,070,707 EUR1,070,707 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2013-11-272018-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL10371National Plan for Support of Urban Sanitation in the perspective of Reducing Emissions and Climate Change Adaption - PLASU-AC1,391,644 EUR1,391,644 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2013-12-302017-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL10378NGO LpD - Being a woman = Muthyana47,968 EUR47,968 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2013-01-012015-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL10380NGO VIDA - To Meet, produce and nourishing: capacity building of associations to strengthen food safety in Matutuine district153,607 EUR153,607 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2013-01-012015-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL10384Teacher training activities promoted by the Portuguese School of Maputo15,218 EUR15,218 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2013-01-012015-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL10390Twinnig with the Town of Mocuba18,437 EUR18,437 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2013-01-012015-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL10469Cooperation with Mozambique in the field of Industrial Property4,433 EUR4,433 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2013-03-122016-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL10653Cooperation between the Faculty of Science, University of Lisbon and the Faculty of Science, University Eduardo Mondlane42,277 EUR42,277 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2014-10-102017-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL10661NGO OIKOS - Improved Resistance to Natural Disasters in Mozambique55,588 EUR55,588 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2014-06-012016-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL10666Xipamanine Entrepreneur - Project for Support of Social and Business Development in Xipamanine Neighborhood105,823 EUR105,823 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2014-12-012017-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL10668NGO ISU - Rural Family Schools in Semi-arid Regions and Teaching.132,106 EUR132,106 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2014-01-012017-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL10676Support to the external structures for Culture and Development Cooperation in Maputo and Beira1,535,108 EUR1,535,108 EUR285,510 EUR0 EUR2012-01-012021-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL10696Task Group for the Portuguese Presidency of the G19576,417 EUR576,417 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2014-06-012017-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL10738GLOBAL PROJECT Radio and Television63,151 EUR63,151 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2014-01-012017-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL10746Cooperation of INFARMED in Pharmaceutical area, medication and health care products17,386 EUR17,386 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2014-01-012017-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL10898NGO SIM - International Solidarity to Mozambique - Sitone School 960 EUR960 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2014-01-012020-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL10907International Legal Conference on Defense of Environment and Human Rights10,000 EUR10,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2015-01-012015-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL10940Institute of Maputo Heart (ICOR)24,955 EUR24,955 EUR0 EUR0 EUR0001-11-112015-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL10946Cooperation in Air Transport Sector: Training and Capacity building1,287 EUR1,287 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2014-04-012016-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL10960Agrarian Institute Bilibiza (IAB) - Cabo Delgado400,000 EUR400,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2015-09-302018-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL10967Project to increase the income and food security of rural vulnerable families in the District of Matutuíne127,073 EUR127,073 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2015-11-012018-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL11002Youth Parliament4,392 EUR4,392 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2015-01-012015-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL11011Support to the Association of Doctors and Writers of Mozambique for conducting a symposium with Portuguese Doctors4,000 EUR4,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2015-01-012015-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL11026Cooperation with Mozambique in insurance sector6,417 EUR6,417 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2015-01-012017-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL11030UNDP Multi Partner Trust Fund Office - Emergency Appeal following the 2015 floods29,559 EUR29,559 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2015-01-012015-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL11048Cooperation Program in the health sector44,516 EUR44,516 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2015-01-012019-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL11068FECOP - Business Fund for Portuguese Cooperation: Support for the private sector: Agro - industry Enterprise7,233 EUR7,233 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2015-01-012017-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL11069FECOP - Business Fund for Portuguese Cooperation: Support for the private sector - Mineral Water5,424 EUR5,424 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2015-01-012017-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL11070FECOP - Business Fund for Portuguese Cooperation: Support for the private sector: Freight business in rent regime9,041 EUR9,041 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2015-01-012017-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL11080Fund INVESTIMOZ - Capacity expansion to supply local market695,000 EUR695,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2015-07-132021-07-13
FactsheetPORTUGAL11084Fund INVESTIMOZ - Construction of hotel infraestracture in Pemba574,663 EUR574,663 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2015-07-152021-07-15
FactsheetPORTUGAL11236Empreende Mais - Training and Entrepreneurship at FAGRI-UCM - Faculty of Agriculture of Universidade Católica de Moçambique27,403 EUR27,403 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2016-06-012018-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL11237 My House - Local economic development through promotion of access to residential and non-residential structures for family use, safe and dignified.145,945 EUR145,945 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2016-11-302018-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL11245Nourish and Grow - Monapo in Progress203,060 EUR203,060 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2016-11-012018-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL11261Internal Scholarships (Children's Scholarships, Secondary Scholarships and University Scholarships)9,430 EUR9,430 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2016-01-012017-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL11281Cooperation in the area of modernization of public administration services2,914 EUR2,914 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2016-01-012020-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL11293Cooperation in the field of meteorology7,500 EUR7,500 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2016-01-012016-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL11302Training of technicians of the National Press of Mozambique (INM)1,888 EUR1,888 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2016-01-012016-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL11307Cooperation of ASAE (Food and Economic Security Authority) in supervision and compliance with legislation regulating exercise of economic activities.11,569 EUR11,569 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2016-01-012017-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL11316Implementation of the Determined National Contribution194,776 EUR194,776 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2016-11-012019-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL11332Programme of Technical Cooperation in the Security Sector - Police - MOZ154,306 EUR154,306 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2015-01-012020-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL11400FECOP - Business Fund of Portuguese Cooperation: Support for the private sector - Acquisition of a company from the gas sector5,746 EUR5,746 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2016-06-012021-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL11410Inter-university cooperation with Mozambique200,140 EUR200,140 EUR3,000 EUR0 EUR2015-07-232021-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL11448Agrarian Development of Monapo - Support to Small Producers90,558 EUR90,558 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2017-01-012020-08-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL11452Reinforcement of individual and collective responsibility, public and private, in the management of natural resources, agricultural and fishing.201,837 EUR201,837 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2017-03-012020-02-29
FactsheetPORTUGAL11467New Generation of Leaders in the Feminine46,658 EUR46,658 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2017-12-012019-11-30
FactsheetPORTUGAL11536Triangular Cooperation Portugal / Chile / Mozambique - Course on cultivation of Bivalve molluscs and commercial macroalgae3,368 EUR3,368 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2017-10-162017-10-26
FactsheetPORTUGAL11539Triangular Cooperation Portugal / Brazil / Mozambique - Sustainable Coffee Production in Gorongosa National Park75,395 EUR75,395 EUR70,000 EUR0 EUR2017-04-032021-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL11735Vocational training courses in Portuguese schools10,912 EUR10,912 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2017-01-012017-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL11748MOVED - Women with Opportunities for Lives with an impact on the development of their country48,526 EUR48,526 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2018-07-012019-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL11764Roots and Culture - Cultural entrepreneurship and reinforcement of Mozambican identity and culture45,352 EUR45,352 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2018-09-012021-08-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL11770Our Future is Today - Strengthening the food and environmental resilience of vulnerable households in the Matutuíne district62,724 EUR62,724 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2018-01-012020-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL11869Construction of hotel infraestracture in Maputo2,608,332 EUR2,608,332 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2018-03-182024-03-18
FactsheetITALY10049_1Italian participation in the financing and management of FASE (2014-2016)3,000,000 EUR3,000,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2014-01-012017-05-31
FactsheetITALY10049_2Italian parteciation in the financing and management of FASE (2014-2016)400,000 EUR400,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2013-08-012020-05-31
FactsheetITALY10141Promotion of small-scale fishing river in the districts of Mopeia and Morrumbala 519,453 EUR479,187 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2014-03-312017-03-31
FactsheetITALY10394Support to the Community Projects 500,000 EUR500,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2014-12-112018-11-23
FactsheetITALY10395_1PRETEP PLUS - Support to Technical and Professional Training Reform System in Mozambique35,000,000 EUR7,845,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2019-02-012022-02-25
FactsheetITALY10395_2PRETEP - PLUS - Support to Technical and Professional Training Reform System in Mozambique651,600 EUR460,400 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2014-12-012020-12-31
FactsheetITALY10401Support to the socioeconomic Empwerment of Women500,000 EUR500,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2014-11-172018-12-31
FactsheetITALY10562Improving the sustainability of educational and health services in four missions of the Archdiocese of Beira by upgrading their agro-livestock sector 594,625 EUR555,900 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2015-10-012019-12-31
FactsheetITALY10563Strengthening technical and professional training 1,289,737 EUR834,957 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2016-01-012019-12-31
