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Projects of 14000 Water Supply And Sanitation

DonorDonor Project NumberProject / Programme TitleTotal CommitmentsTotal DisbursementsCommitments ForecastDisbursements ForecastActual Start DateActual End Date
FactsheetADBP-MZ-E00-001MAPUTO WATER SUPPLY AUGMENTATION PROJECT21,256,077 EUR21,256,077 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2000-08-172009-08-31
FactsheetADBP-MZ-E00-002INTEGRATED WATER SUPPLY & SANITATION PROJECT15,588,009 EUR15,588,009 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2003-08-282009-09-30
FactsheetADBP-MZ-E00-006NIASSA PROVINCIAL TOWNS WATER AND SANITATION18,795,316 EUR18,795,316 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2010-10-222016-03-30
FactsheetADBPMZ-EAO-001 MAPUTO WATER SUPPLY (ADB)10,681,360 EUR10,681,360 EUR0 EUR0 EUR1990-11-112000-03-01
FactsheetADBP-MZ-EOO-006Niassa Provincial Towns Water and Sanitation18,795,316 EUR18,795,316 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2010-10-222013-12-31
FactsheetCANADAP-000070-001Inhambane Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Program (DPOPH-I'bane)7,028,562 EUR6,715,105 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2009-03-012016-07-31
FactsheetSWITZERLAND7F-03712.02Water Aid Contribution451,000 EUR443,620 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2007-01-072008-03-31
FactsheetSWITZERLAND7F-03712.03Decentralized Watsan Services in Niassa Province - Contribution to Water Aid Project1,968,000 EUR1,899,120 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2008-04-012011-12-31
FactsheetSWITZERLAND7F-03713.02Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project in Cabo Delgado and Nampula Provinces-- Mandat Care (HAUPA)3,874,500 EUR3,772,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2005-03-012008-12-31
FactsheetSWITZERLAND7F-04038.01Aguasan, Inst.Support & Policy Dialogue4,469,000 EUR4,288,600 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2005-01-012008-08-31
FactsheetSWITZERLAND7F-04038.02Support to Decentralization of Rural Water and Sanitation Services and Policy Dialogue (Aguasan)2,107,400 EUR2,013,920 EUR2008-09-012011-12-31
FactsheetSWITZERLAND7F-04038.03Support to Decentralization of Rural Water and Sanitation Services and Policy Dialogue (Aguasan)1,476,000 EUR1,487,480 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-01-012014-09-30
FactsheetSWITZERLAND7F-06374.01National Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Program: Common Fund Contribution2,542,000 EUR2,542,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2009-09-012013-12-31
FactsheetSWITZERLAND7F-06374.02National Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Program: Common Fund Contribution 3,911,400 EUR3,746,580 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2014-01-012018-12-31
FactsheetSWITZERLAND7F-06374.03National Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Program: Common Fund Contribution 7,503,000 EUR1,611,192 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2019-08-012022-12-31
FactsheetSWITZERLAND7F-06640.01Governance, Water & Sanitation Project (PROGOAS)3,550,600 EUR3,565,360 EUR2009-01-012012-03-31
FactsheetSWITZERLAND7F-06640.02Governance, Water & Sanitation Project (PROGOAS) 4,565,760 EUR4,484,580 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-04-012015-09-30
FactsheetSWITZERLAND7F-06640.03Governance, Water & Sanitation Project (PROGOAS) 2,706,000 EUR2,583,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2015-10-012018-12-31
FactsheetSWITZERLAND7F-07924.01Small Piped Water Systems and Sanitation Services in Small Towns of Cabo Delgado (PSAA)815,900 EUR798,680 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2011-04-012013-12-31
FactsheetSWITZERLAND7F-08494.01Enhancing Local Governance for Improved WatSan in Rural Niassa5,166,000 EUR5,024,783 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-10-012017-12-31
FactsheetSWITZERLAND7F-08494.02Enhancing Local Governance for Improved WatSan in Rural Niassa 6,104,900 EUR4,165,600 EUR1,168,500 EUR0 EUR2018-01-012021-12-31
FactsheetDENMARKMOZ.1.MFS.4Environment - Disposal Pesticides0 EUR0 EUR1999-01-012003-12-31
FactsheetNETHERLANDS12079Vitens 4 town1,290,000 EUR1,290,000 EUR2005-07-012008-06-30
FactsheetNETHERLANDS13012MAP CEDESA start up phase85,000 EUR85,000 EUR2005-11-012006-04-30
