Projects of all districts

DonorDonor Project NumberProject / Programme TitleTotal CommitmentsTotal DisbursementsCommitments ForecastDisbursements ForecastActual Start DateActual End Date
FactsheetDENMARK103-1Support to Centro de Integridade Publica (CIP)773,419 EUR773,419 EUR2010-03-172013-12-31
FactsheetDENMARK106-1-CSupport to the Justice Sector MJ-SA Former CCLJ631,186 EUR631,186 EUR2008-12-192013-12-31
FactsheetDENMARK106-1-GSupport to CESAB - Aquino de Braganca Social Studies Centre 21,030 EUR21,030 EUR2008-12-122013-12-31
FactsheetDENMARKMOZ.102-4-APublic Sector Reform Component 4 - Poverty Research Fund and Poverty Documentation1,327,522 EUR738,321 EUR2003-01-012010-06-30
FactsheetDENMARKMOZ.102-4-BPublic Sector Reform Component 4 - Poverty Analysis and Training263,630 EUR201,213 EUR2003-01-012007-11-30
FactsheetDENMARK62-2Support to the Justice Sector CFJJ1,946,754 EUR1,219,766 EUR2003-01-012009-12-31
FactsheetDENMARK62-6Support to the Justice Sector Civil Society794,335 EUR688,044 EUR2005-01-012009-12-31
FactsheetDENMARK802-AExtension of National Electricity Grid, EdM27,586,667 EUR16,909,376 EUR2002-08-012010-12-31
FactsheetSWITZERLAND7F-03714.01Local Governance2,214,000 EUR1,972,920 EUR2004-07-012008-06-30
FactsheetITALY7302_1Decentralization and Development of Local Health System in Mavalane4,052,800 EUR1,701,700 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2005-05-012019-12-31
FactsheetITALY7302_2Decentralization and Development of Local Health System in Mavalane 1,719,432 EUR1,719,432 EUR2005-05-012012-03-31
FactsheetITALY8066Cashew multiplication and diffusion (ngo MAGIS)470,627 EUR440,987 EUR2008-02-032012-12-31
FactsheetITALY8095_1PRETEP - Support to Technical and Professional Training System in Mozambique4,645,000 EUR4,645,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2006-01-012017-06-30
FactsheetITALY8095_2PRETEP - Support to Technical and Professional Training System in Mozambique 1,385,000 EUR1,385,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2006-01-012017-06-30
FactsheetITALY8259Support to the Labour Advisory Committee (ngo ISCOS)799,976 EUR726,641 EUR2007-08-162011-07-15
FactsheetITALY8319Prevention and treatment of highly transmissible diseases718,168 EUR49,203 EUR2006-01-012010-12-31
FactsheetITALY8367Strengthening and Support the Mavalane Hospital's health services - Maputo (ngo AISPO-CESVI-UMMI)1,176,869 EUR1,117,028 EUR2007-08-272010-08-26
FactsheetEUd17430 - FIPAGWater facility - Maputo Water Supply Project (MWSP- FIPAG)24,996,343 EUR24,996,343 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2006-06-012011-06-01
FactsheetITALY8427Mental health prevention and recovering at a Community level (ngo CIES)746,678 EUR711,920 EUR2007-10-012012-12-31
FactsheetITALY8709Support to the primary health care centers in the area of Mavalane, Maputo (ngo CESTAS)760,168 EUR319,010 EUR2008-04-012010-07-07
FactsheetITALY8737Construction and provision a school in Munhuana, Maputo city340,000 EUR24,000 EUR2007-11-012010-12-31
FactsheetITALY8960Support to the Ministry of Woman ans Social Affair and a pilot iniciative in Sofala Province867,000 EUR867,000 EUR2008-05-262011-03-31
FactsheetITALY8977Education and socialization for children and adolescent in the Polana Caniço (ngo CIES)809,563 EUR780,786 EUR2008-08-012012-12-31
FactsheetNORWAYMOZ-09/025Umoja Festival546,000 EUR546,000 EUR2009-09-222011-12-31
FactsheetITALY9262_1Re-qualification of the Chamanculo C1,213,568 EUR1,213,568 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2010-07-152016-12-01
FactsheetITALY8051Building and equipping of a Primary School in the Area of HULENE B - MAPUTO300,000 EUR300,000 EUR2005-01-012006-06-30
FactsheetITALY9262_2Re-qualification of the Chamanculo C426,065 EUR426,065 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2010-06-152017-12-31