FactsheetITALY10567Sesame, Vegetables & Honey: Strengthening in the primary sector District of Caia - SOMiCa1,131,640 EUR729,715 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2015-10-012019-12-31
FactsheetITALY10579Strengthening of value chain of cereals and oilseeds for food security in the Nhamatanda District1,091,547 EUR749,327 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2016-02-012019-12-31
FactsheetITALY10594Ecosustainable development of the agro-forestry-pastoral management systems and artisanal fishing in coastal environment in Mozambique - ECO ILHAS917,063 EUR863,063 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2016-01-012019-04-27
FactsheetITALY10897Support to the Community Projects - II phase1,050,000 EUR1,050,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2016-11-302019-12-31
FactsheetITALY11671Agro Value chains and promotion of coffee production in Quirimbas National Park4,000,000 EUR800,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2019-01-312022-01-30
FactsheetITALY5457_1Commodity Aid Programme19,108,905 EUR19,108,905 EUR0 EUR0 EUR1996-12-112019-12-31
FactsheetITALY5457_2Commodity Aid Programme44,500 EUR44,500 EUR0 EUR0 EUR1996-12-112017-12-31
FactsheetITALY6980Support to the Private Sector 5,390,000 EUR5,390,000 EUR2004-08-052009-06-30
FactsheetITALY6986Istitutional Support to the Commercial Sector in Agriculture1,792,976 EUR1,597,976 EUR2003-09-012009-12-31
FactsheetITALY7205Women training in agriculture and cooperative, social and health areas (Ngo Promond)768,674 EUR476,469 EUR2003-04-012007-12-31
FactsheetITALY7271PISA/PIDA - Integrated Programme for Agricultural Development9,120,000 EUR9,120,000 EUR2001-03-012012-12-31
FactsheetITALY7318Support to professional training and job creation in Maputo/District V (Ngo Re.Te-Mais)1,257,298 EUR775,515 EUR2004-03-012008-08-25
FactsheetITALY7709/FAOSupport to the local fisheries3,158,980 EUR3,058,980 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2006-12-312015-12-31
FactsheetITALY7734Production of Sea-weeds Kappaphicus Alvarezii for Sustainable Livelihood in Nampula (ngo Gruppo Missioni Asmara-GMA)858,310 EUR852,858 EUR2006-10-012008-03-12
FactsheetITALY7819/IUCNIUCN/Italy - Sustainable Livelihoods and Natural Resources Management in Protected and Multiple Use Areas2,805,608 EUR2,768,108 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2007-12-312016-08-31
FactsheetITALY7823Socio-economic development in Rural areas of Inhambane Province (Ngo Celim)804,406 EUR804,818 EUR2004-10-102007-09-14
FactsheetITALY7835Macroeconomic Support to GoM9,600,000 EUR9,600,000 EUR2004-01-012006-09-30
FactsheetITALY7876PROAGRI2,100,000 EUR2,025,000 EUR2005-01-012007-12-31
FactsheetITALY8017Socio-economic development of the Gilé disctrict, Zambesia Province (ngo MATE)771,012 EUR731,063 EUR2007-10-012012-12-31
FactsheetITALY8066Cashew multiplication and diffusion (ngo MAGIS)470,627 EUR440,987 EUR2008-02-032012-12-31
FactsheetITALY8092Integrated Support Programme to UGC Productive Activities1,272,400 EUR1,070,000 EUR2005-05-112009-03-31
FactsheetITALY8095_1PRETEP - Support to Technical and Professional Training System in Mozambique4,645,000 EUR4,645,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2006-01-012017-06-30
FactsheetITALY8258Fishery and fish farming micro-business support in Inhambane (ngo SVI2000 and COSPE)812,380 EUR522,778 EUR2007-09-012011-08-30
FactsheetITALY8288Italian contribution to the construction of a bridge on the Zambesi River20,000,000 EUR20,000,000 EUR2005-12-202009-06-30
FactsheetITALY8417_1Support to the descentralisation and local economic development - PADDEL5,201,300 EUR5,201,300 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2007-07-012018-12-31
FactsheetITALY8417_2Support to the descentralisation and local economic development - PADDEL 1,356,400 EUR1,356,400 EUR2007-07-012013-03-31
FactsheetITALY8425Improvement of the socioeconomic condition of the poorest rural population in the Marracuene district (ngo CESVI)836,326 EUR556,457 EUR2007-10-022010-10-01
FactsheetITALY8427Mental health prevention and recovering at a Community level (ngo CIES)746,678 EUR711,920 EUR2007-10-012012-12-31
FactsheetITALY8491Academic Cooperation: supporting project to the Eduardo Mondlane University925,519 EUR925,519 EUR2007-04-012010-03-31
FactsheetITALY8506Identification and design of a Project for the creation of a Civil Protection Unit75,000 EUR75,000 EUR2007-04-122008-05-01
FactsheetITALY8584Supporting vulnerable population of Maputo and Sofala Provinces770,400 EUR770,400 EUR2008-01-012010-03-31
FactsheetITALY8723Rehabilitation and participation in Munhava, Beira (ngo MA'70)866,463 EUR781,837 EUR2008-03-012011-09-08
FactsheetITALY8770/FAOFAO - Preparation of a master plan for agricultural statistics and the development of the agriculture statistical system392,927 EUR392,927 EUR2010-01-012012-09-30
FactsheetITALY9021_1Support to the rural development - PSSR13,270,000 EUR9,889,500 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2010-02-022020-12-31
FactsheetITALY9021_2Support to the rural development - PSSR 2,208,500 EUR2,208,500 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2008-08-012020-12-31
FactsheetITALY9086_1Donors Common Fund for the implementation of the Third Statistical Strategic Plan 3,000,000 EUR3,000,000 EUR2009-11-022012-12-31
FactsheetITALY9086_2Donors Common Fund for the implementation of the Third Statistical Strategic Plan 173,520 EUR173,520 EUR2009-11-022013-03-31
FactsheetITALY9139High-yield prodution in the Namaacha forest (ngo GVC)842,987 EUR813,407 EUR2008-10-302013-01-31
FactsheetITALY9147_1Italian contribution to the PROSAUDE Common Fund (2010-2012); (2013-2015)4,000,000 EUR4,000,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2010-04-252019-12-31
FactsheetITALY9426_1Support to the UEM for the Academic Reform, technological innovation and scientific research4,395,000 EUR2,395,000 EUR1,000,000 EUR0 EUR2010-10-302020-12-31
FactsheetITALY9426_2Support to the UEM for the Academic Reform, technological innovation and scientific research 246,000 EUR196,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2010-10-302020-12-31
FactsheetITALY9454_1Italian parteciation in the financing and management of FASE (2011-2013) 3,000,000 EUR3,000,000 EUR2011-02-142013-12-31
FactsheetITALY9454_2Italian parteciation in the financing and management of FASE 265,150 EUR188,750 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2014-08-012019-12-31
FactsheetITALY9519Development of family agricultural in Nacala District and Experimental cultivation of Artemisia annua in Mozambique, Malawi e Madagascar(NGO ICEI/GUS)1,567,504 EUR1,389,808 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2011-01-012014-12-31
FactsheetITALY9523Zootechnical multilevel trainig and promotion of community health for rural development in the district of Morrumbane (ONG SCAIP/MMI)783,546 EUR740,358 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2011-01-012014-10-25
FactsheetITALY9634Improving life with the value (NGO RAPHAEL)289,150 EUR269,667 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2011-12-012014-03-07
FactsheetITALY9648Strength the system to support orphans, vulnerable children and their families (NGO Save the Children)1,161,878 EUR1,155,328 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-04-102015-05-31
FactsheetITALY9721Promoting the development of cereal and oilseed chain (NGO CESVI)289,788 EUR268,513 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-04-202013-04-30
FactsheetITALYIT/IDLOAdvanced Management Program for Oil and Mineral Executives100,000 EUR100,000 EUR2007-07-012008-06-30
FactsheetITALYIT-PAN II/FAOFAO-Mozambique, National Program for Food Security (PAN II)2,739,274 EUR2,739,274 EUR2003-11-272009-08-31
FactsheetIRELANDAGRMONRNIA - SCC WE EFFECTNatural Resources Agriculture Niassa1,200,000 EUR1,000,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-07-012016-12-31
FactsheetIRELANDAGRTECHOTECHNOSERVE6,750,000 EUR5,282,605 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-10-012017-10-30
FactsheetIRELANDENV2MODPOPH-InhaClimate Change DPOPH Inhambane800,000 EUR730,809 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-01-012016-12-31
FactsheetIRELANDGOVGENMOCEPCitizen Engagement Program2,500,000 EUR1,850,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-07-012016-12-31
FactsheetIRELANDIRLINHAPFMInhambane PFM150,000 EUR150,000 EUR2012-06-012016-12-31
FactsheetIRELANDIRLMPDPFMMPD- Technical support 1,005,000 EUR1,005,000 EUR2012-06-012016-12-31
FactsheetIRELANDIRLNIAPFMNiassa PFM - PFM TA175,000 EUR152,638 EUR2012-06-012016-12-31
FactsheetIRELANDNATAGRCNATIONAL AGRICULTURE30,213,000 EUR19,515,273 EUR2000-01-012011-12-31
FactsheetIRELANDNATBDGTGENERAL BUDGET SUPPORT155,500,000 EUR140,000,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2001-01-012016-12-31
FactsheetIRELANDNATDEMINATIONAL DEMINING3,934,294 EUR3,884,294 EUR2000-01-012009-12-31
FactsheetIRELANDNATLANDREGNATIONAL LAND REGISTRATION3,687,000 EUR3,687,000 EUR1997-01-012016-12-31
FactsheetIRELANDNATPSRNATIONAL UTRESP1,450,000 EUR1,150,000 EUR2006-01-012011-12-31
FactsheetIRELANDNISBGDTNIASSA PES SUPPORT13,153,000 EUR11,322,785 EUR2004-01-012011-12-31
FactsheetGERMANY03.7033.8/2007.7005.7/2009.7001.2/2010.7034.1/2011.7006.7/2012.7037.0Budget Support (PGF): Accompanying Measures2,048,735 EUR2,048,735 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2004-01-012015-12-31
FactsheetGERMANY193004918Pro Merit420,000 EUR69,913 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2014-01-012019-01-01
FactsheetGERMANY1998.6656.7Rehabilitation of the port in Quelimane10,438,968 EUR10,438,968 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2002-01-012012-12-31
FactsheetGERMANY1998.7003.1Studies and Experts Fund VIII1,533,875 EUR1,995,972 EUR0 EUR0 EUR1998-06-262010-12-31
FactsheetGERMANY1999.6572.4Rehabilitation of Rural Elect. in Gorongosa Distr.3,579,043 EUR3,579,043 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2000-09-012007-07-30
FactsheetGERMANY2001.6644.7Road Const./Mainten.Sofala11,248,421 EUR11,248,421 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2003-01-012009-12-31
FactsheetGERMANY2001.6645.4Basket financing for the Educational Sector Strategic Programme - ESSP5,045,168 EUR5,045,168 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2003-01-012008-12-31
FactsheetGERMANY2001.6647.0Rural Electrification Marromeu4,819,579 EUR4,056,516 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2004-05-012009-12-31
FactsheetGERMANY2001.6650.4Electrification of the Port of Matola1,533,876 EUR1,435,170 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2004-09-012009-12-30
FactsheetGERMANY2002.7051.2 + 1989.7002.2Studies and Experts Fund IX2,556,459 EUR1,821,654 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2003-03-242017-12-31
FactsheetGERMANY2003.2091.1Program Rural Development10,629,000 EUR10,218,633 EUR2004-01-012006-12-31
FactsheetGERMANY2003.6587.4 + 2005.6528.3 + 2007.6521.4 +2009.6660.6 + 2010.6681.0 + 2012.65.248. + 2013.66.248General Budget Support 107,500,000 EUR107,500,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2006-01-012014-12-31
FactsheetGERMANY2003.6603.9Road Construction and Maintainance Programme Inhambane10,000,000 EUR10,000,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2007-05-012016-01-31
FactsheetGERMANY2003.6604.7Decentral Funding of Infrastructure (FINDER)6,000,000 EUR5,955,406 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2005-11-012012-12-31
FactsheetGERMANY2003.7033.8/2007.7005.7/2009.7001.2/2010.7034.1/2011.7006.7/2012.70.370FC-Tax Reform: Accompanying Measures12,700,000 EUR12,700,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2008-01-012014-12-30
FactsheetGERMANY2003.7033.8/2007.7005.7/2009.7001.2/2010.7034.1/2012.70.370FC-ATA: Accompanying Measures8,000,000 EUR8,000,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2008-01-012016-12-31
FactsheetGERMANY2005.2042.9SME Program: Improving the legal, political and institutional framework conditions (Enabling Environment)3,700,000 EUR3,129,970 EUR2006-01-012008-12-31
FactsheetGERMANY2005.2126.0Support to the Microfinance Sector (participation FSTAP)1,786,369 EUR1,786,370 EUR2007-01-012009-03-31
FactsheetGERMANY2005.65804/2007.65198Financial Sector Programme I8,356,459 EUR8,280,945 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2006-08-012016-07-31
FactsheetGERMANY2005.6669.5 + 2008.6669.9 Banco Terra, Equity participation 4,000,000 EUR3,799,034 EUR2006-08-012012-12-31
FactsheetGERMANY2006.2066.6Support to Program of Decentralized Planning and Finance (PPFD)13,500,000 EUR13,418,499 EUR2007-01-012010-01-31
FactsheetGERMANY2006.2067.4Waste management Maputo (AGRESU)2,900,000 EUR2,871,443 EUR2007-01-012010-07-30
FactsheetGERMANY200765420Regional Centres for Science and Technology4,500,000 EUR483,012 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2011-06-012014-08-20
