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Projects of 73000 Reconstruction relief and rehabilitation

DonorDonor Project NumberProject / Programme TitleTotal CommitmentsTotal DisbursementsCommitments ForecastDisbursements ForecastActual Start DateActual End Date
FactsheetPORTUGAL11881Inspection and Diagnosis Mission to the Chicamba, Mavuzi and Cuamba Dams following the Cyclone Idai15,689 EUR15,689 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2019-05-012019-10-01
FactsheetPORTUGAL12097RESPI - Resconstruction and Resilience in Health Structures and Population in the Dombe Region (Post-Idai)371,047 EUR371,047 EUR46,381 EUR0 EUR2019-02-012022-01-31
FactsheetPORTUGAL12098 Versão Inglesa Support recovery of the agricultural sector as a way to contribute to the food security of the populations most affected by cyclones Idai and Kenneth329,110 EUR329,110 EUR41,139 EUR0 EUR2019-02-012022-01-31
FactsheetITALY11297Strengthening resilience for communities vulnerable to climate change in Southern Africa (Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Malawi)3,000,000 EUR3,000,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2018-06-012020-06-30
FactsheetBELGIUM3016863Support to Demining Program 2014-15500,000 EUR500,000 EUR2014-01-012015-12-31
FactsheetJAPANJP-CF2017Rehabilitation / Repair of the Bridge Pier of Maxixe882,727 EUR882,727 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2018-01-122018-06-20
FactsheetJAPANJP-SB2016Responding to the El Niño drought impacts and strengthening La Niña/flood preparedness and response in Mozambique483,360 EUR483,360 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2017-02-152018-08-31
FactsheetNORWAYMOZ-19/0006UNDP - Mozambique recovery (post-cyclone Idai & Kenneth) 3,900,000 EUR1,394,250 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2019-12-132021-04-28
FactsheetSWEDEN51140029DRR INGC-MSB 11-142,612,400 EUR2,565,765 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2011-06-012015-06-30
FactsheetSWEDEN51140044Mine Clearance UNDP, 12-148,280,000 EUR8,280,000 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-12-012015-12-31
FactsheetWFPMZ01.01.021.URT1Actividade 3: Providenciar transferência de dinheiro e/ou alimentos aos agregados familiares vulneráveis afectados pela crise 5,593,355 EUR0 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2017-07-012021-07-31
FactsheetWFPPRRO 10600.2Livelihood Protection and Promotion - PRRO 10600.223,283,656 EUR6,063,360 EUR2008-04-012012-02-29
FactsheetUnited States of AmericaS-PMWRA-12-GR-XXX HALO Trust Mozambican Mine Clearance Program 3,078,760 EUR2,650,880 EUR0 EUR0 EUR2012-09-012013-08-31
TOTAL54,211,156 EUR28,731,023 EUR87,520 EUR0 EUR