FactsheetNETHERLANDS13791Urban water Chimoio and 4 cities0 EUR0 EUR2006-07-012006-12-31
FactsheetNETHERLANDS14523MAP HAUPA8,233,853 EUR7,602,618 EUR2006-10-012011-12-31
FactsheetNETHERLANDS14548MAP Progressive Realisation of the IncoMaputo Agreement7,355,505 EUR7,272,231 EUR2007-02-012012-07-31
FactsheetNETHERLANDS14803bMAP ASAS III (TA)800,000 EUR800,000 EUR2006-11-012009-12-31
FactsheetNETHERLANDS15321FIPAG Western Towns watersupply 26,639,967 EUR26,539,160 EUR2008-01-012011-12-31
FactsheetNETHERLANDS16706MAP Waternet Phase IIb3,105,000 EUR3,105,000 EUR2008-06-012011-12-31
FactsheetNETHERLANDS18164aMAP VITENS investment extension 4 cities3,944,775 EUR3,403,822 EUR2008-08-012012-12-31
FactsheetNETHERLANDS18164bMAP FIPAG investment extension 4 cities4,798,500 EUR3,654,073 EUR2008-08-012012-12-31
FactsheetNETHERLANDS18860a MAP ASAS IV (2009-2011)5,500,000 EUR5,500,000 EUR2009-04-012009-12-31
FactsheetNETHERLANDS18860b ASASMAP ASAS IV (2010-2011) 5,500,000 EUR5,500,000 EUR2010-01-012011-12-31
FactsheetNETHERLANDS18860b PRONASARMAP PRONASAR (2010-2011) 6,875,000 EUR6,875,000 EUR2010-01-012012-12-31
FactsheetNETHERLANDS18860c MAP ASAS IV (Technical Assistance)1,000,000 EUR912,832 EUR2009-06-012011-12-31
FactsheetNETHERLANDS19909MAP Establishment of IPIA (Instituto de Investigaçao em Aguas)347,301 EUR347,301 EUR2009-06-012011-06-01
FactsheetNETHERLANDS25530 PRONASARMAP PRONASAR 20133,000,000 EUR3,000,000 EUR2013-07-012013-12-31
FactsheetNETHERLANDS815/WBWater Supply for 5 Cities PNDA II10,413,000 EUR11,043,000 EUR1999-09-012008-06-30
FactsheetNETHERLANDS819MAP SAS-Follow up investments223,000 EUR254,000 EUR2002-04-012005-12-31
FactsheetNETHERLANDS830MAP Fellowships DNA/ARA-Sul181,000 EUR160,000 EUR2001-04-012006-12-30
FactsheetNETHERLANDS832MAP Budgetsupport for Watersector 2002 - 20045,600,000 EUR8,900,000 EUR2002-07-012004-12-31
FactsheetNETHERLANDSMZ00023Maputo Water supply project18,600,000 EUR14,668,131 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2007-01-012013-12-15
FactsheetNETHERLANDSMZ00026Chimoio, Gondola and Manica Water supply project14,925,957 EUR12,516,605 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2009-01-012012-12-31
FactsheetFINLAND25916419ADPP Farmers' Clubs for Wealth Creation among smallholder farmers in Mozambique1,192,609 EUR1,192,609 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2014-07-012018-11-30
FactsheetSPAIN15 AECID ACCINN UDCKaya Clínica: Aprendizagem em habitabilidade e agua e saneamento em bairros de Maputo74,824 EUR74,824 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2015-10-192017-06-18
FactsheetSPAIN18 AECID CONV MEDICOS DEL MUNDO-ONGAWA Fortalecemento da intervenção multissetorial pública e comunitária para a redução da desnutrição crónica e aguda na Província de Cabo Delgado825,000 EUR206,250 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2019-04-012023-04-01
FactsheetEUd022941 - CM VilankuloDCI- NSAPVD/2013 - Conselho Municipal Vilankulo180,000 EUR180,000 EUR2013-12-012017-12-01
FactsheetEUd17430 - Aga KhanWater Facility - Water Supply and Sanitation Project (WSSP - Aga Khan)1,577,886 EUR1,577,886 EUR2006-04-012011-04-01
FactsheetEUd17430 - FIPAGWater facility - Maputo Water Supply Project (MWSP- FIPAG)24,996,343 EUR24,996,343 EUR2006-06-012011-06-01
FactsheetEUd17430 - UNICEFWater Facility - Improvement of the Livelihood of rural and peri-urban poor through increased access to safe and sustainable water, sanitation and hygiene facilities - UNICEF2,540,338 EUR2,540,338 EUR2006-04-012010-04-01
FactsheetEUd17944BEIRA SANITATION PROJECT32,538,455 EUR32,538,455 EUR2007-10-012011-09-30
FactsheetEUd18819 - IFRCWater Facility II - IFRC - Nampula Province Rural Water AUpply, Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion Project2,920,957 EUR2,920,957 EUR2007-11-012011-10-31
FactsheetEUd18819 - InteraideWater Facility II - INTERAIDE - Sustainable acces to drinking water and water sanitation and hygiene in three rural districts of Nampula 1,890,790 EUR1,890,790 EUR2007-11-012011-10-31
FactsheetEUd18819 - WateraidWater Facility II - WATERAID - Increased Access to Safe Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion for the Urban poor Living in District of Maputo City1,073,342 EUR1,073,342 EUR2007-11-012011-10-31