FactsheetGERMANY2008.2051.4SME Program: Improving the legal, political and institutional framework conditions (Enabling Environment)2,580,000 EUR2,602,566 EUR2009-01-012010-09-30
FactsheetGERMANY2008.2105.8Support to the Microfinance Sector (participation FSTAP)1,223,631 EUR1,213,702 EUR2009-04-012010-09-30
FactsheetGERMANY2009.2093.4Support to Program of Decentralized Planning and Finance (PPFD)4,150,000 EUR3,762,368 EUR2010-02-012010-12-31
FactsheetGERMANY200967471PRODIA17,500,000 EUR4,257,127 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2013-08-012018-08-01
FactsheetGERMANY2010.2205.2Improvement of the framework conditions for a sustainable ecoonomic development6,946,973 EUR6,946,973 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2010-10-012012-12-31
FactsheetGERMANY2011.6649.5Sustainable Economic Development - Promotion of the Financial Sector 28,500,000 EUR16,612,814 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-04-012020-12-01
FactsheetGERMANY2011.97.730Adaption to climate change in Beira13,000,000 EUR12,754,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2014-01-012017-12-31
FactsheetGERMANY2012.2190.2Improving the framework conditions and competitiveness for economic development14,492,566 EUR13,906,591 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2013-01-012016-12-31
FactsheetGERMANY2012 65 271BIOFUND16,000,000 EUR15,999,441 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2013-06-302018-06-30
FactsheetGERMANY2012.KMSupport to Civil Society100,000 EUR91,761 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-01-012012-12-31
FactsheetGERMANY2012.NGOsSupport to Civil Society11,170,235 EUR11,170,235 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-01-012016-10-30
FactsheetGERMANY2013.KMSupport to Civil Society80,000 EUR76,903 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2013-01-012013-12-31
FactsheetGERMANY2013.NGOsSupport to Civil Society2,916,239 EUR2,916,239 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2013-01-012016-11-30
FactsheetGERMANY201467257PRODIA II22,300,000 EUR3,348,053 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2015-10-012020-08-01
FactsheetGERMANY2014.67.265, 2016.70.280Support to Vocational Education and Training in Mozambique17,000,000 EUR4,181,520 EUR0 EUR3,500,000 EUR2016-01-012020-12-31
FactsheetGERMANY201467588Power Network Modernization Programme I5,785,000 EUR308,101 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2017-01-012021-01-01
FactsheetGERMANY2014.KMSupport to Civil Society63,000 EUR62,394 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2014-01-012014-12-31
FactsheetGERMANY2014.NGOsSupport to Civil Society 6,014,010 EUR6,014,010 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2014-01-012017-10-30
FactsheetGERMANY201568740EDM Short-Term Investment Plan (STIP)9,000,000 EUR243,959 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2017-01-012022-01-01
FactsheetGERMANY2015.KM Support to Civil Society58,000 EUR53,882 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2015-01-012015-12-31
FactsheetGERMANY2015.NGOsSupport to Civil Society13,734,860 EUR13,734,860 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2015-01-012018-12-31
FactsheetGERMANY2016.1874.3Assistance to Disaster Affected and Vulnerable Groups with regard to drought and El Niño response in Mozambique13,014,162 EUR13,014,162 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2016-12-222016-12-31
FactsheetGERMANY2016.2132.5Improving the framework conditions and competitiveness for economic development10,200,000 EUR6,971,926 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2017-01-012019-12-31
FactsheetGERMANY2016.KM Support to Civil Society57,200 EUR57,146 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2016-01-012016-12-31
FactsheetGERMANY2016.NGOsSupport to Civil Society6,620,655 EUR3,836,193 EUR0 EUR869,732 EUR2016-01-012020-09-30
FactsheetGERMANY201767037Power Network Modernization Programme II15,000,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2017-01-012021-01-01
FactsheetGERMANY2017.KMSupport to Civil Society60,000 EUR59,071 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2017-01-012017-12-31
FactsheetGERMANY2017.NGOsSupport to Civil Society8,603,461 EUR3,577,210 EUR0 EUR1,720,692 EUR2017-01-012021-08-30
FactsheetGERMANY2018.KMSupport to Civil Society20,000 EUR37,045 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2018-01-012018-12-31
FactsheetGERMANY2018.NGOsSupport to Civil Society6,733,500 EUR2,836,385 EUR0 EUR1,418,192 EUR2018-01-012020-09-30
FactsheetGERMANY28313Rehabilitation of Mavuzi/Chicamba Hydro Power Plant16,742,330 EUR948,887 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2013-11-152016-11-15
FactsheetFRANCEAMB-FSD 2006-23Fundo Social de Desenvolvimento (FSD)1,000,000 EUR952,638 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2007-05-182011-12-31
FactsheetFRANCECMZ 1037 01JFundo de Estudos e Preparação de Projecto IV684,255 EUR684,255 EUR0 EUR0 EUR1996-07-242005-12-31
FactsheetFRANCECMZ 1039 01LProjecto de relance da produção do Anacárdio4,279,250 EUR4,279,250 EUR0 EUR0 EUR1999-10-182006-12-31
FactsheetFRANCECMZ 1057 01Projecto de Reabilitação do Perímetro hidro-agrícola do Chokwé4,252,277 EUR4,252,277 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2001-10-292005-06-30
FactsheetFRANCECMZ 1061 01FInstitucionalização e autonomização financeira de uma estrutura de micro-finanças, as Caixas Comunitárias de Crédito e Poupança (CCCP)3,100,000 EUR3,095,254 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2004-10-122010-09-30
FactsheetFRANCECMZ 1066 01LFinanciamento parcial do Terceiro Programa de Estradas 3 - Sofala4,000,000 EUR4,000,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2003-04-142007-12-31
FactsheetFRANCECMZ 1075Parque Nacional das Quirimbas - 2° Fase4,000,000 EUR3,366,473 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2010-03-112017-06-30
FactsheetFRANCECMZ 1077Apoio Directo ao Orçamento no quadro de apoio multi-lateral 2010-201410,000,000 EUR10,000,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2010-03-112014-12-31
FactsheetFRANCECMZ 1086Desenvolvimento da Reserva de Gilé e de sua Periferia1,000,000 EUR1,000,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2009-04-012013-12-31
FactsheetFRANCECMZ 1088Emprestimo ao Estado- acesso a Agua -201040,000,000 EUR40,000,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-03-192016-06-15
FactsheetFRANCECMZ 1093Financiamento ao EDAP para accesso a energia zona peri-urbano20,000,000 EUR16,862,769 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2010-03-112018-07-15
FactsheetFRANCECMZ 1107CMZ 1107 - REDD + GILE2,000,000 EUR1,990,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-12-122017-06-30
FactsheetFRANCECMZ 1112 01 CReabilitação das centrais hidroeléctricas de Mavuzi e Chicamba. 51,873,000 EUR48,126,998 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2013-01-012020-03-20
FactsheetFRANCECMZ 1119central termica de Ressano Garcia31,980,898 EUR31,980,898 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2014-10-012020-12-31
FactsheetFRANCECMZ 1134Apoio Directo ao Orçamento no quadro de apoio multi-lateral 2015-201910,000,000 EUR4,000,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2015-07-012018-12-31
FactsheetFRANCECMZ 3004 01Melhoramento de abastecimento de água potável em Maputo7,000,000 EUR7,000,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2005-09-162010-12-31
FactsheetFRANCECMZ 3006 01 MApoio Directo ao Orçamento do Estado no quadro do apoio multi-lateral 2007 - 20096,000,000 EUR6,000,000 EUR2007-01-012009-12-31
FactsheetFRANCECMZ 6007 01Desenvolvimento do Parque Nacional do Limpopo11,000,000 EUR10,973,297 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2007-04-232016-06-30
FactsheetFRANCECMZ 6008 01MApoio Directo ao Orçamento do Estado no quadro do apoio multi-bilateral6,000,000 EUR6,000,000 EUR2005-01-122006-06-30
FactsheetFRANCECMZ 6013Apoio ao desenvolvimento de aquacultura de Camarão em Moçambique1,500,000 EUR1,498,905 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2009-06-172013-12-31
FactsheetFRANCEFSP 20020080Fundo Social de Desenvolvimento1,067,000 EUR975,830 EUR2003-06-042006-06-04
FactsheetBELGIUM3010126 - BFVZ FAO 3Protecting and Improving Household Food Security in Sofala/Manica provinces1,819,092 EUR1,201,356 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2011-07-252014-12-31
FactsheetBELGIUM3011287Infra-estruturas de agua - Desenvolvimento rural - Segurança Alimentar na provincia de Gaza9,000,000 EUR3,898,035 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2013-06-012018-12-31
FactsheetBELGIUM3014925 - UNWOMENExpanding Women's Role in Agricultural Production and Natural Resource management1,637,170 EUR1,287,170 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2013-12-012017-12-01
FactsheetBELGIUM3015264Oxfam - Aviculture Cabo Delgado245,019 EUR245,019 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2017-06-012017-06-01
FactsheetBELGIUM3015662ICP 2013/17: Capacity Development of the MIREME and CNELEC4,000,000 EUR200 EUR0 EUR1,000,000 EUR2017-04-012021-04-30
FactsheetBELGIUM3016058 - KMMA/MRACIntegrated Pest Management for Fruit Flies in Manica Province139,395 EUR139,395 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2014-01-012015-12-31
FactsheetBELGIUM3016525 - UNCDFLocal Climate adaptive Living Facility - LoCAL1,750,000 EUR700,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2015-07-012018-12-31
FactsheetBELGIUM3016681/4 - NGO DISOPDISOP - Program 2014-162,891,290 EUR2,891,290 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2014-01-012016-12-31
FactsheetBELGIUM3016704/5 - OXFAMOXFAM - Programme 2014-162,274,031 EUR2,244,095 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2014-01-012016-12-31
FactsheetBELGIUM3017434 - NGO FOSFOS - Programme 2014-16531,392 EUR531,392 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2014-01-012016-12-31
FactsheetBELGIUM3017945 - KMMA/MRAC 2016Integrated PEST Management for Fruit Flies in manica province67,239 EUR67,239 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2016-01-012016-12-31
FactsheetBELGIUMBOF-FAO1 Belgian Survival Fund - Food Security in Manica 5,000,948 EUR5,340,948 EUR2002-01-012009-12-31
FactsheetBELGIUMBOF-FAO2Belgian Survival Fund - Resilient Livelihoods and healthy lifestyles in the context of HIV/AIDS3,200,000 EUR3,143,018 EUR2005-01-012009-12-31
FactsheetBELGIUMBOF-FOSBelgian Survival Fund - Food Security in Manica - FOS804,750 EUR804,750 EUR2007-01-012010-12-31
FactsheetBELGIUMBOF-FOS2Belgian Survival Fund - Food Security for small farmholders in Tete670,991 EUR670,991 EUR2008-01-012012-12-31
FactsheetBELGIUMBOF-IFADBelgian Survival Fund - Sofala Bank Artisanal Fishery Project - Community and Health Component3,585,425 EUR3,585,425 EUR2002-01-012008-12-31
FactsheetBELGIUMBOF-OXFAMBelgian Survival Fund - Food Security in Northern Mozambique1,377,000 EUR1,320,308 EUR2001-01-012009-12-31
FactsheetBELGIUMMOZ0300671-1General budget support5,000,000 EUR5,000,000 EUR2003-01-012005-12-31
FactsheetBELGIUMMOZ0601211General Budget Support9,000,000 EUR9,000,000 EUR2006-01-012008-12-31
FactsheetBELGIUMMOZ/BFFS/2011BOF- Segurança Alimentar na Provincia de GAZA11,300,000 EUR7,729,898 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2013-08-012017-03-31
FactsheetBELGIUMNGO-DISOPNGOprogram - Professional education and support to civil society1,557,916 EUR1,557,916 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2008-01-012013-12-31
FactsheetBELGIUMNGO DISOP 3012737NGO DISOP - Vocational Schools in Rural Environment 2,214,940 EUR2,298,411 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2011-01-012013-12-31
FactsheetBELGIUMNGO FOS 3012470NGO FOS - Working in dignity - Access to Health in Trade Unions and Peasant organizations810,121 EUR810,121 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2011-01-012013-12-31
FactsheetBELGIUMNGO-MSFHIV treatment Mavalane Maputo2,550,000 EUR2,550,000 EUR2008-01-012010-12-31
FactsheetBELGIUMNGO-oxfNGOprogram - Support to agricultural cooperations, food security and water provision2,675,734 EUR2,675,734 EUR2003-01-012010-12-31
FactsheetBELGIUMNGO OXFAM 3012213NGO OXFAM - Victims of Violence - Improving life of small farmers - Access to basis social services2,303,573 EUR2,303,573 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2011-01-012013-12-31
FactsheetAUSTRIA0894-00/2014Higher Education Cooperation APPEAR II - Engage community13,999,825 EUR7,482 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2014-12-012020-11-30
FactsheetAUSTRIA1570-00/2018Contribution to the Annual Planning 2018 - 2020 in Rural Water and Sanitation in Sofala Province, Agua Sofala1,500,000 EUR1,000,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2018-12-042020-12-31
FactsheetAUSTRIA1695 - 02 / 2005PADM II Fase 2 - Support Project for Districts and Municipalities2,433,500 EUR2,326,806 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2005-04-012007-09-30
FactsheetAUSTRIA1695 - 07 / 2003PADM II fase 1 - Support Project for Districts and Municipalities 2,433,500 EUR2,219,977 EUR2003-04-012005-10-30