FactsheetDENMARK106-1-DSupport to the Justice Sector - UTREL325,000 EUR207,015 EUR2010-04-232011-12-31
FactsheetDENMARK106-1-ASupport to the Justice Sector CFJJ3,699,912 EUR4,121,027 EUR2010-03-152011-12-31
FactsheetDENMARK106-2-A Support to the Justice Sector - CEPAJI775,266 EUR775,266 EUR2009-06-232013-12-31
FactsheetDENMARK106-2-CSupport to the Justice Sector - Associação das Mulheres de Carreira Jurídica (AMMCJ) 210,708 EUR292,380 EUR2010-03-292011-12-31
FactsheetDENMARK106-2-ESupport to the Justice Sector - Centro de Direitos Humanos e Estudos Sociais (DHESC)312,615 EUR312,615 EUR2010-05-102012-12-31
FactsheetDENMARK106-3Support to the Justice Sector - Monitoring, Studies, Reviews117,000 EUR21,407 EUR2008-01-012013-12-31
FactsheetDENMARK810-CF HIVDanish HSPS IV - CF HIV/AIDS4,422,415 EUR3,025,539 EUR2007-05-012011-12-30
FactsheetUNDP00080609Strengthen Access to Justice418,000,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-01-012017-06-30
FactsheetADBP-MZ-E00-001MAPUTO WATER SUPPLY AUGMENTATION PROJECT21,256,077 EUR21,256,077 EUR2000-08-172009-08-31
FactsheetBELGIUMMOZ0701611PRPE2 - Road Rehabilitation in Maputo municipality3,400,000 EUR3,394,794 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2008-11-212013-03-31
FactsheetGERMANY2009.2093.4Support to Program of Decentralized Planning and Finance (PPFD)4,150,000 EUR3,762,368 EUR2010-02-012010-12-31
FactsheetSWITZERLAND7F-07634.01Support to the Project "Este Corpo É Meu!"934,800 EUR675,680 EUR2010-07-012012-06-30
FactsheetWFP104460Food For Education - WFP Country Programme34,152,490 EUR26,765,882 EUR2007-01-012012-02-29
FactsheetAUSTRIAEZA 2411-02/2010Support and capacity building for the Parliament in Mozambique494,689 EUR453,439 EUR2010-08-012013-07-31
FactsheetJAPAN1000730The Project for Capacity Development of Road Maintenance2,531,283 EUR3,231,253 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2011-08-012014-07-31
FactsheetWORLDBANKP087347Technical and Vocational Education and Training50,920,000 EUR26,041,156 EUR2006-06-292014-09-30
FactsheetWORLDBANKP107350Water Resources Development 53,200,000 EUR2,454,230 EUR2012-01-312017-12-15
FactsheetWORLDBANKP115217Maputo Municipal Development Program II 38,000,000 EUR12,820,829 EUR2011-01-212015-12-31
FactsheetWORLDBANKP121398Spatial Development Planning Technical Assistance Project15,200,000 EUR2,168,665 EUR2011-02-152015-12-31
FactsheetEUdMULTI - c208248DCI - NSAPVD - Non state actors and local authorities Co-financing - HEALTH -- HIV/AIDS IN CHAMANCULO69,750 EUR0 EUR2010-02-012012-06-30
FactsheetUNDP00080748 Development of Right to Food Law114,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-01-012016-12-31
FactsheetUnited States of America656-013 - TuberculosisHealth Program - Tuberculosis20,330,000 EUR18,374,415 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2009-09-302014-09-30
FactsheetNORWAYMOZ-10/0043Core Support 2011-2014 Centro de integridade pública1,079,000 EUR470,798 EUR2011-01-012014-12-31
FactsheetNORWAYMOZ-11/0024Capacity building Mozambican Revenue Authority Tax common fund 2012 -144,030,000 EUR910,000 EUR2012-01-012014-12-31
FactsheetNORWAYMOZ-11/0044South-South REDD phase 2: A Brazil-Mozambique Initiative 1,838,070 EUR1,617,070 EUR2012-01-012015-12-31
FactsheetUNFPAMOZ07P06Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health in Maputo City163,400 EUR160,546 EUR2011-01-012011-12-31
FactsheetITALY8420_PMUMaputo Drainage and Sanitation - PMU1,752,000 EUR1,000,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2007-03-012021-12-31
FactsheetBELGIUMNGO - MSF 3012XXXNGO- Medicos sem fronteras - Basic health and HIV-treatment in Mavalane -Maputo1,938,000 EUR1,938,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2011-01-012013-12-31
FactsheetUnited States of America656-013 - MalariaHealth Program - Malaria94,640,520 EUR71,503,782 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2009-09-302014-09-30