FactsheetEUd20614Realization and sustainable management programme of 5 Small Piped Water Systems in Inhambane Province 50,000 EUR50,000 EUR2009-01-012015-12-31
FactsheetEUd22853Water Facility II - WATERAID2,080,951 EUR2,080,951 EUR2009-11-012016-10-31
FactsheetEUd23319Water Facility - Partnerships for Capacity Development in the ACP Water & Sanitation Sector project grants under 10th EDF ACP-EU Water Facility 1,806,041 EUR1,678,281 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-01-012018-12-31
FactsheetEUd23832 UNICEFExpanding Water Supply and Sanitation Services in small towns in Inhambane Province8,550,000 EUR8,550,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2014-02-052019-07-30
FactsheetPORTUGAL10371National Plan for Support of Urban Sanitation in the perspective of Reducing Emissions and Climate Change Adaption - PLASU-AC1,391,644 EUR1,391,644 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2013-12-302017-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL11583Emergency measures to minimize the effects of drought in the Maputo Metropolitan Area525,000 EUR525,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2017-05-032017-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL11820Measures to strengthen water availability and increase the resilience of water supply systems under climate change750,780 EUR750,780 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2018-04-012019-12-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL11966AQUA:WATER4HEALTH602 EUR602 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2018-01-012018-12-31
FactsheetITALY10160Project for the strengthening of the Integrated Management System of municipal waste764,694 EUR720,912 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2014-03-312017-12-31
FactsheetITALY10181A Chain of Sustainable Sanitation1,607,937 EUR1,515,450 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2014-03-312018-03-31
FactsheetITALY11492CAREvolution: innovation of community health services in Inhambane Province486,656 EUR169,386 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2018-06-012021-05-31
FactsheetITALY11493SUB-URB - Support to sustainable and inclusive growth of urban areas in Maputo659,786 EUR297,438 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2018-06-152021-06-14
FactsheetITALY7738Reinforcement of the water system in Lugela (ngo COSV)690,011 EUR586,207 EUR2004-10-092008-12-09
FactsheetITALY8420_loanMaputo Drainage and Sanitation - PMU - Loan60,000,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2010-06-012024-12-31
FactsheetITALY8420_PMUMaputo Drainage and Sanitation - PMU1,752,000 EUR1,000,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2007-03-012021-12-31
FactsheetITALY9162Development of water and basic sanitation in the districts of Lugela and Ile (ngo COSV)889,122 EUR837,230 EUR2009-03-102013-02-28
FactsheetIRELANDENV2MODPOPH-InhaClimate Change DPOPH Inhambane800,000 EUR730,809 EUR2012-01-012016-12-31
FactsheetIRELANDINHBDGT- Water & SanitationWATER & SANITATION- I'BANE PES SUPPORT2,855,500 EUR2,451,087 EUR1997-07-012011-12-31
FactsheetGERMANY2006.2067.4Waste management Maputo (AGRESU)2,900,000 EUR2,871,443 EUR2007-01-012010-07-30
FactsheetFRANCECMZ 1054 01HProjecto de urgência para a alimentação em água de Maputo2,704,749 EUR2,704,749 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2000-05-242005-06-30
FactsheetFRANCECMZ1149 Projecto de Urgência Agua FIPAGCMZ1149 Projecto de Urgência Agua FIPAG6,227,887 EUR6,227,887 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2018-12-202021-12-31
FactsheetFRANCECMZ 3004 01Melhoramento de abastecimento de água potável em Maputo7,000,000 EUR7,000,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2005-09-162010-12-31
FactsheetFRANCECMZ 3011.01Melhoramento de abastecimento da agua potavel INTERAIDE provincia de NAMPULA543,735 EUR543,735 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2007-12-212013-06-30
FactsheetAUSTRIA1570-00/2018Contribution to the Annual Planning 2018 - 2020 in Rural Water and Sanitation in Sofala Province, Agua Sofala1,500,000 EUR1,000,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2018-12-042020-12-31
FactsheetAUSTRIA2003 - 00 / 1999PAARSS I - Programme for Rural Water Supply and Sanitation in Sofala Province1,286,309 EUR1,250,141 EUR0 EUR0 EUR1999-05-012003-03-31