FactsheetAUSTRIA1723 - 03 / 2003APPLE - Aids Prevention, Positive Living and Empowerment (EU Cofinanced)400,000 EUR135,728 EUR2004-01-012005-12-31
FactsheetAUSTRIA1732 - 03 / 2000DESSOF - Mine awareness, surveys in Sofala Province724,504 EUR652,054 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2000-11-012005-06-30
FactsheetAUSTRIA1732 - 04 / 2003HANDICAP INTERNATIONAL MINE CLEARANCE PROJECT570,000 EUR492,545 EUR2004-01-012006-02-28
FactsheetAUSTRIA1732 - 05 / 2005HANDICAP INTERNATIONAL Mine Action Project Sofala200,000 EUR189,691 EUR2005-12-012007-02-28
FactsheetAUSTRIA1861 - 02 / 2005Final Support to the Community Radio Buzi, District Buzi, Sofala Province79,400 EUR49,047 EUR2005-01-012006-06-30
FactsheetAUSTRIA1862 - 02 / 2002PACDIB - Promotion of Smallholder Farming Units, District Buzi, Sofala Province452,900 EUR443,458 EUR2002-07-012005-06-30
FactsheetAUSTRIA1967 - 04 / 2006District Administration Buzi - Facility Centre CASA ALGARVE170,000 EUR151,218 EUR2006-01-012008-03-31
FactsheetAUSTRIA1980-08/2010JUGEND EINE WELT - Don Bosco / Frame agreement for co-financing NGO annual programme: rural development in Moatize district, province Tete 2010-2012375,000 EUR103,348 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2010-01-012012-12-31
FactsheetAUSTRIA1996 - 00 / 1999GIS 1 - Instalation of CIG for Geoinformation for Sustainable Development at the UCM in Beira/Moçambique 700,637 EUR661,123 EUR1999-12-012003-06-30
FactsheetAUSTRIA1996 - 01 / 2003GIS 2 - Capacity Building in Geoinformation for Sustainable Development at CIG/UCM in Beira/Moçambique 494,000 EUR482,803 EUR2003-07-012006-02-28
FactsheetAUSTRIA1999 - 01 / 2002Integrated Town- and Distrikt Development Project - Dondo,Búzi (Sofala Province) - DEC204,731 EUR195,994 EUR2002-04-012003-12-31
FactsheetAUSTRIA2002-00/2011PEDSA- Funding for the Common Funds Mecanism for the Agricultural Sector 2012500,000 EUR500,000 EUR2012-01-012012-12-31
FactsheetAUSTRIA2002-00/2013PNISA- Funding for the Common Funds Mecanism for the Agricultural Sector 20131,000,000 EUR1,000,000 EUR2013-11-082013-12-31
FactsheetAUSTRIA2002-00-2014PNISA- Funding for the Common Funds Mecanism for the Agricultural Sector 20141,000,000 EUR1,000,000 EUR2014-01-012014-12-31
FactsheetAUSTRIA2002 - 01 / 2001DPADR Sofala - Assistance for implementation of PROAGRI - (APROS)429,845 EUR412,697 EUR2002-01-012004-03-31
FactsheetAUSTRIA2002 - 01 / 2004DPADR Sofala - Assistance for implementation of PROAGRI - (APROS)200,000 EUR193,900 EUR2004-04-012005-03-31
FactsheetAUSTRIA2003-00/2019PRONASAR Water and Sanitation - Contribution 2019-2021 3,000,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2019-01-012021-12-31
FactsheetAUSTRIA2003-01/2016Nexus water managemnt for irrigation0 EUR0 EUR740,000 EUR0 EUR2020-01-012022-12-31
FactsheetAUSTRIA2040 - 00 / 2004Civic Education in Preparation of the Elections 2004 (1. + 2.12.2004), Province Sofala, Central Mocambique116,428 EUR109,761 EUR2004-11-012005-03-31
FactsheetAUSTRIA2040-00/2018Support to Consolodation of Democracy in Mozambique800,000 EUR800,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2018-09-012023-03-31
FactsheetAUSTRIA2040 - 01 / 2004Strengthening the Election Coverage Capacity – Media and Democracy in Mozambique - SAD.1237,621 EUR196,798 EUR2004-11-012006-04-30
FactsheetAUSTRIA2040 - 02 / 2004Survey on Voter Attitudes and Behaviour of the 2004 elections in Mozambique - EIS.1113,368 EUR104,138 EUR2004-12-012005-10-30
FactsheetAUSTRIA2065 - 00 / 2003PROMISO - Media and Development in Sofala, Central Mozambique518,250 EUR495,654 EUR2003-04-012005-12-31
FactsheetAUSTRIA2074-00/2007Emergency Response to Flooding (2007)300,000 EUR300,000 EUR2007-01-012007-12-31
FactsheetAUSTRIA2074-01/2007REID (Rehabilitação de Emergência das Infraestruturas nos Distritos)400,000 EUR396,292 EUR2007-10-012008-09-30
FactsheetAUSTRIA2092 - 00 / 2001PROMEC - Economic Promotion of Smallholder Farming Units468,449 EUR426,266 EUR2001-07-012003-11-30
FactsheetAUSTRIA2092 - 00 / 2003PROMEC - Economic Promotion of Smallholder Farming Units226,728 EUR226,728 EUR2003-12-012005-03-31
FactsheetAUSTRIA2092 - 00 / 2005PROMEC - Economic Promotion of Smallholder Farming Units1,438,750 EUR1,369,351 EUR2005-04-012008-12-31
FactsheetAUSTRIA2092-00/2012 and 2092-00/2014PASF Sofala - Promotion of Smallholder Agricultural Production 3,000,000 EUR3,000,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-11-222015-12-31
FactsheetAUSTRIA2224 - 00 / 2003Adicional Programm to Radio Mocambique – Integrated Civic Education Programme (RADICE):228,071 EUR224,464 EUR2004-01-012006-05-31
FactsheetAUSTRIA2448-00/2006Elaboration of the Provincial Strategic Development Plan (Sofala)150,000 EUR150,000 EUR2007-01-012009-03-31
FactsheetAUSTRIA2499-00/2015“Emergency support to recover from the effects of El Niño in Mozambique” 1,500,000 EUR1,500,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2016-09-012017-08-31
FactsheetAUSTRIA2499-00/2017General Budget Support4,500,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR0 EUR
FactsheetAUSTRIA2499-01/2017Contribution to FAO Country Programming Framework 2017 - 20191,500,000 EUR1,500,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2017-11-012019-11-30
FactsheetAUSTRIA2746-00/2017Context Analysis in the Sofala Province58,939 EUR58,939 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2017-05-112017-08-31
FactsheetAUSTRIA2789-00/2015Project Investigation and Extension1,400,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2017-01-012019-12-31
FactsheetAUSTRIA6502-00/2014Funds for Small Inititaives 2014100,000 EUR55,686 EUR2014-01-012014-10-31
FactsheetAUSTRIAbmf-03/2010 and bmf-04/2010CGIAR: research project - improving farmers livelihoods (Mozambique)324,201 EUR324,201 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2010-01-012010-12-31
FactsheetAUSTRIAbmf-20/09CGIAR: research project - improving farmers livelihoods (Mozambique)204,916 EUR204,916 EUR2009-01-012009-12-31
FactsheetAUSTRIAbmlfuw-07/2010Support to WFP Mozambique100,000 EUR100,000 EUR2010-01-012010-01-31
FactsheetAUSTRIAEZA 1980 - 00/2005 ; 1980 - 00/2006Support to Austrian NGO HORIZONT3000 - Anual Programm 2005 and 2006750,311 EUR750,311 EUR2005-01-012006-12-31
FactsheetAUSTRIAEZA 1980-04/2005Support to Austrian NGO “Light for the World” Anual Programm 2004 - 2006, Project Nr. MOZ-259498,455 EUR470,000 EUR2004-01-012006-12-31
FactsheetAUSTRIAEZA 1980-05/2006Support to Austrian NGO “Light for the World” Anual Programm 2007 - 2008, Project Nr. MOZ-259219,736 EUR219,736 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2007-01-012008-12-31
FactsheetAUSTRIAEZA 2002 - 00 / 2005, 2002-00/2006PROAGRI - COMMON FUND, RURAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME2,000,000 EUR2,000,000 EUR2005-01-012006-12-31
FactsheetAUSTRIAEZA 2002-00/2015PNISA- Funding for the Agricultural Sector earmarked for component 1 - (Agricultural Production and Produtivity) specifically Agricultural Extension Program 3,000,000 EUR2,000,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2016-01-012019-12-31
FactsheetAUSTRIAEZA 2003-00/2016PRONASAR CF Water and Sanitation - Contribution 2016 2,800,000 EUR2,800,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2016-01-012018-12-31
FactsheetAUSTRIAEZA 2092 -00/2016PASF Sofala phase II - Financial Contribution for the implementation for PES 2016 - 20182,100,000 EUR2,100,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2016-11-302019-12-31
FactsheetAUSTRIAEZA 2319-02/2006Support to NGO - WORLD VISION Mozambique Project Chiwetero in Machanga District-Sofala Province73,000 EUR68,885 EUR2006-04-012008-06-30
FactsheetAUSTRIAEZA 2325-00/2004Support to CARE Project APPLE - Aids Prevention, Positiv Living and Empowerment260,271 EUR260,271 EUR2006-01-012007-12-31
FactsheetAUSTRIAEZA 2325-08/2016Programme for Preparedness and Response to Emergencies in Mozambique (PROPREM)120,000 EUR96,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2016-05-012018-04-30
FactsheetAUSTRIAEZA 2380-00/2005 and bmlfuw-46/07Austrian Contribution to the Protracted Relief and Recovery Operation of World Food Programme in Mozambique500,000 EUR500,000 EUR2005-12-012006-12-31
FactsheetAUSTRIAEZA 2390-00/2005Austrian Contribution to the -Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) for the SADC Region0 EUR0 EUR2005-12-012006-12-31
FactsheetAUSTRIAEZA 2544-00/2008Emergency Food Support for Flood-Affected Populations in Mozambique100,000 EUR100,000 EUR2008-02-012008-12-31
FactsheetAUSTRIAOEZA 1732-00/2008Mine Action Project, Sofala Province, Mozambique300,000 EUR300,000 EUR2008-07-012009-12-31
FactsheetAUSTRIAOEZA 1980-05/2009Light for the World Annual Programmes 2009-2011 - Project Mozambique (Municipality Development)82,969 EUR49,704 EUR2009-01-012011-12-31
FactsheetAUSTRIAOEZA 1980-08-2007JUGEND EINE WELT - Don Bosco / Rural Development in Tete-Moatize, Unharrime and Moamba 2007-09514,445 EUR411,557 EUR2007-01-012009-12-31
FactsheetAUSTRIAOEZA 2002 - 00 / 2007PROAGRI-COMMON FUND, NATIONAL RURAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME3,000,000 EUR3,000,000 EUR2007-03-012010-12-31
FactsheetAUSTRIAOEZA 2002-01/2009ProAgri II (2010)500,000 EUR500,000 EUR2010-01-012010-12-31
FactsheetAUSTRIAOEZA 2002-02/2010ProAgri II (2011)500,000 EUR500,000 EUR2011-01-012011-12-31
FactsheetAUSTRIAOEZA 2319-05/2008Promotion of Community Based Health Care in Sofala73,000 EUR70,029 EUR2008-10-012010-10-31
FactsheetAUSTRIAOEZA 2325-04/2006Support to NGO Hilfswerk Austria Project -Seguranca da Posse da Terra e Desenvolvimento sustentavel no sul da Provincia de Sofala - EU Grant ONG-PVD/2005/095-459463,400 EUR448,900 EUR2006-01-012010-06-30
FactsheetAUSTRIAOEZA 2447-00/2006PAC - Projecto Avanco Caia (Technical and Financial Support to the Local Government of CAIA District, Sofala Province)1,072,124 EUR1,007,518 EUR2006-10-012009-09-30
FactsheetAUSTRIAOEZA 2499-00/2007General Budget Support4,800,000 EUR4,800,000 EUR2007-04-302010-12-31
FactsheetAUSTRIAOEZA 2499-00/2010General Budget Support (2011)3,200,000 EUR3,200,000 EUR2011-01-012011-12-31
FactsheetAUSTRIAOEZA 2499-00/2011General Budget Support (2012)2,500,000 EUR2,500,000 EUR2012-01-012012-12-31
FactsheetAUSTRIAOEZA 2499-00/2012General Budget Support (2013)1,500,000 EUR1,500,000 EUR2013-01-012013-12-31
FactsheetAUSTRIAOEZA 2499-00/2013General Budget Support (2014)1,500,000 EUR1,500,000 EUR2014-01-012014-12-31
FactsheetAUSTRIAOEZA 2499-00/2014General Budget Support (2015)1,500,000 EUR1,500,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2015-01-012015-12-31
FactsheetAUSTRIAOEZA 2499-01/2009General Budget Support (2010)3,200,000 EUR3,200,000 EUR2010-01-012010-12-31
FactsheetAUSTRIAOEZA 2517-00/2011PDA- Programa de Desenvolvimento Autarquico3,000,000 EUR3,000,000 EUR2011-07-012014-12-31
FactsheetUNITED KINGDOM044-037-001Support to PSR7,080,000 EUR2,533,080 EUR2003-10-282006-04-01
FactsheetUNITED KINGDOM044-040-001Direct Budget Support (FA)94,400,000 EUR78,588,000 EUR2004-05-052006-12-31
FactsheetUNITED KINGDOM044-041-001Integration of Reformed Direct Tax Dept into RA FA1,982,400 EUR2,139,152 EUR2004-02-012006-12-31
FactsheetUNITED KINGDOM044-044-001Institutional and Budget Support for the Decentralised Management of Regional Roads0 EUR0 EUR2006-03-012008-02-28
FactsheetUNITED KINGDOM044-524-015Support to Regional Roads (TC)0 EUR0 EUR2003-01-012006-03-31
FactsheetUNITED KINGDOM044-542-066Integration of Reformed DGI into Revenue Authority (TC)1,349,164 EUR2,351,741 EUR2004-02-012006-12-31
FactsheetUNITED KINGDOM044-542-072Mozambique 2007 Census2,360,000 EUR1,180,000 EUR2006-09-062007-12-01
FactsheetUNITED KINGDOM044-581-015Labour Intensive Road Programme (TC)135,936 EUR61,941 EUR2003-02-012006-03-31
FactsheetUNITED KINGDOM103-976-101Support to SISTAFE (FA)13,334,000 EUR13,255,858 EUR2002-11-012009-12-31
FactsheetUNITED KINGDOM103-976-101Support to Reforms -SISTAFE (State Financial Management System)13,769,491 EUR13,769,491 EUR2003-09-262011-02-26
FactsheetUNITED KINGDOM103-976-102Support to Reforms -SISTAFE (State Financial Management System) (copy) - TC221,230 EUR221,230 EUR2003-09-262011-02-26
FactsheetUNITED KINGDOM103-980-102Direct Budget Support (TC)354,000 EUR374,298 EUR2006-04-012008-03-31
FactsheetUNITED KINGDOM103-986-101Poverty Reduction Budget Support Mozambique 2006-2014415,275,040 EUR410,088,940 EUR2007-02-082013-12-31
FactsheetUNITED KINGDOM103-989-101Public Sector Reform Financial Aid1,759,910 EUR1,759,910 EUR2007-08-082011-12-01
FactsheetUNITED KINGDOM104001-101Integrated Road Sector Programme - Technical Cooperation177,000 EUR142,860 EUR2007-08-012016-12-01
FactsheetUNITED KINGDOM104-025-101Civil Society Support Mechanism (CSSM)11,800,000 EUR10,898,397 EUR2007-03-122012-03-31
FactsheetUNITED KINGDOM104026-101/102Strategic Impact Fund664,323 EUR664,323 EUR2006-03-302012-03-31
FactsheetUNITED KINGDOM113355-101Support to Social Protection Technical Cooperation495,600 EUR457,641 EUR2008-07-012016-07-01
FactsheetUNITED KINGDOM113417-101Revenue Reform3,540,000 EUR3,539,714 EUR2008-01-162011-12-31