FactsheetUnited States of America656-013 - Maternal and Child HealthHealth Program - Maternal and Child Health47,230,960 EUR36,523,125 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2009-09-302014-09-30
FactsheetUnited States of America656-013 - Family Planning and Reproductive HealthHealth Program - Family Planning and Reproductive Health37,491,053 EUR28,296,851 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2009-09-302014-09-30
FactsheetUnited States of America656-013 - NutritionHealth Program - Nutrition 11,477,520 EUR4,090,331 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2009-09-302014-09-30
FactsheetUNICEFYS 105-01Strategic Information6,287,480 EUR3,193,750 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-01-012019-12-31
FactsheetUNICEFYS 105-01 Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation5,561,680 EUR592,789 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-01-012019-12-31
FactsheetITALY10181A Chain of Sustainable Sanitation1,607,937 EUR1,515,450 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2014-03-312018-03-31
FactsheetGERMANY2009.2092.6Program for Basic and Technical Education and Vocational Training 6,680,223 EUR6,680,223 EUR2009-01-012013-03-31
FactsheetGERMANY2011.9772.2Adaptation to Climate Change5,000,000 EUR5,000,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2010-04-012016-12-31
FactsheetGERMANY2010.2001.5Program Decentralization17,875,832 EUR17,875,832 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2011-01-012015-12-31
FactsheetGERMANY2010.2205.2Improvement of the framework conditions for a sustainable ecoonomic development6,946,973 EUR6,946,973 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2010-10-012012-12-31
FactsheetGERMANY2012.2190.2Improving the framework conditions and competitiveness for economic development14,492,566 EUR13,906,591 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2013-01-012016-12-31
FactsheetGERMANY2010.2206.0Multisectoral HIV/AIDS Control8,652,530 EUR8,652,530 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2010-10-012015-09-30
FactsheetGERMANY2009.2091.8Strengthening of national disaster risk management systems 3,800,000 EUR3,733,877 EUR2010-01-012012-12-31
FactsheetGERMANY2010.2206.0 Multisectoral HIV/AIDS Control - Contribution to CNCS common fund553,697 EUR553,697 EUR2010-10-012011-12-31
FactsheetGERMANY2012.2189.4Natural Resource Governance1,997,111 EUR1,997,610 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2013-06-012016-10-31
FactsheetFRANCECMZ1103 01 CReabilitação das infraestruturas aeronáuticas do Aeroporto Internacional de Maputo40,000,000 EUR38,090,894 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2014-08-012018-12-31
FactsheetFAOMTF /GLO/345/BMG CountrySTAT for Sub-Saharan Africa: Strengthening the CountrySTAT System established in 17 Sub-Saharan African Countries - Phase II of GCP/GLO/208/BMG (Grant OPPGD1452)0 EUR0 EUR2011-06-012014-12-31
FactsheetGERMANY2014.2259.1Multisectoral HIV/AIDS Control 5,263,533 EUR4,586,412 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2014-01-012017-02-28
FactsheetEUd22853Water Facility II - WATERAID2,080,951 EUR2,080,951 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2009-11-012016-10-31
FactsheetEUd018227 ONG-PVD - NGO Co-Financing: Pre-service and in-service education of primary school teachers1,126,993 EUR1,125,036 EUR2008-01-012014-07-01
FactsheetSWEDEN51140079PDF PUM 2014 Prog & Methods Dev540,000 EUR442,790 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2014-01-012016-04-30
FactsheetGERMANY2014.2066.0Programme Good Financial Governance17,135,893 EUR14,932,350 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2015-01-012018-12-31
FactsheetGERMANY2014.2283.1Adaptation to Climate Change2,286,486 EUR2,465,191 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2015-08-012018-03-31