FactsheetAUSTRIA2003 - 01 / 2003PAARSS II - Programme for Rural Water Supply and Sanitation in Sofala Province1,418,677 EUR1,331,441 EUR2003-04-012006-09-30
FactsheetAUSTRIA2003-02/2006Final phase PAARSS II, Programme for Rural Water Supply and Sanitation in Sofala Province375,000 EUR345,055 EUR2006-08-012007-08-31
FactsheetAUSTRIA2319-05/2010Support to NGO World Vision Austria Project Water and Sanitation in Nihuessiue99,000 EUR89,100 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2010-07-012012-06-30
FactsheetAUSTRIA2319-09/2010Water and Sanitation (WASH) - Southern Mozambique100,000 EUR90,000 EUR2011-01-012012-12-31
FactsheetAUSTRIA2610-00/2009Training and applied research for rural water supply & sanitation, Sofala Province / Mozambique - PROFOPAARSS1,048,564 EUR210,031 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2010-03-242012-02-22
FactsheetAUSTRIAEZA 2003-00/2016PRONASAR CF Water and Sanitation - Contribution 2016 2,800,000 EUR2,800,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2016-01-012018-12-31
FactsheetAUSTRIAOEZA 2003-00/2008PAARSS III (Project for Rural Water Supply and Sanitation in Sofala)2,497,106 EUR1,938,328 EUR2008-12-012012-03-31
FactsheetAUSTRIAOEZA 2003-00/2014PRONASAR 1,800,000 EUR1,800,000 EUR2014-11-202015-12-31
FactsheetAUSTRIAOEZA 2319-06/2009Water and Sanitation in Chibuto and Xai-xai45,000 EUR45,000 EUR2009-07-012010-06-30
FactsheetUNITED KINGDOM104-031-101Mozambique Water and Sanitation Sector Budget Support 132,461 EUR132,461 EUR2007-05-112016-12-30
FactsheetUNITED KINGDOM201123-101/102National Rural Water and Sanitation Programme Technical Cooperation354,000 EUR114,101 EUR2011-03-082016-12-31
FactsheetUNITED KINGDOM201123-103National Rural Water and Sanitation Programme23,305,000 EUR23,305,000 EUR2011-03-082016-12-31
FactsheetUNITED KINGDOM204082Support Delivery of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Services in Rural Mozambique through UNICEF 4,720,000 EUR4,720,000 EUR2013-08-082015-12-31
FactsheetJAPAN0605389Sustainable Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion in Zambezia province3,646,489 EUR3,646,489 EUR2007-02-102011-08-09
FactsheetJAPAN1200049Project on Promoting Sustainability in Rural Water Supply, Hygiene and Sanitation in Niassa Province8,720,000 EUR8,909,270 EUR2013-02-012017-03-20
FactsheetJAPAN1200050Advisor for Strengthening the Management of National development Plan in Water and Sanitation Sector138,600 EUR455,110 EUR2013-04-132014-10-20
FactsheetSWEDEN73000674Pungwe Basin Transboundary Integrated Water Resources Managment and Development (PP2)14,400,000 EUR8,401,896 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2007-10-182017-10-30
FactsheetUNHABITATWAC IIWater for African Cities (II) for Mozambique509,200 EUR509,200 EUR2008-10-012012-08-01
FactsheetWORLDBANKP104566Water Services and Institutional Support Project39,520,000 EUR18,289,832 EUR2008-03-172015-10-31
FactsheetWORLDBANKP104945GPOBA:Mozambique Water Private Sector Contracts - OBA for coverage expansion 4,560,000 EUR1,520,429 EUR2008-07-072014-06-30
FactsheetWORLDBANKP107350Water Resources Development 53,200,000 EUR2,454,230 EUR2012-01-312017-12-15
FactsheetUNICEFYW102Water, Sanitation and Hygiene 41,975,451 EUR25,963,881 EUR2007-01-012011-12-31
FactsheetUNICEFYW102Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Programme (WASH)72,715,656 EUR57,519,468 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-01-012019-12-31
FactsheetUNICEFYW 102PRONASAR4,560,000 EUR3,800,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2010-05-052019-12-31
FactsheetUNHCR09/AB/Moz/CM/232Avian Flu Preparedness / Water and Sanitation0 EUR0 EUR2009-01-012009-12-31
FactsheetFLANDERSSUB MOZ 2019 2797 Water & Climate in Gaza province1,000,000 EUR200,000 EUR0 EUR200,000 EUR2019-05-012021-10-30
FactsheetUnited States of America72065618IO000001(WASH)2,084,604 EUR120,712 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2018-09-012022-12-31
FactsheetUnited States of AmericaAID-OAA-I-14-00059WASH FIN2,675,397 EUR1,072,190 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2018-11-012021-05-31
FactsheetMCCGR05MOZ05003/ GR05MOZ06003Water Supply and Sanitation Prefeasibility3,707,973 EUR146,900 EUR2006-01-012007-12-31
FactsheetMCCGR07MOZ07001 - 1Water Supply and Sanitation Project166,198,540 EUR7,560,208 EUR2008-09-222013-09-22
TOTAL902,760,563 EUR551,600,535 EUR1,095,715 EUR200,000 EUR