FactsheetUNITED KINGDOM113468-101/102 Sector Budget Support to National Integrated Road Programme23,246,000 EUR18,673,163 EUR2007-08-012016-12-01
FactsheetUNITED KINGDOM113510-101/102Health Sector Support Technical Assistance1,121,000 EUR1,120,904 EUR2008-02-132013-12-01
FactsheetUNITED KINGDOM114-086-101Support to Social Protection 20,709,000 EUR19,340,194 EUR2008-07-012016-07-01
FactsheetUNITED KINGDOM114-086-102Support to Social Protection - UNICEF2,301,000 EUR2,337,580 EUR2013-10-312014-12-31
FactsheetUNITED KINGDOM201862-101/102Beira Agricultural Growth Corridor (BAGC)8,260,000 EUR7,068,200 EUR2011-02-072015-03-31
FactsheetUNITED KINGDOM202742-101Poverty Reduction Budget Support Mozambique 2006-2014 - Technical Cooperation590,000 EUR179,766 EUR2007-02-082013-12-31
FactsheetUNITED KINGDOM203317-101Deepening and Broadening Access to Financial Services in Mozambique16,055,847 EUR396,262 EUR2012-08-102016-03-03
FactsheetUNITED KINGDOM204179Economic Development Policy Grant 2014-20190 EUR14,750,000 EUR2014-04-012019-06-30
FactsheetUNITED KINGDOM524-013Roads Reconst. (TC)407,100 EUR337,971 EUR2000-01-012004-04-30
FactsheetUNITED KINGDOM540-009Enterp. Dev.Project (PODE)5,310,000 EUR4,368,987 EUR2000-04-012006-06-30
FactsheetUNITED KINGDOM542-018Integration of Reformed Customs into Revenue Authority (TC)354,000 EUR123,958 EUR2003-09-012006-04-30
FactsheetJAPAN0605390Construction of Bridges on Rural Roads in Zambezia and Tete Provinces18,442,790 EUR18,442,790 EUR2007-01-232010-12-31
FactsheetJAPAN0605394Integrated Agricultural development Project for Small Scale Farmers in Chokwe Irrigation Scheme3,324,920 EUR3,324,920 EUR2007-03-152010-03-31
FactsheetJAPAN0605397Training Courses (technical training program)5,488,500 EUR5,736,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2007-01-012017-03-31
FactsheetJAPAN0608303The Study on Upgrading of Nampula-Cuamba Road4,823,100 EUR1,907,510 EUR2006-08-292007-08-28
FactsheetJAPAN0868720The Programme for Emergency Water Supply for Addressing Climate Change10,000,000 EUR10,000,000 EUR2009-03-302012-09-30
FactsheetJAPAN0900155The Project for Improvement of Techniques for Increasing Rice Cultivation Productivity in Nante, Maganja da Costa District, Zambezia Province2,845,090 EUR2,637,620 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2011-01-172015-01-16
FactsheetJAPAN0901159One Village One Product788,135 EUR852,256 EUR2010-09-012012-08-31
FactsheetJAPAN1000683The Project for Improving Research and Technology Transfer Capacity for Nacala Corridor Agriculture Development7,151,270 EUR6,497,809 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2011-05-062016-05-05
FactsheetJAPAN1000715Sustainable Production of Biodiesel from Jatropha in Mozambique4,129,775 EUR3,645,635 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2011-07-012016-06-30
FactsheetJAPAN1000731The Project for Rice Productivity Improvement in Chokwe Irrigation Scheme3,489,460 EUR3,269,390 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2011-02-272015-01-26
FactsheetJAPAN1100603Project for Promotion of Sustainable 3R Activities in Maputo5,297,640 EUR5,297,950 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2013-03-212017-03-20
FactsheetJAPAN1100613The project for Enhancement of the Capacity of Destination Marketing and Promotion through Strengthening the Linkage among Tourism Related Organizations62,280 EUR2,474,233 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-03-012015-02-28
FactsheetJAPAN1102161Support of the Agriculture Development Master Plan for Nacala Corridor in Mozambique (ProSAVANA-PD)4,988,450 EUR6,508,978 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-02-202013-08-19
FactsheetJAPANJP-ESDP2017Economic and Social Development Programme15,000,000 EUR15,000,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2017-08-242018-12-17
FactsheetJAPANJP-FA2007Food Aid (2007) 2,150,000 EUR2,150,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2007-03-162007-09-18
FactsheetJAPANJP-FA2009Food Aid (2009)9,200,000 EUR9,200,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2009-07-012009-12-31
FactsheetJAPANJP-FA2011Food Aid (2011)10,000,000 EUR10,000,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2011-03-022012-02-02
FactsheetJAPANJP-FA2012Food Aid (2012)6,300,000 EUR6,300,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-01-102012-04-04
FactsheetJAPANJP-FA2014Food Aid (2014)6,200,000 EUR6,200,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2014-12-052015-10-28
FactsheetJAPANJP-GR2007-2010Grassroots Projects Grant 2007-20103,112,102 EUR3,112,102 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2007-01-012011-12-31
FactsheetJAPANJP-GR2011Grassroots Projects Grant 2011405,696 EUR405,696 EUR2011-01-012013-12-31
FactsheetJAPANJP-GR2012Grassroots Projects Grant 2012500,000 EUR449,199 EUR2012-01-012013-12-31
FactsheetJAPANJP-GR2013Grassroots Projects Grant 2013500,000 EUR554,857 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2014-03-312015-03-31
FactsheetJAPANJP-GR2014Grassroots Projects Grant 2014500,000 EUR894,288 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2015-03-312016-03-31
FactsheetJAPANJP-GR2015Grassroots Projects Grant 2015500,000 EUR591,374 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2016-03-312017-03-31
FactsheetJAPANJP-GR2016Grassroots Projects Grant 2016476,921 EUR476,921 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2017-03-312018-03-31
FactsheetJAPANJP-GR2017Grassroots Projects Grant 2017514,712 EUR514,712 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2018-03-312019-03-31
FactsheetJAPANJP-GR2018Grassroots Projects Grant 2018584,256 EUR584,256 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2019-03-312020-03-31
FactsheetJAPANJP-SB2016Responding to the El Niño drought impacts and strengthening La Niña/flood preparedness and response in Mozambique483,360 EUR483,360 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2017-02-152018-08-31
FactsheetJAPANMZ-P1Montepuez-Lichinga Road Project41,758,046 EUR44,846,075 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2007-03-162013-11-14
FactsheetJAPANMZ-P2Nampula-Cuamba Road Upgrading Project38,000,000 EUR59,486,134 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2010-03-102016-07-02
FactsheetNORWAYMOZ-00/300Fisheries sector support8,450,000 EUR6,565,062 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2005-06-012007-12-31
FactsheetNORWAYMOZ-00/307PODE - Enterprise Development Project4,680,000 EUR4,160,000 EUR2001-07-092006-12-31
FactsheetNORWAYMOZ-01/169SME development in Cabo Delgado1,053,000 EUR1,053,000 EUR2002-02-222006-12-31
FactsheetNORWAYMOZ-01/306Intitutional Support to the Directorate for Energy (DNE)2,600,000 EUR2,996,928 EUR2002-08-282006-12-31
FactsheetNORWAYMOZ-01/328Sofala Bank Artisanal Fisheries Proj7,020,000 EUR4,680,000 EUR2002-02-092008-12-31
FactsheetNORWAYMOZ-02/312Support to INE3,900,000 EUR3,773,243 EUR2003-01-012007-12-31
FactsheetNORWAYMOZ-02/324Budget Support26,000,000 EUR28,730,000 EUR2004-01-012006-12-31
FactsheetNORWAYMOZ-02/346Corruption Etica1,040,000 EUR520,000 EUR2003-01-012007-12-31
FactsheetNORWAYMoz-02/358/04/287/05/015Soybean Promotion435,500 EUR435,500 EUR2003-11-072007-12-31
FactsheetNORWAYMOZ-03/244Employment Promotion-Inst&Com.Dev942,500 EUR942,500 EUR2003-09-222006-12-31
FactsheetNORWAYMOZ-03/314Modernization of Company Registry2,470,000 EUR1,085,581 EUR2004-05-252009-12-31
FactsheetNORWAYMOZ-03/323Rock art in Mozambique1,058,200 EUR1,058,200 EUR2003-12-052005-12-31
FactsheetNORWAYMOZ-03/329SISTAFE - development and implementation, Phase 12,600,000 EUR3,448,120 EUR2004-01-012006-12-31
FactsheetNORWAYMOZ-03/340Mine Clearance NPA3,315,000 EUR2,405,000 EUR2004-01-012006-12-31
FactsheetNORWAYMOZ-05/007Bridging Finance UTIP520,000 EUR390,000 EUR2005-10-182007-06-30
FactsheetNORWAYMOZ-05/022Pebane Electrification Project8,249,540 EUR5,270,460 EUR2005-12-092007-12-31
FactsheetNORWAYMOZ-05/044SISTAFE - program 2006-20095,454,800 EUR5,819,827 EUR2006-09-012009-12-31
FactsheetNORWAYMOZ-05/047General Budget Support 2006-200965,000,000 EUR65,000,000 EUR2006-10-302009-12-31
FactsheetNORWAYMOZ-06/027Support PROGRESSO II Development Program 2006-20081,911,000 EUR1,939,967 EUR2006-11-272009-12-28
FactsheetNORWAYMOZ-06/029Support to GAPI Tansformation1,950,000 EUR1,949,831 EUR2009-01-012012-12-31
FactsheetNORWAYMOZ-06/034Support to GAPI Bank1,430,000 EUR1,430,000 EUR2007-03-012007-10-01
FactsheetNORWAYMOZ-06/035Cabo Delgado Electrification Project - Monitoring Consultant80,600 EUR73,470 EUR2006-10-092008-09-07
FactsheetNORWAYMOZ-06/052Soyabean Plantation3,393,000 EUR3,393,000 EUR2007-04-132009-11-10
FactsheetNORWAYMoz-06/053Support to INE - 2007-127,150,000 EUR7,150,000 EUR2007-10-172012-12-31
FactsheetNORWAYMOZ-06/055Tax Administration - Ministry of Finance3,250,000 EUR260,000 EUR2007-10-112008-02-14
FactsheetNORWAYMoz-07/010Development of Living Conditions - Women in Ancuabe 1,898,000 EUR1,898,000 EUR2007-07-192012-12-31
FactsheetNORWAYMoz-07/012Poverty Reserach and Reduction - Institutional Cooperation312,000 EUR304,915 EUR2007-11-292009-12-31
FactsheetNORWAYMoz-08/006SISTAFE program 2009-20125,460,000 EUR1,560,000 EUR2009-01-022012-12-28
FactsheetNORWAYMoz-08/040Support to ARTEDIF6,240 EUR6,240 EUR2008-11-242010-12-24
FactsheetNORWAYMOZ-08/055General Budget Support 2009 - 201272,800,000 EUR46,930,000 EUR2009-09-102012-10-20
FactsheetNORWAYMoz-09/013Capacity building for civil society for EITI participation689,000 EUR558,215 EUR2009-01-012011-12-31
FactsheetNORWAYMOZ-09/056Beira Agricultural Growth Corridor Initiative1,742,000 EUR1,742,000 EUR2010-07-082011-12-31
FactsheetNORWAYMOZ-10/0033Rural Electrification Chimbonila1,430,000 EUR1,430,000 EUR2011-01-012012-12-31
FactsheetNORWAYMOZ-10/0060 Support for Electrification through EDM Cabo Delgado Add III SVC Nampula 11,960,000 EUR11,960,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2011-01-062013-01-01
FactsheetNORWAYMOZ-1032 / Moz-94/015Solarpanels For Health2,340,000 EUR18,923 EUR1997-12-152007-12-02
FactsheetNORWAYMOZ-11/0033 Gender and Energy - Gender mainstreaming in energy cooperation 1,220,097 EUR1,220,097 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-11-142015-01-01
FactsheetNORWAYMOZ-12/0053Capacity Building Energy Sector Mozambique 2013-2016-MOE-NVE Twinning 643,368 EUR643,368 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2013-12-092016-01-01
FactsheetNORWAYMOZ-2462 (11/0052)Fisheries Sector Support 2009-20134,810,000 EUR1,681,188 EUR2012-11-262013-01-01
FactsheetNORWAYMOZ-99/307Rural Roads Cabo Delgado5,720,000 EUR4,718,867 EUR2003-01-012006-12-31
FactsheetNORWAYMOZ-99/392Support to Local Government Programme - Cabo Delgado 4,940,000 EUR3,983,230 EUR2002-01-012007-12-31
FactsheetNORWAYRAF-10/0091Support to FUNAE Preparation phase 390,000 EUR195,000 EUR2011-11-172013-01-01
FactsheetSWEDEN10009Promoting recovery and building resilience of drought affected people in Mozambique7,620,000 EUR7,620,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2016-06-302018-12-31
FactsheetSWEDEN23000000Private Sector Niassa/Malonda Foundation9,720,000 EUR6,290,031 EUR2002-01-012007-06-30
FactsheetSWEDEN23000066Niassa Civil Society - SCC5,804,280 EUR3,808,462 EUR2003-05-012008-03-31
FactsheetSWEDEN23000117Gurué-Cuamba-Lichinga Transmission Line14,400,000 EUR15,052,200 EUR2001-01-012006-06-15
FactsheetSWEDEN23000118Upgrade EN242 (N14) Road and constr Luambala Bridge35,040,000 EUR30,409,566 EUR2001-10-012007-10-30
FactsheetSWEDEN23000123Inspectorate General of Finance (IGF) 4,500,000 EUR3,626,834 EUR2003-01-012006-06-30
FactsheetSWEDEN23000127Rural Electrification, Morrumbala, Zambezia5,760,000 EUR5,775,057 EUR2001-03-162005-12-31
FactsheetSWEDEN23000129INE-National Statistical Institute7,080,000 EUR6,764,773 EUR2002-01-012011-01-31
FactsheetSWEDEN23000137Rural Electrification in Sofala, Manica and Tete 25,932,000 EUR25,515,560 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2004-02-012016-06-30
FactsheetSWEDEN23000141Confederation of Business Assiciations (CTAs)1,200,000 EUR975,576 EUR2002-09-012010-12-31
FactsheetSWEDEN23000142Niassa Support Public Sector7,560,000 EUR6,620,868 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2006-07-012013-07-01
FactsheetSWEDEN23000144Ilha Mocambique Bridge1,644,000 EUR1,780,090 EUR2003-06-032006-02-28
FactsheetSWEDEN23000149Provincial Scholarship Programme4,200,000 EUR4,139,448 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2004-07-012010-12-31
FactsheetSWEDEN23000164Citizenship Programme, Niassa - IBIS1,515,000 EUR1,473,225 EUR2004-02-132009-06-30
FactsheetSWEDEN23000170Bridge over Zambezi River at Caia 23,847,922 EUR23,560,455 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2004-04-012014-09-30
FactsheetSWEDEN23000171/UNESCOCulture Support2,880,000 EUR2,541,134 EUR2006-03-012010-12-31
FactsheetSWEDEN23000173PROAGRI II8,640,000 EUR8,640,000 EUR2007-06-012009-06-30
FactsheetSWEDEN23000174Community Land Use Fund 2006-2008540,000 EUR540,000 EUR2006-12-012010-04-01