FactsheetGERMANY2014.XXXX.XNew project: Court of Auditors 500,000 EUR0 EUR2015-07-012018-12-31
FactsheetITALY10401Support to the socioeconomic Empwerment of Women500,000 EUR500,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2014-11-172018-12-31
FactsheetSPAIN13 AECID PROY CIC NEONATDireito Humano a Saúde: Formaçâo de pessoal sanitario do Sistema Nacional de Saude Pública.185,947 EUR185,947 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2014-02-012014-12-30
FactsheetDENMARK106-2 PanosSupport to Panos Institute0 EUR47,852 EUR2013-01-012014-12-31
FactsheetITALY10555Promotion of primary education and community development in the Nhlamankulu District in Maputo1,074,935 EUR1,021,616 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2016-01-012019-12-31
FactsheetSWEDEN51140011Research cooperation with UEM, Moz 2011-201734,002,480 EUR33,982,469 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2011-03-012018-09-30
FactsheetSPAIN13 AACID CONV Fundación Habitáfrica Projecto de desenvolvimento social urbano do Distrito Municipal Nhamankulu Fase III, Cidade de Maputo255,648 EUR255,648 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2013-01-012015-01-01
FactsheetEUd24630 HIBuild-up resilience and equitable access to basic social protection programmes with most marginalised groups - HI629,942 EUR629,942 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2015-02-012019-07-31
FactsheetITALY10902Coordination Fund for Technical Assistance initiatives220,000 EUR220,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2016-11-302019-12-31
FactsheetITALYIT/WHOIT/WHO - Supporting the improvement of tobacco taxation policies in Ethiopia, Mozambique, Tanzania and Uganda1,034,748 EUR0 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2016-12-012018-12-31
FactsheetSWEDEN51140120Coastal Adaptation & Resilience7,836,000 EUR1,800,000 EUR2,160,000 EUR0 EUR2017-12-012022-06-30
FactsheetGERMANY2012.2186.0Program for Basic and Technical Education and Vocational Training33,317,012 EUR31,510,973 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2013-04-012019-03-31
FactsheetGERMANY2016.2132.5Improving the framework conditions and competitiveness for economic development10,200,000 EUR6,971,926 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2017-01-012019-12-31
FactsheetEUd37396 Fortalecimento das iniciativas locais para uma maior igualdade de género -CIEAS290,556 EUR165,784 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2015-12-252018-02-28
FactsheetEUd38045 IVERCAPROTECÇÃO PATRIMONIAL & DESENVOLVIMENTO LOCAL: valorizaçao histórico, cultural e ambiental491,818 EUR357,923 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2016-09-272020-01-14
FactsheetFLANDERSSUB MOZ 2016 2540Enhancing the quality of the miwifery workforce in Tete province1,340,944 EUR1,061,651 EUR0 EUR279,293 EUR2017-01-012020-12-31
FactsheetSWEDEN51140103Project preparation facility in the Energy sector6,300,000 EUR1,800,000 EUR1,296,000 EUR0 EUR2017-12-112021-12-31
FactsheetITALY10395_2PRETEP - PLUS - Support to Technical and Professional Training Reform System in Mozambique651,600 EUR460,400 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2014-12-012020-12-31
FactsheetITALY11460Disability: Education, Employment and Information and Communication Technology1,000,000 EUR470,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2018-02-012020-12-31
FactsheetITALY11067Technical assistance fund1,480,000 EUR680,000 EUR996,000 EUR0 EUR2017-04-012020-03-31
FactsheetITALY11518EducaMoz - Quality inclusive preschool education in Mozambique1,512,430 EUR557,027 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2018-04-202021-04-19
FactsheetITALY11493SUB-URB - Support to sustainable and inclusive growth of urban areas in Maputo1,319,571 EUR594,875 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2018-06-152021-06-14