FactsheetSWEDEN23000175Rural Electrification in Niassa6,960,000 EUR6,925,758 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2005-12-012015-07-01
FactsheetSWEDEN23000177Decentralised Management of Regional Roads28,200,000 EUR28,071,012 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2006-06-012015-10-31
FactsheetSWEDEN23000180Upgrade of the N14 road between Marrupa and Ruaça24,960,000 EUR24,727,169 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2007-06-102014-12-30
FactsheetSWEDEN23000182UTRESP Common Fund0 EUR0 EUR2006-05-012007-06-30
FactsheetSWEDEN23000184Low cost surfacing of N13 between Cuamba and Lichinga4,080,000 EUR3,995,102 EUR2005-05-012009-03-31
FactsheetSWEDEN23000186-189Consultancy fund (excl ME and EdM)749,308 EUR546,554 EUR2005-07-012010-06-30
FactsheetSWEDEN23000192Budget support 2006-200776,200,000 EUR53,904,000 EUR2005-09-012008-12-31
FactsheetSWEDEN23000197,214,221,242Democracy and Human Rights (incl SCC)15,177,960 EUR9,849,960 EUR2003-01-012006-12-31
FactsheetSWEDEN23000198Inspectorate general of Finance (IGF)6,120,000 EUR5,706,929 EUR2006-04-012010-12-31
FactsheetSWEDEN23000199Zambezi Ferry Crossing5,400,000 EUR5,367,747 EUR2002-03-012006-12-31
FactsheetSWEDEN23000200Zambezi Crossing Planning1,200,000 EUR914,403 EUR2003-06-032006-07-31
FactsheetSWEDEN23000204/UNDPMedia Support1,320,000 EUR1,020,000 EUR2001-03-012007-06-30
FactsheetSWEDEN23000232Liga dos Direitos Humanos1,620,000 EUR1,620,000 EUR2004-02-012008-12-31
FactsheetSWEDEN23000240Child Rights Program, Save the Children Norway1,320,000 EUR1,320,000 EUR2005-02-012008-12-31
FactsheetSWEDEN23000242GAS Demo-HR 2005-071,412,400 EUR1,342,944 EUR2005-05-012010-06-30
FactsheetSWEDEN23000245Capacity Development Support to DNEAP2,400,000 EUR2,328,975 EUR2006-02-012010-06-30
FactsheetSWEDEN23000248AWEPA 2007-20091,932,000 EUR1,932,000 EUR2007-01-012010-06-30
FactsheetSWEDEN23000249SCC-PASC Niassa 2007-20115,864,031 EUR5,858,071 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2007-09-012012-10-30
FactsheetSWEDEN23000250Diakonia demo 2007-20096,257,400 EUR6,127,328 EUR2007-01-012010-06-30
FactsheetSWEDEN23000251/UNICEFUNICEF 2007-20096,660,000 EUR6,660,000 EUR2007-03-012010-12-31
FactsheetSWEDEN23000254Budget Support 200842,000,000 EUR42,000,000 EUR2008-01-012009-12-31
FactsheetSWEDEN23000255/UNESCOMedia Support 2006-081,800,000 EUR1,301,052 EUR2006-03-152010-12-31
FactsheetSWEDEN23000256UTRESP Common Fund Phase II1,680,000 EUR1,680,000 EUR2007-11-012009-06-30
FactsheetSWEDEN23000262TA-AFROSAI-E Audit progr2,400,000 EUR2,355,334 EUR2007-11-012009-12-31
FactsheetSWEDEN23000263CIP Strat. Plan 2007-2008238,126 EUR238,126 EUR2007-02-012010-12-31
FactsheetSWEDEN23000271Liga dos Direitos Humanos2,100,000 EUR1,500,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2008-09-012010-12-31
FactsheetSWEDEN23000282PSD Malonda II5,518,110 EUR5,482,774 EUR2007-07-012010-09-30
FactsheetSWEDEN23000303ONE UN Reform Process600,000 EUR600,000 EUR2008-12-012011-12-31
FactsheetSWEDEN23000666Support to Tribunal Administrativo2,880,000 EUR1,741,936 EUR2005-07-012007-12-31
FactsheetSWEDEN23003737PROAGRI11,640,000 EUR8,153,968 EUR2002-06-012007-10-30
FactsheetSWEDEN51140001Mavusi Chicamba Project Preparation480,000 EUR457,721 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2009-02-012011-03-31
FactsheetSWEDEN51140002General Budget Support (GBS) 2009-2013216,000,000 EUR191,700,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2009-01-012015-12-31
FactsheetSWEDEN51140003PROAGRI 2009-201011,400,000 EUR9,960,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2009-01-012011-06-30
FactsheetSWEDEN51140004Land administration 13-19 - GESTERRA7,080,000 EUR7,080,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2013-09-012019-12-31
FactsheetSWEDEN51140007CLUF 2011-2014 Comunity Land Use Fund3,600,000 EUR3,192,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2011-11-012015-06-30
FactsheetSWEDEN51140008Agriculture and Market Development in Niassa1,980,000 EUR1,980,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2015-11-012018-06-30
FactsheetSWEDEN51140012Min Financas/IGF 09-1412,600,000 EUR12,599,834 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2009-12-172017-06-30
FactsheetSWEDEN51140013TA-AFROSAI-E Audit Pr09-138,160,000 EUR8,086,391 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2009-12-012014-06-30
FactsheetSWEDEN51140014Gurue Lich Additional EDM672,000 EUR672,000 EUR2009-11-012010-06-30
FactsheetSWEDEN51140016Malonda PSD Niassa 10-137,680,000 EUR3,624,369 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2010-07-012014-01-31
FactsheetSWEDEN51140017Ministry of Science Tech Moz 10-147,440,000 EUR7,408,527 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2010-06-012015-12-31
FactsheetSWEDEN51140018Natural Resources Management 11-14 WeEFFECT5,625,480 EUR5,415,029 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2011-04-012016-02-29
FactsheetSWEDEN51140019Diakonia Civil Society 10-14 17,412,000 EUR17,279,641 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2010-01-012016-02-29
FactsheetSWEDEN51140020Access to Information IBIS 10-148,820,000 EUR8,841,676 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2010-04-012015-09-30
FactsheetSWEDEN51140021OXFAM Civil Society 10-1422,392,000 EUR17,319,192 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2010-04-012016-02-29
FactsheetSWEDEN51140025Capacity Building EDM 7,662,000 EUR7,173,564 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2010-12-012019-12-31
FactsheetSWEDEN51140027GDI Moz Constitutional97,800 EUR97,634 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2008-08-012012-03-30
FactsheetSWEDEN51140028Social Protection 11-1414,666,400 EUR14,666,400 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2011-03-012017-09-30
FactsheetSWEDEN51140029DRR INGC-MSB 11-142,612,400 EUR2,565,765 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2011-06-012015-06-30
FactsheetSWEDEN51140030ProDEL 2012-20165,400,000 EUR5,400,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-09-012020-09-19
FactsheetSWEDEN51140032Youth and SRHR14,400,000 EUR10,800,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2016-05-012019-12-31
FactsheetSWEDEN51140033ProDem Municipal Development Program7,200,000 EUR7,200,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2015-05-012018-12-31
FactsheetSWEDEN51140035Innovative Promotion of HR 2012-2014300,000 EUR223,607 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-07-012015-04-30
FactsheetSWEDEN51140036Emergency Generation Vilanculos 6,624,000 EUR6,584,074 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-04-012016-06-30
FactsheetSWEDEN51140038Rural Electrification in Cuamba5,772,000 EUR5,772,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-12-012016-02-29
FactsheetSWEDEN51140040WeEFFECT-PASC Niassa Inception phase 12-13304,800 EUR304,800 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-07-012014-06-30
FactsheetSWEDEN51140042Rural Electrification in Tete 5,520,000 EUR5,520,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-09-012016-06-30
FactsheetSWEDEN51140044Mine Clearance UNDP, 12-148,280,000 EUR8,280,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-12-012015-12-31
FactsheetSWEDEN51140046Premises for HR Organizations5,400,000 EUR5,400,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-12-012015-06-30
FactsheetSWEDEN51140047Niassa PFM Technical Assistance Swe/Ireland 12-1344,426 EUR33,842 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-07-012014-03-31
FactsheetSWEDEN51140050Seed Funds Environmental studies480,000 EUR480,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2015-07-012017-07-31
FactsheetSWEDEN51140056We Effect ARENA Program 2013-20154,548,000 EUR4,548,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2013-09-012018-07-31
FactsheetSWEDEN51140060EISA Mozambique Elections 2013-2014266,400 EUR266,400 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2013-10-012015-06-30
FactsheetSWEDEN51140062National Statistics Institute Mozambique4,560,000 EUR4,522,767 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2014-03-012017-07-31
FactsheetSWEDEN51140064General Budget Support (GBS) 2014-2016122,400,000 EUR75,600,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2014-05-212017-12-31
FactsheetSWEDEN51140067Oxfam sub programme within AGIR II 2015-202138,640,000 EUR21,600,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2014-12-012021-06-30
FactsheetSWEDEN51140072Institutional Strenghtening of CNDH 13-14180,000 EUR168,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2013-12-012015-06-30
FactsheetSWEDEN51140073Research Support Mozambique with UEM 2017-202242,600,000 EUR5,809,320 EUR8,820,000 EUR0 EUR2017-10-012022-12-31
FactsheetSWEDEN51140076Improved Forestry Governance, WWF4,920,000 EUR4,440,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2015-12-012020-09-30
FactsheetSWEDEN51140080Strengthening the Capacity of the Mozambique National Research Fund (FNI)5,100,000 EUR2,394,000 EUR1,092,000 EUR0 EUR2016-12-012022-09-30
FactsheetSWEDEN51140083Capacity Building EDM - UGDE Unit2,220,000 EUR2,212,458 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2014-08-012019-12-31
FactsheetSWEDEN51140087WeEffect Sub-programme within AGIR II20,674,320 EUR10,615,616 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2014-12-012021-06-30
FactsheetSWEDEN51140100Inception phase Improved Forestry Governance596,244 EUR596,244 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2015-06-012016-12-31
FactsheetSWEDEN51140102Rural Electrification Vilanculos Phase 11,032,000 EUR1,027,987 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2016-07-072018-12-31
FactsheetSWEDEN51140108MozTrabalha 2016-20219,600,000 EUR4,800,000 EUR2,040,000 EUR0 EUR2016-11-212022-09-30
FactsheetSWEDEN51140125Technical Assistance GBS 2.060,000 EUR40,702 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2016-01-312017-12-30
FactsheetSWEDEN52040460OXFAM RRM 2013633,600 EUR633,600 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2013-01-012014-12-31
FactsheetSWEDEN54020055Mocambique - Mavuzi Chicamba4,200,000 EUR4,200,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2013-09-012014-12-31
FactsheetSWEDEN54020099Consultant Call finance Mavuzi Chicamba, Moz42,000 EUR19,367 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2011-07-012012-09-01
FactsheetSWEDEN54020104Credit Guarantee Risk Premium, Banco Terra90,000 EUR80,873 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-01-012019-06-30
FactsheetSWEDEN54030035SCC Frame 2010-20121,179,529 EUR1,177,676 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2010-01-012013-04-30
FactsheetSWEDEN54030194WeEFFECT Frame 2013306,000 EUR306,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2013-02-012014-09-30
FactsheetSWEDEN75000500Innovation sys MOZ 07-08178,842 EUR178,842 EUR2007-09-012010-09-30
FactsheetSWEDEN75007162-71,84UEM Faculty Support8,712,000 EUR8,464,368 EUR2001-01-012005-09-30
FactsheetSWEDEN75007275UEM Research cooperation22,830,050 EUR22,718,627 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2006-03-012011-06-30
FactsheetSWEDEN75007351Min of Science and Tech1,848,000 EUR1,848,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2007-11-012010-09-30
FactsheetWFP10310.0Protracted Relief and Recovery Operation76,992,560 EUR42,320,798 EUR2005-01-012008-03-30
FactsheetWFP104460Food For Education - WFP Country Programme34,152,490 EUR26,765,882 EUR2007-01-012012-02-29
FactsheetWFPMZ01.01.013.CSI1Actividade 1: Providenciar reforço da capacidade na preparação da resposta e recuperação de choques relacionados com o clima, a nível do governo nacional, subnacional e comunitário734,455 EUR0 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2017-07-012021-12-31
FactsheetWFPMZ01.01.021.URT1Actividade 3: Providenciar transferência de dinheiro e/ou alimentos aos agregados familiares vulneráveis afectados pela crise 16,949,560 EUR0 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2017-07-012021-07-31
FactsheetWFPPRRO 10600.1Disaster Preparedness and Response - PRRO 10600.118,192,378 EUR29,552,104 EUR2008-04-012012-02-29
FactsheetWFPPRRO 10600.2Livelihood Protection and Promotion - PRRO 10600.223,283,656 EUR6,063,360 EUR2008-04-012012-02-29
FactsheetWFPPRRO 10600.3Social assistance to HIV/AIDS affected groups - PRRO 10600.338,664,436 EUR42,731,220 EUR2008-04-012012-02-29
FactsheetWFPPRRO 10600.4Food assistance for improved health and nutrition - PRRO 10600.426,700,385 EUR17,067,992 EUR2008-04-012012-02-29
FactsheetWFPTrust Fund- ONE UN MOZ 1 UN Joint Programmes- WFP1,567,880 EUR1,190,387 EUR2008-08-012011-12-31
FactsheetIFAD1100001184Sofala Bank Artisanal Fisheries Project (PPBAS)24,114,582 EUR24,114,582 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2002-09-022010-03-31
FactsheetIFAD1100001618 PROSUL - Pro-Poor Value Chain Development Project in the Maputo and Limpopo Corridors31,392,907 EUR23,837,618 EUR332,846 EUR0 EUR2012-10-032020-06-30
FactsheetIFAD2000000051Small Scale Aquaculture Promotion Project (PROAQUA)2,250,001 EUR2,239,854 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2014-06-102019-09-30
FactsheetIFAD2000001175 Rural Enterprise Financing Project (REFP)380,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2018-09-052024-03-30
FactsheetIFAD2000001979 Small-Scale Aquaculture Development Project (PRODAPE)0 EUR0 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2020-01-202024-01-20
FactsheetIFAD2000001981 Inclusive Agri-food Value-Chain Development Programme (PROCAVA)0 EUR0 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2020-01-202024-01-20
FactsheetIFAD754-MZRural Markets Promotion Programme (PROMER)36,877,547 EUR32,795,392 EUR5,439,771 EUR0 EUR2009-07-202021-12-31
FactsheetIFAD822-MZArtisanal Fisheries Promotion Project (PROPESCA)41,021,823 EUR34,078,725 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2011-10-182019-09-30
FactsheetIFADNA-1Rural Finance Support Project (PAFIR)23,704,601 EUR19,882,257 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2005-12-022014-03-31
FactsheetIFADNA-2Programa Nacional de Extensão Agrária (PRONEA - PSP)15,803,439 EUR15,368,186 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2014-07-282018-06-30
FactsheetUNHABITATC-219MDG-JPJoint Programme on Enviromental Mainstreaming and Adaptation to Climate Change889,179 EUR842,101 EUR2008-07-012012-04-01
FactsheetUNHABITATC-252Participatory Slum Upgrading and Prevention Programme 94,682 EUR86,322 EUR2010-12-222012-03-31
FactsheetUNHABITATC-283Supporting Local Intervention Mitigations for reducing vulnerability to floods, cyclones and earthquakes354,084 EUR354,084 EUR2010-09-012011-12-31
FactsheetUNCDF00034981PPFD - Decentralized Planning and Financing Program.6,624,176 EUR6,624,176 EUR2006-05-012008-12-31
FactsheetUNESCO228MOZ1002Promotion of Youth Employment - ONE FUND866,198 EUR636,225 EUR2008-03-242012-01-16
FactsheetUNESCO503MOZ4000Development of Cultural Institutions of Mozambique2,302,813 EUR2,144,793 EUR2006-04-012012-01-16
FactsheetUNESCO5111206047Mobilization of partnerships for Literacy and Adult Education in Mozambique23,343 EUR22,583 EUR2010-01-012011-12-31
FactsheetUNESCO540MOZ2051Promotion of Income-Generating Activities in the Area of Crafts in Mozambique149,834 EUR32,757 EUR2007-06-012008-12-31
FactsheetUNESCO5421223092Support for the establishment of a national craft council in Mozambique4,313 EUR4,313 EUR2011-01-012011-12-31
FactsheetUNESCO570MOZ4000Restoration of the San Sebastian Fortress570,204 EUR439,078 EUR2005-01-102011-12-31
FactsheetWHOSO5Emergency Preparedness and Response747,840 EUR274,704 EUR2008-01-012009-12-31
FactsheetWHOSO7Human Rights Gender and Social Determinants for Health 46,360 EUR20,937 EUR2008-01-012009-12-31
FactsheetWHOSO9Nutrition & Food Security291,840 EUR9,204 EUR2008-01-012009-12-31
FactsheetWORLDBANKP093165Market led Smallholder Development in the Zambezi Valley15,200,000 EUR11,204,560 EUR2006-12-282013-03-31
FactsheetWORLDBANKP098040Market-Led Smallholder Development in the Zambezi Valley (GEF)4,712,000 EUR2,695,281 EUR2007-09-212013-09-30
FactsheetWORLDBANKP099930Health Service Delivery Project33,896,000 EUR12,217,417 EUR2010-06-112016-12-31
FactsheetWORLDBANKP107598PROIRRI Sustainable Irrigation Development 53,200,000 EUR5,875,119 EUR2011-12-082017-06-30
FactsheetWORLDBANKP127303Integrated Growth Poles Project 76,000,000 EUR0 EUR2013-09-302018-10-31
FactsheetWORLDBANKP129489Programmatic Development Policy Operation for Agriculture Growth and Productivity Enhancement0 EUR0 EUR
FactsheetUNICEFYS 104-02Prevention of Violence and Abuse8,984,094 EUR1,476,210 EUR2007-01-012011-12-31
FactsheetUNICEFYS 105-01 Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation5,561,680 EUR592,789 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-01-012019-12-31
FactsheetUNICEFYW102Water, Sanitation and Hygiene 41,975,451 EUR25,963,881 EUR2007-01-012011-12-31
FactsheetUNICEFYW102Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Programme (WASH)72,715,656 EUR57,519,468 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-01-012019-12-31
FactsheetUNICEFYY 105-01Decentralised Capacity Building for Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation5,295,680 EUR475,375 EUR2007-01-012011-12-31
FactsheetUNICEFYY 105-02Programme Communication9,520,379 EUR3,087,638 EUR2006-01-012009-12-31
FactsheetUNDP00013706 - MOZ/01/015Public Sector Reform / UTRESP456,000 EUR288,626 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2003-07-012006-12-31
FactsheetUNDP00013707 - MOZ/01/021National Integrated Programme for Social Action, Employment and Youth1,656,800 EUR1,604,833 EUR2002-06-012006-06-30
FactsheetUNDP00013712 - MOZ/02/004Training System for Public Administration380,000 EUR380,000 EUR2003-07-012005-12-31
FactsheetUNDP00013714 - MOZ/02/B01Anti-Poverty Partnership Initiatives 0 EUR0 EUR2003-10-012005-06-30
FactsheetUNDP00013715 - MOZ/03/002Support to PARPA Monitoring and Evaluation1,321,936 EUR1,004,326 EUR2003-05-162006-12-31
FactsheetUNDP00013717 - MOZ/03/005Local Government Reform912,000 EUR747,465 EUR2003-07-012006-12-31
FactsheetUNDP00013718Preparation of the National Adaptation Programme of Action for Mozambique0 EUR0 EUR2003-03-012006-06-30
FactsheetUNDP00032925 - MOZ/00/001Support for Capacity Building to National Demining Institute440,800 EUR373,906 EUR2000-01-012009-12-31
FactsheetUNDP00034981 - MOZ/01/C01 & 0001379 - MOZ/01/001Decentralised Planning and Financing Programme11,205,541 EUR8,300,604 EUR2002-05-012007-12-31
FactsheetUNDP00039146Accelerated Demining Programme0 EUR0 EUR2000-01-012005-06-30
FactsheetUNDP00039526Assistance to the Formulation of the Rural Development Strategy132,924 EUR87,400 EUR2004-10-152005-12-31
FactsheetUNDP00039738Support to the Parliament0 EUR0 EUR2005-01-012005-12-31
FactsheetUNDP00047058Capacity Development for Control of Illicit Small Arms in Mozambique407,291 EUR185,331 EUR2005-08-012009-12-31
FactsheetUNDP00050428Support the Needs Assessment to the Mozambique Earthquake0 EUR0 EUR2006-01-012006-12-31
FactsheetUNDP00050893Service Delivery Network to Support Decentralization of the Government of Mozambique0 EUR0 EUR2006-03-012006-12-31
FactsheetUNDP00052352MDGs Needs Assessment & Costing0 EUR0 EUR2006-07-012006-12-31
FactsheetUNDP00055650Munitions Depot Disaster Prevention and Advocacy Project23,970 EUR21,816 EUR2008-03-012009-03-31
FactsheetUNDP00056048Millenium Villages Chibuto & Lumbo132,629,766 EUR0 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2007-01-012012-12-31
FactsheetUNDP00057849 Coping with Drought and Adaptation to Climate Change366,346,600 EUR0 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2009-01-012013-06-25
FactsheetUNDP00062853Poverty and Environment Initiative - Phase II242,861,192 EUR0 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2008-07-012013-07-01
FactsheetUNDP00070440Climate Change Env. Mainst.165,285,522 EUR0 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2008-10-152012-08-15
FactsheetUNDP00071309Millenium Villages 0 EUR0 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2007-02-012012-12-31
FactsheetUNDP00071374Millenium Villages Alto Molocue 359,240,820 EUR0 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2009-01-012012-12-31
FactsheetUNDP00074093Rapid Results Fund 950,209,091 EUR0 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-01-012015-12-31
FactsheetUNDP00080475Disaster Risk Reduction745,560,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-01-012017-06-30
FactsheetUNDP00080476Strengthening Local Risk Management and Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Reduction179,360,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-01-012016-12-31
FactsheetUNDP00080588Inclusive Finance and Markets 313,120,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-01-012016-12-31
FactsheetUNDP00080630Local Economic Development ART PAPDEL338,200,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-01-012016-12-31
FactsheetUNDP00080748 Development of Right to Food Law114,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-01-012016-12-31
FactsheetUNDP00081247Research and Capacity building on MDGs and HD 114,000,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-01-012016-12-31
FactsheetUNDPMOZ/00/011HIV/AIDS Operational plan Zambezie Province438,900 EUR427,704 EUR2000-11-012005-09-30
FactsheetUNHCR09/AB/MOZ/LS/494Culture and Development, Decentralisation and Youth Employment307,303 EUR51,821 EUR2009-01-012009-12-31
FactsheetUNIDOEE/MOZ/08/001Business Environment Support and Trade Facilitation Project- (BESTF)7,858,970 EUR912,000 EUR2008-05-292011-05-29
FactsheetUNIDOFB/MOZ/08/004UNJP Gender Equality and Women Empowerment2,280,000 EUR114,000 EUR2008-08-012011-08-01
FactsheetUNIDOFB/MOZ/08/007UNJP Youth Employment760,000 EUR121,600 EUR2008-08-012011-08-01
FactsheetUNIDOFM/MOZ/08/005UN JP- Environmental Mainstreaming and Adaption to Climate Change 768,611 EUR0 EUR2008-09-012011-09-01
FactsheetUNIDOTF/MOZ/07/003 Entrepreneurship Development for the youth1,748,000 EUR459,800 EUR2007-07-012010-12-01
FactsheetUNIDOUS/MOZ/05/001 Enhancing Quality Assurance System for Trade and Food Safety 1,748,000 EUR950,000 EUR2006-03-012009-03-31
FactsheetUNIDOUS/MOZ/06/001ICT business centre195,320 EUR112,480 EUR2006-08-012009-12-31
FactsheetUNFPAMOZ/07/P18Strengthening Institutional and Capacity Building in Support of Integration of Population factors into development policies and programmes in Mozambique456,000 EUR391,003 EUR2011-01-012011-12-31
FactsheetUNFPAMOZ8U101Integration of population issues in the development plans927,200 EUR587,243 EUR2012-03-012015-12-31
FactsheetUNFPAMOZ8U717Strengthening Institutional and Capacity Building in Support of Integration of Population factors in Mozambique684,000 EUR456,000 EUR2012-01-012015-12-31
FactsheetUNFPAMOZ8U717 (copy)Strengthening Institutional and Capacity Building in Support of Integration of Population factors in Mozambique (copy)532,532 EUR115,520 EUR2012-01-012015-12-31
FactsheetFAOFMPP/GLO/001/MULFAO/Multi-donor Partnership Programme (FMPP) - Sustainable Rural Livelihoods and More Equitable Access to Resources0 EUR0 EUR2009-01-012009-12-31
FactsheetFAOFMPP/GLO/002/MULFAO/Multi-donor Partnership Programme (FMPP) - International instruments concerning food, agriculture, fisheries and forestry, and the production, safe use and fair exchange of agricultural, fishery and forestry goods84,499 EUR84,499 EUR2009-01-012010-04-30
FactsheetFAOFMPP/GLO/003/MUL FAO/Multi-donor Partnership Programme (FMPP) - National policies, legal instruments and supporting mechanisms that respond to domestic requirements and are consistent with the international policy and regulatory framework1,485 EUR1,485 EUR2009-01-012010-04-30
FactsheetFAOFMPP/GLO/005/MULFAO/Multi-donor Partnership Programme (FMPP) - Country-focus, cross-cutting issues, lesson-learning, field programme development and resource mobilization33,497 EUR33,497 EUR2009-01-012009-12-31
FactsheetFAOGCP/GLO/216/SPA (5)FAO Initiative on Soaring Food Prices (ISFP) - Mozambique (copy) (copy)372,263 EUR372,263 EUR2008-04-012010-06-30
FactsheetFAOGCP /GLO/324/NOR Integrating the right to adequate food and good food and good governance in national policies, legislation and institutions350,315 EUR318,158 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2011-03-012015-03-31
FactsheetFAOGCP/INT/052/SPA )Capacity Development on the Integration of Gender Analysis in Water and Land Tenure Management 62,673 EUR62,673 EUR2007-11-012010-09-30
FactsheetFAOGCP/INT/052/SPA (copy)Capacity Development on the Integration of Gender Analysis in Water and Land Tenure Management (copy)82,607 EUR58,978 EUR2007-11-012010-12-31
FactsheetFAOGCP/INT/098/SWICreating capacities and awareness in support of the implementation of the right to food, based on the Right to Food Methodological Toolbox29,766 EUR29,766 EUR2010-01-152011-07-14
FactsheetFAOGCP/INT/812/MULNational Forest Programme Facility420,419 EUR348,926 EUR2002-01-012011-12-31
FactsheetFAOGCP/MOZ/078/ITACoastal Fisheries Development for Gaza and Inhambane Provinces3,152,828 EUR3,152,828 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2008-02-012015-06-30
FactsheetFAOGCP/MOZ/079/BEL Protecting and Improving Household Food Security and Nutrition in HIV/AIDS Affected Areas in Manica and Sofala Provinces 2,797,562 EUR2,754,324 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2005-03-012014-12-31
FactsheetFAOGCP /MOZ/082/ITA Preparation of an Agricultural Statistics Master Plan and Development of the Agricultural Statistics System – Preparatory Phase 406,202 EUR406,202 EUR2010-02-012012-08-31
FactsheetFAOGCP/MOZ/096/NET Promoting the use of land and natural resources laws for equitable development - (Follow-up GCP /MOZ/081/NET) 2,523,458 EUR2,523,451 EUR2009-03-012012-12-31
FactsheetFAOGCP/MOZ/099/ECBoosting agricultural production and market linkages for small-holder farmers to counter soaring food prices6,385,292 EUR6,338,713 EUR2009-04-012012-01-31
FactsheetFAOGCP /MOZ/100/GFF Disposal of POPS waste and Obsolete Pesticides in Mozambique - (FSP)364,775 EUR113,490 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2011-07-012014-06-30