FactsheetSWEDEN51140114Local Climate Adaptive Living Facility- LoCAL13,572,000 EUR1,332,000 EUR4,320,000 EUR0 EUR2018-06-012023-06-30
FactsheetCANADAP-000977-001Better Education through Teacher training and empowerment for results in Mozambique (BETTER)13,050,000 EUR8,611,916 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2015-07-092022-09-30
FactsheetSWEDEN12296UNFPA Statistics Trust Fund4,800,000 EUR3,900,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2018-07-122021-09-30
FactsheetITALY11312PARTICIDADE: Participatory planning of services for resilient cities and education communities in Mozambique 498,447 EUR498,447 EUR499,806 EUR499,806 EUR2018-04-022020-04-01
FactsheetFLANDERSSUB MOZ 2017 2644Building institutional capacity at INS to strengthen the evidence base of the public health system in Mozambique - III804,705 EUR453,721 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2014-09-012019-08-31
FactsheetITALY11649_1Rigenera: Requalificacao Integrada do Bairro Chamanculo C em Maputo13,660,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2019-06-012021-12-31
FactsheetITALY11649_2Rigenera: Requalificacao Integrada do Bairro Chamanculo C em Maputo2,440,000 EUR1,050,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2019-06-012021-12-31
FactsheetSWEDEN51140122Mozambique Investment Climate Program-IFC3,600,000 EUR1,440,000 EUR960,000 EUR0 EUR2018-11-222024-06-30
FactsheetFLANDERS SUB MOZ 2018 2701Contribution to Prosaude 20182,000,000 EUR2,000,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2018-01-012018-12-31
FactsheetFLANDERSSUB MOZ 2018 2723 Enhancing Quality of Midwifery Workforce and Surveillance & Response in Mozambique509,257 EUR324,553 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2018-12-072021-10-30
FactsheetSPAIN18 AECID CONV MEDICOSMUNDIContribuir para a cobertura universal de saúde através da revitalização da APS em Moçambique2,500,000 EUR625,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2019-01-012022-12-31
FactsheetEUd39662 MaputoMAPUTO: Fortalecer as competências do Departamento de Água e Saneamento (DAS) e o papel dos cidadãos de Maputo na definição e implementação de planos para a provisão de serviços de Água, Saneamento e Drenagem.234,467 EUR234,467 EUR208,613 EUR0 EUR2019-01-012021-09-30
FactsheetEUd38674 MENINOS de MOCMulheres activas para uma comunidade mais inclusiva nos bairros de Polana Caniço e Luís Cabral (Maputo)269,489 EUR187,036 EUR82,453 EUR0 EUR2018-08-012021-07-31
FactsheetITALY11650eCRVS: Support to the Modernisation of the Civil Registration and Vital Statistics System in Mozambique2,500,000 EUR1,250,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2018-10-152020-12-31
FactsheetFAOGCP/MOZ/126/USAMozambique smallholder farmer Production and Productivity Project (MSF - PP Project)456,000 EUR148,401 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2018-08-012022-07-31
FactsheetFAOTCP/MOZ/3701Support the National Capacity to Address FAW248,176 EUR84,476 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2018-04-152019-03-14
FactsheetCANADAP002368Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health for Women and Girls in Cabo Delgado 14,211,968 EUR726,434 EUR1,773,380 EUR0 EUR2018-10-012024-01-31
FactsheetFLANDERSSUB MOZ 2019 2806Prosaude 20192,000,000 EUR2,000,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2019-01-012019-12-31
FactsheetITALY10936Mozambique PASS - Prevention and Access to Health Services1,200,000 EUR410,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2017-03-312020-12-31
FactsheetSWITZERLAND7F-10035.01Anti-corruption and Accountability7,340,812 EUR1,897,480 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2019-08-012023-08-01
FactsheetPORTUGAL12077"Tchovar" for Childhood Education64,279 EUR27,059 EUR2018-12-012021-03-31
TOTAL1,262,556,678 EUR574,725,338 EUR12,296,252 EUR1,255,991 EUR