FactsheetFAOGCP/MOZ/111/ECNational Programme on Food security - (EU-MDG Initiative - Agriculture, food security, rural development and natural resource management)18,332,934 EUR17,738,256 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2013-06-052018-11-30
FactsheetFAOGCP /MOZ/112/LDF Strenghtening capacities of agricultural producers to cope with climate change for increased food security through the Farmers Field School approach (FSP)3,699,794 EUR3,273,762 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2015-07-012019-06-30
FactsheetFAOGCP /MOZ/120/EC Enhancement of cassava value chain in Gaza province383,040 EUR237,929 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2016-06-012018-12-31
FactsheetFAOGCP /MOZ/126/USA Mozambique smallholder farmer Production and Productivity Project (MSF - PP Project)456,000 EUR105,832 EUR0 EUR0 EUR
FactsheetFAOGCP/MOZ/126/USAMozambique smallholder farmer Production and Productivity Project (MSF - PP Project)456,000 EUR148,401 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2018-08-012022-07-31
FactsheetFAOGCP /RLA/160/BRA Iniciativa América Latina y el Caribe Sin Hambre 202541,429 EUR41,429 EUR2010-01-012011-12-31
FactsheetFAOMTF /MOZ/098/STFEstablishment of Pest Free Areas regarding Lethal Yellowing Disease of coconuts in Mozambique251,910 EUR251,910 EUR2009-10-012011-08-31
FactsheetFAOMTF /MOZ/104/CFCDevelopment of risk management strategies for cotton producers in Mozambique31,871 EUR31,871 EUR2010-09-012012-09-30
FactsheetFAOOSRO/MOZ/001/CHA Agricultural inputs support (ITFs) to vulnerable smallholders in highly food insecure areas in Mozambique.283,820 EUR283,820 EUR2010-01-222010-04-21
FactsheetFAOOSRO/MOZ/701/USA Strengthening Food Security and Analysis in Mozambique190,000 EUR136,471 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2017-01-012018-03-31
FactsheetFAOOSRO/MOZ/703/AUS Increase resilience of vulnerable communities to the effects of El Niño in Mozambique380,000 EUR315,979 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2017-11-012019-10-31
FactsheetFAOOSRO/MOZ/703/WBKSecuring the Livelihoods of rural Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Mozambique (copy)674,850 EUR658,178 EUR2007-08-072010-12-31
FactsheetFAOOSRO/RAF/002/USA Conservation Agriculture Coordination and Advocacy in southern Africa57,302 EUR30,702 EUR2010-03-012011-03-31
FactsheetFAOOSRO/RAF/007/EC Humanitarian food assistance for vulnerable populations in the South-East African and South-West Indian Ocean regions affected by natural disasters436,232 EUR436,232 EUR2010-09-152011-09-14
FactsheetFAOOSRO/RAF/202/BRA Promoting local food purchases for food assistance on the African continent - Purchase from Africans for Africa419,224 EUR262,601 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-02-142015-06-30
FactsheetFAOOSRO/RAF/719/USA Avian Influenza Control in Southern African Region78,035 EUR78,035 EUR2008-04-012010-09-30
FactsheetFAOOSRO/RAF/812/NOR (copy)Up Scaling Conservation Agriculture for Improved Food Security Using the CAADP Framework (UP-CA) (copy)571,544 EUR571,544 EUR2008-09-012010-11-30
FactsheetFAOOSRO/RAF/904/USA Regional Dissemination of Knowledge, Information and Experiences on Conservation Agriculture (CA) Activities in southern Africa.27,398 EUR27,398 EUR2009-01-012010-03-31
FactsheetFAOTCP/MOZ/3102Assistance to Control African Swine Fever156,843 EUR156,724 EUR2006-03-012008-10-30
FactsheetFAOTCP/MOZ/3201 (E)Support to smallholder cassava producion and processing to counter soaring food prices322,306 EUR322,306 EUR2008-06-012010-05-31
FactsheetFAOTCP/MOZ/3204TCP FACILITY122,364 EUR122,364 EUR2009-01-082010-12-31
FactsheetFAOTCP/MOZ/3205Management and mitigation measures for alien invasive fruit fly (Batrocera invadens) in Mozambique226,092 EUR226,092 EUR2009-05-182011-12-31
FactsheetFAOTCP/MOZ/3304 Emergency and early recovery support for the enhancement of food security and livelihoods of flood-affected vulnerable households in Maputo Province304,000 EUR304,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2011-07-202012-06-30
FactsheetFAOTCP/MOZ/3401 (12/III/MOZ/219)TCP Facility151,279 EUR151,279 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-04-022013-12-31
FactsheetFAOTCP/MOZ/3402 Technical support to the Land Consultative Forum to sustainably improve land and other natural resources management in the country272,851 EUR251,433 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-09-012015-04-30
FactsheetFAOTCP/MOZ/3403 (12/VII/MOZ/221)Support to formulation of EU-MDG initiative in Mozambique368,252 EUR368,252 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-08-162014-07-31
FactsheetFAOTCP/MOZ/3604 Development Support to Commercial Aquaculture in Inhambane Province178,600 EUR170,936 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2017-01-192018-12-31
FactsheetFAOTCP/MOZ/3605 Support to Development and implementation of the Master Plan for Food and Agricultural Statistics - Integrated Agricultural StatisticsSurvey IAI 2016 methodologically improved114,000 EUR40,358 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2017-11-022019-10-31
FactsheetFAOTCP/MOZ/3701Support the National Capacity to Address FAW248,176 EUR84,476 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2018-04-152019-03-14
FactsheetFAOUNJP/MOZ/085/SPAEnvironmental Mainstreaming and Adaptation to Climate Change in Mozambique1,900,150 EUR1,900,150 EUR2008-10-012012-08-31
FactsheetFAOUNJP/MOZ/088/SPAStrengthening Cultural and Creative Industries and Inclusive Policies in Mozambique355,664 EUR355,682 EUR2008-07-012013-06-30
FactsheetFAOUNJP/MOZ/092/UNJStrengthening Disaster Risk Reduction and Emergency Preparedness849,296 EUR849,368 EUR2007-11-012011-12-31
FactsheetFAOUNJP/MOZ/093/UNJBuilding Commodity Value Chains and Marketing Linkages for Farmers´Associations711,944 EUR702,806 EUR2008-07-012011-12-31
FactsheetFAOUNJP/MOZ/094/UNJ Promotion of Youth Employment 573,915 EUR574,144 EUR2008-10-012011-12-31
FactsheetFAOUNJP/MOZ/097/SPAChildren, Food Security and Nutrition in Mozambique 1,037,264 EUR1,117,389 EUR2009-10-012012-06-30
FactsheetFAOUNJP/MOZ/105/UNJCapacity development and institutionalization of the Junior Farmer Field Life Schools (JFFLS) at regional and district level in Mozambique235,950 EUR223,009 EUR2011-01-252012-01-24
FactsheetFAOUNJP/MOZ/108/WFPBuilding Commodity Value Chains and Market Linkages for Farmers Associations129,851 EUR129,851 EUR2011-11-222011-12-30
FactsheetFAOUNJP/MOZ/122/WFP Enhancing Self-Reliance in a Protracted Refugee Situation (Maratane Refugee Camp, Mozambique)314,036 EUR295,079 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2017-04-012019-04-23
FactsheetFAOUTF /MOZ/125/MOZ Strengthening National Capacity for Implementation of Farmer Field Schools Methodology760,000 EUR703,864 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2017-11-012018-06-15
FactsheetFLANDERSMOZ/02.04FDC Vilankulos Skills Training Center454,000 EUR415,176 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2003-12-052007-03-30
FactsheetFLANDERSMOZ/02.05MINED-programme for the training of district trainers and alfabetization of workers701,113 EUR420,713 EUR2003-07-012005-07-01
FactsheetFLANDERSMOZ/04.02MISAU-Construction of an Infectious Ward in the Central Hospital of Beira1,043,082 EUR387,177 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2005-06-052009-06-30
FactsheetFLANDERSMOZ/04.03MISAU-Construction and Rehabilitation of Health Infrastructure in Inhambane and Gaza Province560,000 EUR560,000 EUR2005-06-052013-05-22
FactsheetFLANDERSMOZ/05.02 Support to PROSAUDE4,000,000 EUR4,000,000 EUR2006-01-012009-12-31
FactsheetFLANDERSMOZ/06.01Red Cross-Basic Health Services and capacity-building in Tete740,086 EUR730,559 EUR2006-05-012009-04-30
FactsheetFLANDERSMOZ/06.02MISAU-Expansion of Basic Health Services in Tete Province3,403,898 EUR713,419 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2007-03-012016-12-31
FactsheetFLANDERSMOZ/07.01FDC-Vilankulos Skills Training Centre219,471 EUR214,228 EUR2007-06-012008-05-30
FactsheetFLANDERSMOZ/07.02aInstitute of Tropical Medecine-Rede Integrada II1,353,551 EUR1,210,803 EUR2007-07-012011-06-30
FactsheetFLANDERSMOZ/07.02bMSF-Rede Integrada II1,575,000 EUR1,575,000 EUR2007-07-012010-06-30
FactsheetFLANDERSMOZ/07.02cUniversity of Ghent-Rede Integrada II1,356,600 EUR1,351,631 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2007-07-012010-06-30
FactsheetFLANDERSMOZ/07.02dDPSTete-Rede Integrada II225,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2007-07-012010-06-30
FactsheetFLANDERSMOZ/07.03 (copy)Support to PROSAUDE2,000,000 EUR2,000,000 EUR2008-01-012008-12-31
FactsheetFLANDERSMOZ/08.05Support to PROSAUDE3,000,000 EUR3,000,000 EUR2008-01-012008-12-31
FactsheetFLANDERSMUL 2011 1134General Framework Agreement between the UN-WFP and the Flemish Government1,200,000 EUR1,200,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-01-012014-12-31
FactsheetFLANDERSNOOD/MOZ/07.04Emergency Aid to the victims of the cyclone in central MOZAMBIQUE149,968 EUR149,968 EUR2007-03-022007-09-01
FactsheetFLANDERSSUB/MOZ/09.04 Pilot-project Aquaculture in Mozambique98,005 EUR51,292 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2010-03-152011-03-14
FactsheetFLANDERSSUB MOZ 2013 1572 Implantation of industrial parks in Mozambique5,640 EUR4,971 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2013-09-262015-09-26
FactsheetFLANDERSSUB MOZ 2014 1489Support to PROSAUDE 20142,000,000 EUR2,000,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2014-01-012014-12-31
FactsheetFLANDERSSUB/MULTI/09.04Purchase for Progress (P4P)980,000 EUR930,667 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2010-05-072012-12-31
FactsheetIOMCT.0383Counter Trafficking Prevention and Community Support Project in the flooded areas of Mozambique380,000 EUR380,000 EUR2009-03-012010-01-31
FactsheetICELANDMoz-11230-0802Expanding Adult Literacy and Life-Skills in Jangamo District in Inhambane Province (2 nd Phase July 2010-June 2012)820,496 EUR732,806 EUR2010-07-012012-12-31
FactsheetICELANDMOZ-2462-12/036 133FCPESSupport to the Fisheries Sector of Mozambique 2013-2017912,000 EUR380,000 EUR2013-11-012017-12-31
FactsheetICELANDMOZ-31320-0901MOZ-Assistance to the fisheries sector in Mozambique co-financed by Iceland and Norway2,508,000 EUR2,052,000 EUR2009-11-012013-06-30
FactsheetUnited States of America656-0060 USAID-Rural Incomes Program (Project Assistance) 50,041,559 EUR46,825,463 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2003-09-112009-09-30
FactsheetUnited States of America656-0061 Rural Incomes Program (Program Assistance)3,800,000 EUR3,800,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2003-09-112006-09-30
FactsheetUnited States of America656-0070 USAID-Trade and Investment Program 18,533,376 EUR12,097,239 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2003-09-112009-09-30
FactsheetUnited States of America656-012 - Economic GrowthEconomic Growth Program71,379,960 EUR55,427,685 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2009-09-302014-09-30
FactsheetUnited States of America656-0241Increased Rural Incomes (Project Assistance)60,910,781 EUR60,858,639 EUR0 EUR0 EUR1998-09-302005-12-30
FactsheetUnited States of America656-02510IRIP-Emergency Recovery34,816,456 EUR34,707,564 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2000-01-012005-12-31
FactsheetUnited States of America690-0247.56Regional Rail Systems Support Project28,097,401 EUR28,097,401 EUR0 EUR0 EUR1990-08-232005-12-30
FactsheetUnited States of AmericaMCA02 Roads Rehabilitation Project 172,432,021 EUR86,621,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2008-09-222013-09-22
FactsheetUnited States of AmericaMCA03Land Tenure Project42,624,274 EUR15,303,360 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2008-09-222013-09-22
FactsheetUnited States of AmericaMCA04 Farmer Income Support Project 20,473,738 EUR5,773,720 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2008-09-222013-09-22
FactsheetUnited States of AmericaPL 480 Food for Peace Program 60,800,000 EUR60,800,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2009-09-302013-09-30
FactsheetUnited States of AmericaTITLE IIUSAID-PL 480 80,180,760 EUR80,180,760 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2003-01-012009-12-31
FactsheetMCCGR05MOZ05003/ GR05MOZ06003 - 2Road Infrastructure Prefeasibility1,844,797 EUR1,069,705 EUR2006-01-012007-12-31
FactsheetMCCGR07MOZ07001 - 2Land Tenure Services34,736,322 EUR6,288,363 EUR2008-09-132013-09-22
FactsheetMCCGR07MOZ07001 - 3Rehabilitation and Construction of Roads135,865,780 EUR15,334,503 EUR2008-09-222013-09-22
FactsheetMCCGR07MOZ07001 - 4Farmer Income Support Project13,248,480 EUR370,137 EUR2008-09-222013-09-22
FactsheetMCCGR07MOZ07001 - 5Monitoring and Evaluation6,235,800 EUR232,560 EUR2008-09-222013-09-22
FactsheetMCCGR07MOZ07001 - 6Program Administration and Oversight47,367,503 EUR4,287,523 EUR2007-07-132013-06-30
TOTAL12,358,664,840 EUR7,157,459,690 EUR37,220,426 EUR8,508,616 EUR